Telugu Sex Chat Review. What You Need to Know Before Trying It

Members 900,800
Popularity unknown
Gender proportion 70% males, 30% females
Geography India, International
Account verification email
Mobile app none
Price $4 for 50 days of VIP
Free version Yes
Fraud risk low
Hookup chance ★☆☆☆☆

To be honest, when I saw Telugu chat for the first time, it was my neighbor’s browser history. With some really hot content inside. So I googled “Telugu chat rooms” being curious. Actually, Telugu is one of the most spoken languages in India. In fact, the chat is international so you can find a member from any country. Most of the members speak English so you can chat with anyone.

Telugu chat is not as big as other international chat rooms, but it’s cozy and it has its own atmosphere. I was looking for a chat like that, so I was committed to spend a couple of hours there and see what’s going on.

You can use it with or without signing up. It allows you to find members of a certain age and gender. It has only one chat room but you can easily go private with any member.



Comparing to other chats, Telugu chat rooms are more than affordable. You can use it for free or pay a symbolic $4 for a VIP subscription. Yes, $4, it’s not a typo. Why so cheap? Well, the average monthly income in India is only $168, so $4 for a sex chat is actually a luxury.

Free service

You can message in chat rooms and in private chats.

Paid service

Only $4 for VIP status allows you to share photos and links in chats for 50 days. Also, there is a 10-days VIP trial for $0.7 and a 25-days VIP trial for $2. I think that communication without photos is useless, so I paid for the VIP.

There are different ways to pay: you can use PayPal, Bitcoins, Qiwi Wallet, payment via SMS. I chose the last method, it was quick and easy. The website didn’t extend the subscription without my consent.

VIP gives you an opportunity to use a bold nickname and bold message text. It means you can highlight your message in the main chat. You can also send pictures and as many identical messages as you want with no restrictions. As a free member, you cannot do it in the main chat.

post image
VIP status costs 50 coins (approx. $4)

Audience quality


The audience is very communicative and active. People are completely open-minded and straightforward, they know exactly what they want. Most of them seek quick dirty talk. But you can find a few scammers among members.

Age distribution

There are lots of people around 25-30 years old. Judging by the nicknames (Raj28, Emmie1990), it’s the most popular age written in the profiles. But most of them don’t have profile pictures or any other info in their profiles. Personally, I couldn’t find any kids there.

Fakes and scammers

Free online Telugu chat rooms allow you to promote yourself, using any links, for example, links to your social networks or websites, so you can expect lots of spam in the main chat. And you can run into some scam links and ads with webcam models so you should be careful. I would also like to warn you: don’t share any personal information or your credit card details with strangers in Telugu chat.



I can’t call it user-friendly. When you want to go to your profile or make a payment, the website always opens a new window after every click. It’s annoying. For me, a comfortable interface is one of the most important things in the apps and websites nowadays. That was the moment when I felt like closing Telugu chat and switching to my fav Pure immediately. I know that there I will not be distracted by any pop-ups or annoying ads, so I can focus on what I was looking for in the first place: a nice and sweet hookup in my area.

Back to Telugu chats, though. Good news: there are no advertisement banners! That’s why Telugu chat vod looks pretty nice, meaning that it is safe to use it in public space. It’s not that easy to navigate so you have to spend some time understanding the design.

post image
The main chat. You can see bold texts as a feature of VIP status

There is the main chat room and private rooms where you can talk to any member you want. You can send and see photos in all chats if you paid for VIP status. Also, you can find a member of a certain age and gender in search.

post image
The page with members searching

Signing up

Registration is optional. Free Telugu chat allows you to be the guest or to create a profile with your photo and information. Either way, you can access all the chat rooms and chat with others. Guests aren’t able to fill the profile with photos and information so you have to register to use the Telugu chat many times.

