DateHookup app review: why I am not hooked on DateHookup — a full review

Members 5.000,000
Popularity 100,000 users per month
Gender proportion 60% male, 40% female
Geography US, UK, Canada
Account verification email, Facebook
Mobile app non-official
Price $5.95-$9.95
Free version fully accessible
Fraud risk high
Hookup chance ★☆☆☆☆

DateHookup app is one of the oldest online dating websites with a broad dating scope — anything from casual relationships to marriage. I tested the site for 15 days and prepared a review by five key factors.

  • Affordability: examining free and paid services — are the upgrades worth the price.
  • Audience quality: describing an average DateHookup user and detecting inactive profiles.
  • Security and privacy: analyzing the website’s safety algorithms and its reputation.
  • Hookup chance: bringing on the results — was it all worth it at the end of the day.

The main version of DateHookup was closed in 2018. I will be reviewing its most popular alternative —



The website offers a free version and VIP membership.

Free services

DateHookup has a rich free version — I could sign up, fill out my profile completely, browse feed, and preview user profiles. The website doesn’t limit messaging and allows participating in forums discussion — that was the first surprise, a good one.

Paid services

The VIP membership doesn’t open significant opportunities. You can get a VIP badge attached to the profile picture, appear at the top of the feed, as well as monitor likes and visits. DateHookup doesn’t let users feel a real distinction between paid and free profiles.

Duration Price
1 Month $9.95/m
3 Months $7.62/m
6 Months $5.95/m

Overall, the number of premium features justifies the affordable cost of the membership — still, paid opportunities aren’t compelling enough.

Audience quality


DateHookup, a platform from Match creators, attract the audience that you wouldn’t usually see on a casual dating website. These are mature, well-off people who know what they are looking for, and they don’t like to waste time talking. Heads up, it’s not the best site for testing the waters.

Age distribution

I was surprised to see mostly 35-50 users on a casual dating website. The feed kept offering me profiles of older partners even though my preferred age was 25-30. It’s a bit of a downer for those who expect to find young partners, but also, it’s nice to see DateHookup taking a niche of casual dating for mature adults.

This age pattern stays true regardless of gender. Generally, women are slightly younger, but it’s a slim margin.

Gender distribution

Male users take up 60% of all user base on DateHookup. Women represent 40% of profiles. It also seemed that men are more active on the platform — girls are barely online. Finding a female match here is a challenge.

Users of different races are active on the platform — there is a black DateHookup as well as Asian and Latino communities.

Fakes and scammers

I didn’t spot fake pictures on the feed or empty profiles. The accounts seem legit — users have more than one image and post detailed descriptions of their personalities on the profile pages.

My friend, a 25-year-old guy who tried the platform for three months, said that fake female accounts are more common. Even if the photos seem real, there is barely any additional information on the page.



At first glance, the website seems comfortable and legit. You don’t see a spam of naked pictures, and the main page offers a glance at the feed and answers common questions.

Another essential thing, DateHookup appeals both to men and women, avoiding the attempts to lure male users in with naked female pictures.

Signing up

Another surprise from DateHookup, this time a bad one, is a long subscription form. Usually, the casual dating website requires a minimal amount of information for the first registration steps. On Pure, you need a username and a valid email, on — an email and sexual preferences, similarly on Adultxxxdate.

Here, you have four registration tabs with at least five questions on each one. The worst thing is, some panels don’t have drop-down menus — you have to enter answers manually.

Also, the website requires your name and last name — you won’t be able to stay anonymous. Even if you choose not to display this data, it’s still transferred to a third-party server.

You need to provide the address — country, city, street, zip index. The next step is filling out a similar form, but this time for matching singles.

I don’t like filling out data about possible matches before I even get a look at the entire feed. It would be easier to customize the profile after I understand what the service has to offer.

One time, the website refused to process my form altogether, showing me an error window. If there are mistakes in the registration form, I’d prefer it if the website explained these errors in understandable language, not with queries and values.

This is the most extended casual website sign up I had so far. With re-registration and email confirmation, it took me about 30 minutes to complete the form and get the profile validated. So, I went to compare it to Pure — there, I would be able to make ten profiles in half an hour.


DateHookup doesn’t offer customization options. Along with the registration info, you can also write a description. I was happy to see there is no character limit — I finally could go all in. Be ready, that the majority of the users don’t make the most out of their textbox — most biographies are incredibly vague and essentially useless for matching purposes.

The website doesn’t offer precise account characteristics. You can’t know the user’s height, race, religion, ethnicity, education, profession unless they choose to describe it in the description — and very few do so.


With such limited profiles, there is no wonder that search lacks precision. The website offers you to enter location an age limit — these are the main selection criteria. Admittedly, this is not enough for an accurate choice, which is why I ended up with 7314 matches.

Luckily, you can reduce this number with additional filters: sort profiles by activity and location radius. Still, the selection lacks flexibility — the website ignores all crucial dating aspects, leaving users up to their judgment.

DateHookup doesn’t shy away from ads. Premium users get an almost ad-free experience, although I got occasional banners even after the upgrade.

