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Our mission is to keep Pure a pure experience that is not overshadowed by anything.

Pure is an adventure and it is totally up to you to decide what your adventure on Pure will be. We want you to feel free to explore the possibilities on Pure and we'll always be here to provide you with a supportive space. Safety has always been and will always be our priority. Even though we remain a place for anonymous acquaintances, in order to look out for your best interest, we actively fight against scammers and fraudsters.


If you encounter a user who is breaking the community rules, please let us know.

To make Pure better and safer, we need your support. If you see any sort of suspicious behaviour, send us a report. Together, with you, we can create a healthy online community. 

You can send us reports directly from chats to notify us of any issues with specific ads. Please only send us reports if someone's ad or behavior goes directly against our Community Guidelines. Click on the menu icon (with three dots) inside the chat or in the ad feed, select "Report" and choose the reason for the report.

By clicking on the menu, you will see the following options:

  1. In the feed: “Hide Ad” (the person will disappear from your feed)
  2. In the chat: “Leave the chat” (your chat will be deleted for both of you and you will no longer be able to text each other)
  3. “Report” (you can choose one of the following reasons for reporting: sale of drugs or sex services, scam, spam, underage user, hate speech, or bad language)
  4. “Block forever” (the person will disappear from your Pure feed forever)

Sale of drugs and sex services

Secure communication is our top priority. Please immediately report the following behaviour:

— If someone is trying to sell you something illegal, even coded with emojis or other words like "snow" ❄️, "meow meow" 🐈  and so on;
— If someone is trying to sell any sort of sexual services: nudes, virtual sex, sexting, dating, and sex services 🚫!

Sale of products and other services

Yes, our service is built through an ad board, but some users take this too literally. Pure is not an online flea market, all sales are strictly prohibited here. That includes your nude photos, your vintage table, a puppy, whatever.

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We are proud of our community, we have managed to unite people with common views and values, but as everywhere, there are exceptions. If you find that someone is interested in something completely different than just chatting and meeting, report it to us. Pure is not a place for scammers and fraudsters!

Underage users

Everyone is welcome on Pure, but there is a "but": our users must be of legal age. No exceptions‼️‼️


We follow Apple, Google and Huawei guidelines will remove any intimate images in the Feed. You can help us with this too if you see something like this, report it to us.

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Offensive behaviour on the app

If you come across a suspicious profile or if someone behaves in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable let us know and our team will check it out as soon as possible. Pure is a place where everyone’s boundaries are respected.

Offensive behaviour in real life

If you are or have been the victim of sexual assault or harassment, we recommend that you contact law enforcement in your area immediately. We understand it’s not easy, but try to remain calm. We also advise you to contact our support service at [email protected] as soon as possible. Tell us more about what happened, so we can quickly respond and help you. Report the user to us, so our team can review his/her profile. At Pure we want to keep you as safe and cared for as possible.

Self-harm / Suicide

If you notice in conversation that a person is obviously having suicidal thoughts or a desire to harm themselves, we recommend the following. If you have the emotional bandwidth and feel capable of approaching the subject delicately, you can try speaking with your match to show them support. If the situation seems beyond your control or your comfort zone, you can try to gently ask your match to contact an emergency suicide support service."

You can also call these helplines for advice if you’re worried about someone else.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

Call 116 123
Email [email protected]

The Canada Suicide Prevention Service 1.833.456.4566

If you see an ad in the feed or something in someone's profile description that clearly indicates intent to self-harm, please let us know about this at [email protected]. We’d appreciate it if you include your identifying information.

To avoid falling for scammers on Pure, here are some simple tips:

Never send money or share financial information

It seems that this is already obvious, but repetition does no harm. We know of cases when even the most vigilant people have fallen into such traps.

Here is a common scam: your match may ask you to chip in for gas money or pay for a taxi to come to you (explaining that he or she does not want to give you their home address for safety). In this case, you can agree to send a car to the nearest store or restaurant. 

Remember if you are asked to transfer even a minimal amount of money, it is most likely a scam.

Some go as far as to ask you to take a photo of a bank card to make sure you are not "fake". Do not get involved under any circumstances, report it to us immediately.

Stay on the platform

What happens on Pure, stays on Pure. We assure you, we've created more features for your safety than even the most secure messengers, so the "it's more convenient elsewhere" argument simply doesn't work. Also, we are constantly training our algorithms to detect scammers and fraudsters, so if you receive a warning from us concerning your match pay attention and think twice about what information you are willing to share while chatting. While these warnings don't necessarily mean that the person on the other end is 100% a scammer, we like to say that if it's predictable, it's preventable.

Take your time with sharing social media

We have everything you need for sharing photos securely you can tweak the settings so the photos are destroyed immediately after viewing, and to keep them from being saved or screenshotted. If you are asked to share a link to your Instagram, it's better to send a whole bunch of new pictures that can be instantly verified through our built-in camera. There's no need to give someone you just met access to a public profile outside of Pure.

What could be the danger? Adding someone on another social app can give them access to your friends and even family members if they decide to look into your followers, who you follow, and who likes and comments on your posts and photos.

Unfortunately, this has happened in the past and we don’t want anything like this to happen to you.

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Make sure your nudes are as anonymous as possible

Taking nude photos is both a science and an art, we mean it! And while you may not want our advice, we're going to give it just in case: If you have just connected with someone on Pure and things get hot and heavy pretty quickly to the point where you start sending nudes back and forth, we strongly advise you to choose nudes where your face is not visible and distinguishing features, like tattoos, are covered.

This will reduce the chances of possible blackmail. We also advise you to keep all your nude pictures in a separate folder on your phone or, even better, in the Pure album. This way, we can guarantee that no one will see them. And, if it's of interest we have a guide on how to take a perfect nude photo. Feel free to check it out for more useful tips.

Have a video chat date before meeting IRL

Pure videochat is not only the best place for virtual fun, but also an effective tool for “face control.” No matter how much effort we put into eliminating fake photos, loopholes can be found anywhere. So if your match refuses to engage in a face-to-face video chat with you, it might be a red flag.

Meet in a public and well-known place

We are sure that there are plenty of places in your city where you can have a comfortable and safe date that still allows for privacy. Sorry for dragging on about this, but we really want your dates to go as smoothly as possible, without any awkward or unpleasant surprises. So our recommendation is to always choose a crowded and public spot for a first meeting. 


Here are some common questions:

Why was my ad deleted?

We remove ads that contain: nudity, hate speech, and offensive language, bullying, threats, and other content that does not comply with Pure's policy. If our moderators or users report such behavior, your ad will be removed from the feed, and you will no longer be able to see other users' ads. 

We will temporarily freeze your account for any suspicious behavior and our moderation team will review your account manually. If everything seems fine, we will get you back on the app within the next 24 hours, and all your chats will be restored. 

Change your photo or edit the ad text with respect to others' boundaries and our guidelines. 

If everything is ok after you've made some changes, you will be able to use Pure again.

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My account has been blocked. What’s happening?

If there are multiple complaints from different users, your account may be blocked. This is an extreme measure and we do not block accounts unless there is a good reason to do so. If you are sure that it is a misunderstanding, write to our support team at [email protected]

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Safety and Privacy