As a registered user, you can upload photos, send links, and find members. The registration is really fast. You have to fill the information and activate your account via email, and you are ready to chat. No difficult verifications and dozens of codes.

post image
The page with profile info


If you want to see the detailed information, you’d better use other sexting chat rooms. Telugu sex chat only gives you a photo and the age of a member. A person can add some information to the info block but most of the time it’s empty. Everyone wants to be a mystery, I guess.

On the other hand, it’s all you need to start a conversation. Unfortunately, most of the userpics are fake. People in Telugu chat rooms prefer to use celebs faces or pictures of nature and animals.

post image
The profile with the fake photo


You can choose the age and gender of the member you want to talk to. You always can see the status of a member — is he or she online, does he or she have the VIP status to share photos and links.


You can communicate in the main and private chats. To start a private chat, click on a nickname of a member in a list on the right. I didn’t receive any spam messages or any harmful links. You can only see spam in the main chat room. As I said before, people are quite active there. So I received about 3 messages with different kinky offers in the first 5 minutes. For the record: if you have a profile pic, you have more chances to get new messages.

post image
This is how private chat looks like

You can clean the chat history if you want to. Also, you can choose and copy texts from the messages you’ve sent before. It’s useful if you have one signature hookup phrase and you are too lazy to type it over and over again.

post image
Choosing the message from the last sent

Mobile app

There is no mobile app. Telugu is accessible through any browser on any device. The mobile version is okay but I prefer desktop version, it’s much more comfortable.

post image
Telugu is accessible through any browser on any device

Security and privacy


Personally, I didn’t feel any danger or something like that. At least users have to be registered to send photos or links. I guess the verification via email is a good spam filter, but there’s still a chance to get a scam link so I wouldn’t recommend following any links. As for the age of your potential partners, you never know the real age or even gender of the member but it’s common in sex chats like Telugu.

Hookup chance


This place is created for dirty talk, nudes, and kinky fun. That’s it. You won’t find an instant hookup or one-night-stand. For that, you better check out Pure. There you’ll definitely find a real person somewhere near you, and, most importantly, a person with the same intentions.

So the best you can use Telugu chat rooms for is a cure for boredom and a way to talk about your kinkiest fantasies anonymously.

Matching algorithm

There’s no matching algorithm in a Telugu sex chat. You just take chances and can only find a member by their profile pic or a funny nickname.

In conclusion

I enjoyed talking with strangers on Telugu sex chat but I guess I won’t come back to this website. It’s simple and cheap, easy to understand how to verify your account, and communicate with other users. You won’t receive tons of spam messages and scam links, but rather have fun talking dirty with different people and share your kinks with them.

But don’t fool yourself that you’ll find anyone you can meet in real life unless you live in India or visit the country as a tourist.




Pure increases your chances. It will connect you only with people who are in your area to avoid long-distance pen pal relationships. If you both like each other, you’ll have 24 hours to chat and see if you both agree to meet or move on to the next one.

post image
Pure is a nice way to find the hookup immediately

Chat Avenue


This app’s hookup chance is higher than the Telugu. Chat Avenue has lots of chat rooms so you can use the most suitable for you.

post image
The main page of chat Avenue



You will enjoy Chatzy as a great alternative to any other chat room platform. It’s free but you won’t like it if you are not a fan of ancient design. Bonus: it’s completely anonymous.

post image
That is how Chatzy looks like


Is Telugu sex chat is free?

Yes, you can use it with no additional options such as sending photos or links. Or you can pay $4 for VIP membership and send pictures to whoever you want.

Is there a mobile application for Telugu?

No, there isn’t a special application but you can use the mobile version of a website.

What kind of dating site is Telugu?

It’s not a dating site, rather, a chat room for fun and kinky talks with strangers.

Is Telugu for serious relationships?

No, I don’t think you can find your life partner there but you definitely can have really hot conversations.

Is it worth paying for VIP status on Telugu?

Yes, it’s only 4$ and you can send pictures which are, in my opinion, an essential part of dirty talk.

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