Third Ones's the Charm. Five reasons to try Unicorn sex

5 reasons to try Unicorn sex

According to researchers from Indiana University, 89% of people have fantasies about engaging in group sex. Many go one step further and invite a permanent third person to their relationship rather than simply having fun with them. Though it may not be appropriate for everyone,  take a moment to see what we have to say.

1. Work on your relationship

A sex routine is something that every couple who has been together for more than three years is familiar with. Consider inviting a third person to your bed if you think your relationship needs stimulation. Consider this: you have never directly witnessed your partner doing the deed. Who knows, you might learn a lot of previously unknown secrets from watching them. Couples frequently ignore the nuances because they think they are unimportant, and when they involve a different partner, everything falls into place. Therefore, unicorn sex can enable you to dig deeper and better understand your partner and yourself.

Pure dating at the speed of desire

2. Test the feelings

If you plan to start a family, get married, move in together, or have children, the unicorn experience can be a good test of your relationship. These are all crucial factors in a strong relationship: how much you can trust one another, whether compromises come naturally to you, and how you deal with jealousy. Anyone will say that you have found the one if you and your partner discuss your most private moments calmly and approach experiments with maturity and without unnecessary drama.

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Unicorn relationships can help develop empathy and increase the chance of getting the best orgasm in your life.

3. Double trouble

Most couples want to try 2M + 1W, 2W + 1M, and other combinations for stronger sensations. Threesome sex is the most popular sexual fantasy because, among other things, it provides more stimulation. When your partner is experiencing all kinds of sensations, it is one thing to double penetrate using sex toys but quite another to experience two people making love to you. We aim for pleasure when having sex, so this desire is entirely justified. What could be another reason to try unicorn sex, besides having one of the strongest orgasms of your life?

4. Explore self-development

Is it possible for unicorn sex to be educational? Yes! Your sensitivity to everyone around you will improve due to this experience. Of course, you won't be able to read minds. But you'll undoubtedly develop more subtle feelings even at the level of your initial responses. Knowing the difference between genuine sensuality and the desire to assert yourself in bed is invaluable. We improve with every experience. In this case, you’ll learn how to be a better lover.

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Monogamy is more complicated than they tell you on TV. Let's not deny it

5. Ignore the stereotypes

In today's society, polygamous relationships are stigmatized. Polyamorous people are stigmatized as "frivolous," "bad parents," "disobedient," and "depraved." These assertions, however, have nothing to do with reality. It gives off the same vibes as "a guy should play sports" and "a decent girl shouldn't smoke." According to a study by Amy Moores, an associate professor of psychology at Chapman University, polyamorous people experience worse social treatment than members of the LGBTIQ+ or BDSM communities. A society that openly rejects homophobia and upholds gender equality can openly criticize the existence of multiple partners and label it "immoral."

Most psychologists, coaches, and family therapists concur that monogamy is much more complex than traditional culture would have us believe. Adultery is a common reason why marriages fail. It might be time for all of us to reflect on whether monogamy is possible at all... By looking beyond the conventional approaches, you might be able to find a recipe for a happy relationship that is free and harmonious.

On the subject

  • According to the Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality, men tend to experience more phobias in polygamous relationships: 
  • Orgies are a common way for bonobo chimpanzees to resolve issues; 
  • Threesome sex was known as "The celebration of the three celestials" in ancient China.

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