Sex toys for men, women, & couples. A guide to devices for adults

Sex toys for men, women, and couples. A guide to devices for adults

If you’ve been sexually active for more than a month at some point in time, you've definitely wondered how to spice it up. Some look for new poses or train their stamina, but we suggest relaxing and getting the most out of tech. Let’s talk about sex toys that everyone should try. Read this to make sex more diverse and not get lost in the assortment of sex shops.

Why do I need toys?

Toys bring brand-new sensations and more orgasms. They come in different forms; it all depends on the purpose. It's actually simple to establish communication with your partner and diversify your foreplay, get more orgasms, and explore your preferences with a new partner and sex toys (even from a distance!).

Devices make it possible to fulfill various fantasies, including double penetration with a single partner, penetration-infused oral sex, and penetration orgasm. Anything that your body or soul desires, generally.

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How to use sex toys?

Many sex gadgets are designed precisely to give an orgasm, even if someone is unfamiliar with them. But we advise you to approach the devices without much expectation; just stay curious and open-minded. Please don't force orgasms out of yourself (or your partner) by all means. 

Remember safety. If you share a toy with a partner or use it with different partners, always use a condom and clean the toy thoroughly. And also, remember consent - do not just stick your gadget wherever you want (we have got something to read about it - the first and the second). Otherwise, use observation and imagination, and you'll figure it out as the game goes on.

How to choose a sex toy

Won't I get sucked into it? What are vacuum stimulators?

Sex toys for men, women, & couples. A guide to devices for adults.1. 1

It seems like everyone has already figured out where the clitoris is. Let's now determine the best way to stimulate it! Because the head of the clitoris is such a delicate area, stimulating with your hands can be harsh. Vacuum stimulation is a great alternative you’ll experience waves of pleasure while it does what it’s built for. A toy like that can be applied to the clitoris during penetration or used alone when masturbating. There will be orgasms! Our list of the top vacuum sex toys is provided below.

  • The ultimate lover, a Womanizer Premium will fulfill all your desires: pick you up in a luxurious car, take you to a fancy restaurant, and provide you with the best pleasure of your life. It can take you from arousal to orgasm on "Autopilot" (we bet your ex couldn't do that), and it responds to touch. Extremely delicate sex toy technology.
  • Womanizer Liberty / Satisfyer Pro Penguin is love at first sight. It's like that sweet, innocent guy: you wouldn't expect anything from him, but he can do so much! There are 11 modes at your service. Choose between gentle suction and active stimulation.
  • Satisfyer Love Breeze feels like a nice romantic date after work, a walk in the park, and a home dinner. Of course, you'll want more one day, but right now, it’s enough it feels good and comfortable, and your orgasms are solid, too. Budget toy with a wide tube for gentle stimulation.
  • Cuddly Bird is a real badass. He’ll take you to a rock concert, skiing, and traveling around the world. All in all, the best lover for lovers of vivid sensations (note: for ladies with low sensitivity of the clitoral head it really is powerful). Sonic stimulation (more powerful than a vacuum) + vibration = you won't go without an orgasm for sure.

Cute rabbits and where they live

Sex toys for men, women, & couples. A guide to devices for adults.2. 1

Rabbit is one of the most popular categories of sex toys for men and women. It provides double pleasure: external and internal stimulation at the same time. You can use it solo or give control to a partner. Many choose to put it on the clitoris during penetration vibration helps women get a vivid orgasm. For guys, vibration is often a new experience, too, so we recommend applying it to the penis or scrotum.

  • We-Vibe Nova 2 is one premium bunny. Your new lover will fit you perfectly. There are two separate motors, soft heads, and control via the app. The shaft bends, and the clitoral head will stay on your clitoris even during penetration for maximum pleasure.
  • Fun Factory Miss Bi for those who have decided that "size matters," this one is about thickness, not length. It has powerful vibrations and a curved tip for G-zone stimulation.
  • MOYTOY Macho H this macho will warm you up even on the coldest winter night because this sex toy is heated. It provides realistic penetration sensations and has different vibration modes for your comfort. So you get 2 in 1: vibrator and heater.
  • Adrien Lastic G-wave is a universal bunny. Place one of the ends on your clitoris if you want external stimulation, or put both ends inside if you want fullness.

Selected by Pure: couple toys with remote control

Sex toys for men, women, & couples. A guide to devices for adults.3. 1

Put tech to use! Sexting just got better, thanks to these toys! Offer your new match a game: for them to change the modes on your sex device, bring you to orgasm, and control it from a distance. A fresh experience and intense feelings for you both.

  • You expected to have a good time with We-Vibe Chorus, and it was everything you had never imagined. Pleasure for both partners guaranteed! The lower petal, which is inserted inside and vibrates the penis and G zone, stimulates the head of the clitoris. The app allows you to use it alone or while delegating control to your partner from any location. You won't get bored with it - there are so many cool modes and features to explore.
  • We-Vibe Nova 2 — you might think you are already familiar with it, but it has a lot of surprises in store for you. There’s remote control capability via the app, even if your partner is thousands of kilometers away. As well as a lot of options for couples: you can fold the vibro ring or put it to your neck for extra sensation when you’re giving oral sex.
  • We-Vibe Moxie — is your best date, which you can only share with your closest friend. While visiting a restaurant or strolling through a park, put it in your underwear. No one will know, but it will turn you on even more. You can operate it from another city!

Sex toys for men: cooler than a remote-controlled car

Sex toys for men, women, & couples. A guide to devices for adults.4. 1

Good male sex toys combined with manual techniques elevate the experience. Although we don't condemn traditional hand masturbation, we strongly advise trying out the technology. Give it to your partner or use it by yourself. They’ll know what to do with it! Don't forget the lube.

  • Tenga-Egg and Svakom Hedy are soft masturbator balls. They are different, so we recommend trying both. A threesome for the lazy: you and two masturbators. We understand that no one can replace the hand you’re used to but trust us: it's a cool experience.
  • Tenga Spinner has a spiral inside, so the toy also rotates during penetration, squeezing the penis a bit. All in all, this is the perfect masturbation tool for connoisseurs. 

Anal toys

Sex toys for men, women, & couples. A guide to devices for adults.5. 1

We’ve saved the most savory fantasies for dessert. We advise you to enjoy these toys whether you frequently engage in anal intercourse or are just considering it. These show stoppers will provide you with a completely new experience, whether you are an experienced user or a beginner who wants to test it out to see if you enjoy it. Here is a ranking of the best anal toys for the most sophisticated and daring users.

  • Svakom Julie will be a great find for both experienced devotees and beginners. Though, its simple shape is ideal for beginners. You can control it by remote; there are various vibration patterns and a smart mode (it can vibrate at the same rate as your partner's penetration).
  • Svakom Primo if you know you enjoy anal sex, this one is for you. A 10 cm plug with heating for pleasant relaxation and various vibration modes will give stronger and more intense sensations, and more.
  • Gvibe Gplug and Gvibe Gring XL are a sweet tandem, giving pleasure with every touch. Gplug is a regularly shaped anal plug with vibration. Gring XL is a vibrating ring for exploring erogenous zones all over the body.

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Intimate care

Make sure to use lubricant for any toy and sex. It makes the experience more pleasant and ensures that the practice is safe. Choose the options that suit your tastes (some are also very tasty). There are also various stimulating lubricants for additional heat, tingling, or tightening sensations. But that’s another story!

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