How to seduce on a first date?

How to seduce on a first date?

Perhaps you might decide to have sex on the first date when on Pure; you already know that. But what if you were just planning a candlelight dinner and can't help but wonder, can you get a dessert tonight too? If you just met, here are some tips on how to allure a man or woman you're having a date with. Based on a personal Pure experience!


Sex on the first date is the new norm

The last golden beams of light touch my face as the sun disappears below the horizon. Frank Ocean's "Self Control" is playing in the background while a few ducks are aimlessly floating down the canal. My new date gives me a short glance while smiling. He leans into my ear and whispers: "I want you. How do you feel about having sex on a first date?".  I shiver. What?!  I'm not a seduction guru, that's clear, but you don't have to be one to see that this strategy is rather repellent.

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It's worth noting that this man and I did not even kiss once (not to mention more), so I genuinely don't understand why he chose to jump right in. When I came home, I wondered if it could have gone that way. The evening may have gone differently if he hadn't been so direct. He and I both desired the same thing, but his attitude discouraged me and spoiled the evening.

For me, having sex on a first date is normal practice. There is a sense of adventure involved when two strangers can read each other's body language. But here's the challenge: how do you win someone over without coming across as desperate or scaring them off? Or, how do you seduce someone on a first date? We've got some advice that'll work for both men and women.


Best place for a date

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Cafe. It is not required to plan a picnic with champagne or to pick the city's fanciest restaurant. A date should appear spontaneous and unique to stand out and be remembered. You really don't have to tell your partner that you're taking everyone to the same cafe. Pick a location that is not too busy. Not one where the horns of every passing car and ambulance can be heard. And not one where students gather to chat. Will we meet at your home or in a public area? It is all up to you. On a first date, you can seduce at any place.

Home. You can imagine that as soon as you arrive at the apartment, you will get to know each other in the bedroom. However, do not undervalue the significance of making people feel at home. You should prepare and have soft lighting, soothing music, clean linen, and a tidy flat. A guest must feel comfortable to want to stay. If you prepare thoughtfully, this will set the stage for a fun evening for the two of you.

Flirting during a date

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Everything in (good) sex begins with body language. Everyone approaches things differently, so without getting to know a new partner well, you risk misinterpreting him or her. However, there is a common strategy. Make a careful approach, run your hand through your hair, and touch your earlobes to reveal your preferences. tare into his or her eyes, and bite your lip. By your partner's response, you will be able to tell whether they want anything at all. If they don't seem to respond to it, switch back to your friendly hostess role. Be patient and on your second date, he or she might want to try to seduce you.


How to recognize if your partner wants the same

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You have to be tactful with this one. Passionate kisses do not imply that you two are prepared for intimacy. I suggest talking and asking. Say: “I want you”, and wait to see what happens. Ask your date if they want more. Again, it is not worth convincing anyone if they make it obvious that they're not prepared to give their all just yet. Everything has its appropriate time.

PS: Bring condoms with you for protection. Always.

Openly express your desires

Anyone who lies about being attracted to someone romantically to get in bed does not deserve any respect.

In such scenarios, Pure will certainly be useful to you because it makes it simple to find people who share your interests. Who knows how many joys I missed out on because I was too afraid to express my desires? I understand what I'm getting into with Pure, and that makes the art of seducing people on the first (but not only) dates much simpler.

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