Mobile app

The only DateHookup good aspect so far is its mobile app. While the interface seems to be stuck in 2002, the functionality is an improvement compared to the web version.

Here profiles have detailed descriptions — users can add their height, body, and face characteristics, specify a zodiac sign, profession, income, religion, smoking, or drinking habits.

Along with traditional Feed-based matching, the DateHookup mobile app offers a speed-dating service. It’s a Tinder-like feature where a user sees one picture at a time and can accept the match or pass on it.

The interface of the “Let’s Meet” service is a far cry from Tinder. The gamification approach that made speed dating so popular is the opposite of DateHookup methods. “Let’s Meet” felt as if I was reviewing a bunch of pictures, and getting absolutely no fun out of it.

Privacy and security


FreeDateHookup guarantees to protect user data with firewalls and Secure Socket Layers. On the other hand, they don’t mention a word about encryption — your data can be disclosed to advertisers, legal authorities, and financial organizations.

A much better practice here would be using end-to-end encryption, impossible to decipher even for the websites team. An example of such a safety standard is Pure — the website uses high-end encryption to protect users’ chats and profiles.

Lack of information

Questionable safety practices aren’t the only question marks in DateHookup’s security. I had a hard time trusting service and its users due to the lack of any specific information. People with whom I chatted, seemed to be up for a meeting but ghosted me at the last moment. The lack of knowledge about a potential partner doesn’t inspire people to meet in person.

Another warning sign is that there are no DateHookup reviews or active social media following. If something goes wrong, you wouldn’t even know where to go.

Hookup chance


Taking into account all previous issues, it’s not a surprise that Free-DateHookup’s efficiency is questionable. Finding a match is still a possible task — even though I had to go through dozens of inactive profiles. However, going on the actual date is an impossible mission — users don’t have the opportunity to get to know each other well and there is no mutual trust.

I canceled my subscription after 15 days — there was no point to continue paying for useless services anymore. Perhaps the website could still work for online communication, but if you have any ambition of meeting people in real life, you are looking in the wrong place.

DateHookup rating is one of the lowest in my collection, but it’s a reasonable score

Matching algorithms

The web-version uses location and age as its two main selection factors. All additional information should either be published in the description or discussed privately in chat. To find someone even remotely compatible, I had to spam dozens of users and ask a lot of questions — a tiresome experience.

A mobile version is much better in selecting precise matches. You have more filters to choose from, including occupation, profession, habits, relationship goals — these criteria aren’t common on casual dating websites. The app has its drawbacks, though, users have much shorter bios and less uploaded pictures. Either way, DateHookup offers very little valuable information about a potential sex hookup.


To get accurate matches and enough details, you could try checking out some of my favorites to find a better option.

Platform Hookup chance
Pure ★★★★★
OkCupid ★★★★☆
Adultxxxdate ★★★★☆
Fling ★★★★☆
Instabang ★★★☆☆


Is DateHookup free?

Yes, the website has a functional free version — you can message users, browse profiles, and participate in group chats.

Is DateHookup legit and real?

Yes, but there are a lot of similar sex sites with a different domain name. Also, the site doesn’t have many public reviews — you have to rely on your judgment most of the time.

Does DateHookup work?

In my experience, it doesn’t work — users are not ready to meet their dates in person due to superficial match selection.

Is DateHookup safe?

It’s theoretically safe. However, the website leaves the right to share users’ data with financial and governmental organizations, as well as advertisers.

Is it worth paying for DateHookup?

No, the free version includes all the essential functionality. The paid membership provides with add-ons — a VIP badge, advanced statistics, free profile promotions.

What kind of dating site is DateHookup?

It’s a casual dating website for mature adults.

Is there a mobile application for DateHookup?

Yes, it’s available on Android and iOS.

Can I search for someone on DateHookup?

You need to know the person’s username and location.

Can you have two DateHookup accounts?

Yes, you can. However, it’s best to make sure that your behavior doesn’t seem suspicious — otherwise, both pages will be deleted.

Can DateHookup delete my account?

Yes, if you don’t comply with the Terms of Use.

How do I delete my DateHookup account?

Contact the technical support with the request for account removal.

How to cancel subscription?

To cancel a subscription, go to the “Support” page and leave an email to the moderation team.

Is DateHookup for serious relationships?

No, it’s a casual dating website for no-strings-attached dates.

Can you look up people on DateHookup?

You can narrow the search down if you know the specific location and age. The easiest way is to look for a particular username.

DateHookup is outdated

The website is stuck in the first years of online dating when offering location, and age-based filters were enough for a thorough match selection. The security standards need to be updated as well — it’s not alright that your private data can be given away with no beforehand permission.

The functionality and interface need a massive redesign, from registration to the feed. Now DateHookup is full of surprises, but none of them are positive. There are safer, faster, and more efficient alternatives out there.

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Born in Los Angeles, graduated from a college as a journalist, and spent several years as a freelancer writing about cultural events. From 2017, James writes about love and relationships and explores dating services.

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