Does penis size matter? What women think about it

Does penis size matter? What women think about it

"It's so big! Come on, give it to me with that HUGE thing!". You probably hear these two phrases in nearly every Pornhub video. From one of those adult movies where hot L.A. babes get it on with Johnny Sins lookalikes with huge penises. Perhaps porn like this is the reason why so many men feel self-conscious about their penis size. In addition, there’s a bragging culture that makes some wonder: Is HE actually big enough? So, what is the perfect penis size?


What is average penis size?

Does penis size matter? What women think about it.description. 1

The average German penis measures 14.5 to 15 centimeters when erect. When not erect, the average penis in this country measures up to 10 centimeters. A length of fewer than seven centimeters when erect is called a micropenis, but this is a rare condition. Anything over 20 centimeters is considered to be longer than average. But does penis size actually matter?

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What penis size do women prefer?

This question was recently addressed in a US study: researchers at the University of California and the University of New Mexico asked a total of 75 women aged 18 to 65 which penis size they preferred a) for one-time intimate encounters and b) in relationships. The result: if it's just about sex, women prefer the XL variant. The average desired dimensions: 16.3 centimeters in length and 12.4 centimeters in circumference. For their partner, it was 16 centimeters in length and 12.4 centimeters in circumference.

Much bigger numbers than the German average. So, what now? Don't despair.  

Another study by two US universities with a total of 50,000 respondents showed that 85 percent of the participants were absolutely okay with their partner's penis size


Is penis size an issue among girlfriends? What makes a penis attractive to women?

Definitely, the dicks of dates and partners are something women are often concerned about. But it rarely becomes a discussion with no end. Especially when the length and thickness are average. Believe us when we say no one has ever complained because their boyfriend was only 13.5 centimeters and not 16. There’s still no final word on what penis size women prefer.

What do women say to each other?

Does penis size matter? What women think about it.0. 1

Here are some quotes from friends and followers, which of course have no universal validity, but show how diverse women's preferences for penis size are.

Mira, 21:
"Too big of a dick hurts me. I once broke off a one-night stand because the guy was so big and it just caused me pain".

Nadine, 29:
"Nobody believes it, but I like a normal-sized penis best. Not too small, not too big. It just has to be thick, that's important to me so that I feel 'filled’". 

Layla, 32: 
"An ex-boyfriend of mine had a slightly curved cock. Unlike the guy, I still miss it today. He just used it to reach places that felt insanely good".

Anabell, 24:
"Please not too long, thank you. Don't want to get impaled".

Veronica, 21: 
"I don't really care, I'm flexible in the truest sense of the word. Especially when I'm in love, I don't care about the length of his cock. It's much more important to me that the man and I click and that he knows there are many other nice things besides vaginal penetration. However, there is one exception: anal sex doesn't work for me if the penis is too big. No chance". 

Derya, 30:
"I can't do anything with penises that are too small. Especially not after the birth of my two children. If the dick is too small, I have the feeling that it gets 'lost' inside me. It doesn't do anything for me. Luckily, my partner is well endowed. If he wasn't, it would be a problem".

What now? There are always Pros and Cons

Does penis size matter? What women think about it.1. 1
  • Tastes are highly individual, as are sexual needs and — not to be underestimated — anatomical conditions.
  • So as far as penis size is concerned, the eternal question “does penis size matter” doesn’t matter itself.
  • Just stay relaxed, along with self-love and self-acceptance. Everybody is perfect the way it is, and every dick deserves appreciation.

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