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17 August 2021

Everything To Know About CBD For Sex

Morgan Mandriota

Want to take your next hookup to another level? Allow us to introduce you to the magical powers of cannabidiol (also known as CBD) for sex. Whether or not you’re a fan of smoking weed, playing with CBD has the potential to elevate your sex life in so many ways. 

How, you ask? Look no further! Here’s everything you need to know about CBD and sex.

Benefits Of CBD For Sex

First things first, know that CBD won’t exactly get you or your genitals high. (Sorry!) If you’re looking for something that will, look into trying a THC-infused product. Just be sure to double check the cannabis laws in your state before you go buying potentially illegal products. We’re trying to help you have better sex here – not cause any issues!

“When it comes to sex and sexual health, feeling relaxed is essential for making space to feel aroused,” says certified sex therapist and resident sexologist for Adam & Eve Jenni Skyler, PhD. “When we feel relaxed and anxiety evaporates, sex becomes a place of embodied arousal and authentic intimacy.” Good news: the way CBD typically interacts with our body’s endocannabinoid system promotes mental, emotional, and physical relaxation. Certified sex educator and relationship expert Dainis Graveris adds that it can relax our blood vessels, boost blood flow, and heighten nerve sensations. All of this can help with erectile dysfunction (ED), high muscle tension, or painful sex (dyspareunia)… and lead to increased pleasure!

Are you the type of person who usually feels those pre-sex jitters? Trying a little bit of CBD before getting down to business could take that edge off. That’s because the cannabinoid helps decrease anxiety and stress for people who have a lot on their mind or simply tend to worry about how they’ll perform during sex, explains Graveris. 

Health stuff aside, it’s also super fun to bring something new into the bedroom every once in a while! “Using CBD is great for couples who love to try new things and not worry about the residual effects (the high) that might throw them off their daily routines,” he says.

Friendly reminder: Using CBD won’t necessarily solve all of your sex or health issues.

“CBD can be powerful to bolster and heal numerous things, but everyone’s different,” says Skyler. For example, my best friend had ~the best sex of her life~ after trying CBD lube, but I didn’t have the same experience. It didn’t actually do much for me at all. But that’s okay – smoking CBD flower and eating edibles are more my style anyway. Just remember that everybody (and every body!) is unique. However, CBD *can* offer you a ton of sexual benefits like the ones listed above.

Types Of CBD Sex Products

For starters, we’ve got intimate lubricants, suppositories, edibles, massage oils, arousal oils, candles, smokable flower, vapes, and more. Whether you want to eat it or rub it on your partner, there’s practically a CBD sex product for every want or need. It just depends on your intentions and what you want to get out of the experience.

How To Enjoy CBD During Your Next Hookup

Here’s a brief list of ways to use CBD sex products the next time that you masturbate or hook up with someone:

  • Swallow a CBD oil tincture to reduce your performance anxiety
  • Light a CBD massage candle to make a sensual massage even hotter
  • Whip out CBD lube to enhance wetness for friction-free play
  • Pop in a CBD suppository to relax your anal sphincter before booty play
  • Apply CBD arousal oil on your genitals before and during sex
  • Ingest CBD gummies to feel more relaxed during partnered sex

Don’t see anything here that you want to try? No worries. Get creative! Play around with different types of CBD products to see what feels best for you and your partner.

Let your imagination run wild

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Safety Tips & Things To Consider

Before buying and trying any product, do your research. “While there are now more research studies on CBD and its effects on a person’s health and overall well-being (sex life included), it’s still best to learn as much as you can about CBD and any CBD products you want to incorporate into your sex life,” says Graveris. 

You might also want to talk to your doctor or healthcare provider, especially if you’re taking prescription medications or trying to become pregnant. 

Planning to play with CBD with a partner? Ask first before whipping it out! He reminds you to always ask for your partner’s consent and give your consent as well. All parties granting consent is a major part of enjoyable sex for everyone involved.

When it comes to dosage recommendations, the experts agree you’re better off starting low then adjusting as necessary. After all, you can always work your way up if you want to! “I discuss with my clients using a smaller amount and measuring the milligrams before expanding the dose,” says Skyler. Graveris also suggests following each product’s suggested instructions and warns not to exceed the recommended dosage mentioned on the label.

Last but *certainly* not least, prioritize having fun! Whether you’re masturbating or engaging with a partner, CBD can totally take your sex life to new heights if you’ll let it. Just make sure everyone’s on board and ready to play, then enjoy the ride.

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