Music, kissing & more. What does every Turn-On on Pure mean?

Что нужно знать о партнере перед свиданием

We think everyone has a turn-on. To help you navigate Pure better, we've compiled this Turn-On Vocabulary to help you choose from our extensive list of preferences while dating and when in bed. Some of them are pretty straightforward, and some of them, we're sure, will surprise you. Read, learn, and apply in practice!


1. Cuddles

Whether it’s foreplay or aftercare — cuddling is a great way of getting close to someone. Clothes on or off, bed or bathtub, arms or legs (or both) entwined: The possibilities are nigh endless.

2. Kisses

This one is not just about making out. If you enjoy kissing your partner’s body, or having a partner do it — add it to your profile. Love a perky kiss on the cheek when you meet someone? This Turn-On is for you!

3. Massage

Add it when you enjoy massaging, kneading, and stroking your partner's body — or someone else doing it to you. It doesn't have to be about getting it on, so feel free to add it if you're a tactile human being.

4. Music

Add it if you like sharing playlists, going to concerts and parties, listening to music together, and getting to know each other through your musical preferences.

5. Literature

Do you enjoy reading books? Sharing opinions and recommendations? Are you a fan of gifting and receiving books, or have you always wanted to be a librarian? Bookmark this Turn-on!

6. Film buff

If you avidly watch TV series and movies, have all the streaming subscription services, and love to talk about Polanski, Kubrick, and Hitchcock on a first date, add this Turn-On to your profile.

7. Foot fetish

Do you like touching and kissing feet, ankles and calves? How about watching your partner do it? We're head over heels for this Turn-On, too.

8. Devices

Vibrators, anal plugs, strap-ons, satisfiers, and all kinds of pumps. If you like sex toys or would like to give them a try, this Turn-On is your new go-to!

9. Scents

Perfumes and scented cosmetics, body odor, clothes, and shoes, a light note of tobacco on the skin — if any of these things make you happy or excited, this Turn-On was made for you!

10. Oral Sex

Cunnilingus, blowjobs, rimming, and more. Add it to your profile if you like giving or receiving oral pleasure. Maybe you're up for both?

11. Biting

If you like biting your partner during foreplay or enjoy getting bitten, this Turn-On is for you, Mr. Dracula. Enjoy.

12. Bushes

For the ones who like hair under arms, in private areas, on legs, face, hands, and anywhere else! Love all things au-naturel? Don't be shy — add this Turn-On to your profile.


13. Home Video

If you enjoy making videos of your shared or solo practices, watching them together, and sharing them with each other — pick this Turn-On.

14. Striptease

If you enjoy watching your partner move in front of you as they slowly remove their clothes, or putting on a private show yourself, this Turn-On is well-suited for you.

15. Being watched

Many people are turned on when someone else watches them doing it. Live or on video. You do too? Let everyone know by adding this Turn-On to your profile.

16. Fantasies

Choose it if you want to share your sensual fantasies, whether unfulfilled or real. Are you wishing for that special someone to tell you theirs?

17. Dirty Talk

Words can be a powerful tool in bed. Add it if you enjoy talking dirty, or listening to someone’s dirty talk.

18. Sapiosexuality

Smart is sexy. If minds get you going, you love science, and you sometimes scream "Eureka!" during orgasm, this Turn-On is the right equation for you.

19. Sexting

Imagine what those fingers can do! If you dream of them typing smutty messages and sending nudes, here's how to get you one step closer to it: Pick "Sexting" as your Turn-On.

20. Breakfast

The best breakfast in bed is morning sex. The best morning pleasure is breakfast in bed. If one or both options work for you, you know what to do.

21. Hotel

Hotel fun or date night isn't just about perfect sex on crisp sheets. Choose this Turn-On if you live for luxurious rooms and great views.

22. Feminism

If you're a feminist, support women's rights, and recognize gender equality — we're so proud of you. Make sure you let everyone know by adding this Turn-On!

23. Spanking

Sometimes a firm hand is just the right thing. Or a whip? Cane? Hey, everyone has a different pain tolerance. Now bend over!

24. I'm a dom

This one is for people who are sexually dominant or in a BDSM relationship. We are on our knees, we beg you Master, consider adding this Turn-On to your profile. Sorry for asking, and thank you!

25. I'm a sub

This Turn-On is for those who like to submit to the Dom's will. Add it to your profile. Do it now!

26. Switch

Sometimes you can’t choose. Dom today, sub tomorrow and a little bit of both inbetween. Do you like the best of both worlds?

27. Skin

If you love wearing leather and latex or admire the ones who prefer such outfits, this Turn-On suits all adult leather lovers.

28. Raver misbehaviour

If there’s something that ravers are particularly good at, it’s getting sweaty with strangers — for a LONG time. All while shaking their ass. Sounds familiar? Then mix this Turn-On into your profile.

29. Adrenaline sports

How far can you go? How high can you climb? If being outside gets your blood boiling, you might be an adrenaline fiend — and this is your Turn-On, sporty.

30. Been to therapy

If you want to let people know you’re going to therapy and want to meet people who are into it. Our study has shown that going to therapy is on of the hottest turn-ons for our community! Click here to learn more.

31. Cuckold

Choose this Turn-On if you like watching someone having fun with your partner in front of you. Or behind your back ;) But only you know about it, approve of it, and most importantly, it turns you on.

32. Wax play

Pick this Turn-On if you're into (safe) use of hot wax during foreplay or sex. Caution: It's hot!

33. Role play

This Turn-On is for those who want to play out their fantasies in reality, and get into different characters, from everyday scenarios to historical figures.

34. Butt-play

Perfect for any anal action — whether you pick an active or passive role. Now poke it out and be proud about it.

35. Edging

Do you enjoy teasing your partner and controlling their orgasm? Want someone else to control the moment you cum? You’re truly living on the edge, fur ball!

36. Blindfold

Visual deprivation can help you focus on other senses. What do you really feel, who and where?

37. Chocolate

Pick this Turn-On if you're into whole dom and sub action, S&M, or can teach someone the ropes. Pun intended!

38. Tattoo & Piercing

Choose this Turn-On if you admire piercing and tattoos — on your or your partners' bodies. Crazy about it? Add it for everyone to see.

39. Swinging

Consensual swap of sexual partners — in private or at specialized events. Sharing is caring, right?

40. Vanilla

Refers to traditional (as recognized by the conventional majority) sexual practices. Softness, tenderness, compliments, and real romance. Yum!

41. Artsy dates

Choose it if you prefer dates in art spaces. Galleries, lectures, exhibitions, workshops, movies — anywhere where you can get to know a person through their perception of beauty.

42. Let's dance

Your life is seriously missing something if you can’t shake a leg? We’ve got the perfect Turn-On, dancing queen. One, two, cha-cha-cha, add this Turn-On to your profile.

43. Cosplay

Suppose you love turning into heroes of computer games, movies, comics, anime, and manga. Are you looking for someone to join you to Comic Con? This Turn-On will help you find the one.

44. Anime 

This Turn-On is perfect for die-hard fans of Japanese animation, and for those who want to know more. Add this Turn-On to your profile to find like-minded individuals, Pure-san!

45. Board games

Monopoly, Scrabble, and more. Choose Board games if you hate being bored and love games. Looking for someone to magically gather with?



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