Seeking Arrangement review: combine pleasure and business

Members around 10 million users
Gender proportion 52% male, 48% female
Geography mostly the USA
Account verification email, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn
Mobile app Android
Price $14,95-19,95
Free version creating an account, chatting, profile browsing
Fraud risk medium
Odds of success ★★★★☆

Seeking Arrangement website is a niche dating site for those who know what they want in life. Some say that looking for a Sugar Daddy or Mommy is sort of a moral grey zone. However, Seeking Arrangement stresses that their mission is to connect successful people who want to mentor others with attractive people who are ready to settle particular rules and get what they want.

Seeking site dating

There is a stereotype that Sugar Daddy-Sugar Baby relationships are only about money. Seeking Arrangement claims that it’s not only that. The financial aspect plays a certain role, but it’s mostly about perfect balance: you combine pleasure with business, find someone who will care for you and guide you or someone to guide. Seeking Arrangement website is aimed to create as many successful, honest and upfront arrangements as possible to meet the needs of the couple.

Does Seeking Arrangement work? We tried this website and are ready to provide you with a review — read on!

Seeking sugar daddy meet



Seeking Arrangement is average price-wise. I’d say, this is the website that works better in a premium version even though all the basic functions are free. All in all, this website claims it can find you a perfect arrangement within 5 days, and it does everything to eliminate your search.

Free services

All the basic functions you need in a dating app are free in Seeking Arrangement. For free you can register an account, create a profile and start matching with users. You can use part of filters when browsing for profiles. The chatting is also free, so you can contact people you like. If you don’t want to contact them right away, you can add them to your favorite list.

Paid services

If you get the subscription, you can adjust the privacy settings in your account, e.g browse the site anonymously or appear in incognito mode. You also get more advanced filters to search for the matches. Inbox filters allow you to receive messages only from people who meet your criteria. Paid members are also free from all the ads — but ads here are not a big issue.

Audience quality


This is a niche app and it targets a particular audience. There are Successful Members and Attractive Members — Sugar Daddies/Mommies and Sugar Babies respectively. 80% of the users are Sugar Babies and 20% are Sugar Daddies.

Age and gender distribution

The major age group is 25-34 years old with males prevailing. The next age group is 18-24 years old.

In general, this website has more men than women, about 52% male, and 48% female, but the percentage is more or less equal which is a rare thing for real sex sites.

Fakes and scammers

Comments say there are some scammers on the website, but thanks to quite a serious background check and verification the amount of fakes is limited to almost irrelevant. Once the profile is fully verified and went through the background check, the website gives the profile a special badge meaning this one is totally cool. If you don’t trust your own fakes and scammers radar, you can choose to look for verified users only.



The website is pretty easy to use and looks very subtle, like if you are here for business purposes. Well, it is partly so — at least Seeking Arrangement is claiming to solve both personal and career questions for the seekers.

Signing up

Registering an account takes no more than a minute: all you need is your email or Facebook. Interesting, that the Sugar Babies, who sign up with their university or college email can get a premium upgrade for free. After that, you create a profile, which is more challenging and takes more time. You choose whether you are interested in “Success and Wealth” — which means you are a Sugar Baby, or in “Looks and Charms” — which means you are a Sugar Parent. You choose your preferences: Seeking Arrangement works for gay people as well because you can choose out of men, women and both.


Seeking Arrangement claims that it can make your perfect arrangement happen within 5 days, so there’s as much info as possible to be sure you are looking for the right person. The profile includes gender, height, appearance, education info, your interests, what are you looking for in a partner, etc. For Sugar Daddies and Mommies there’s a field about the net income and annual income, for Sugar Babies — how much do they want to have spent on them.

When uploading photos, be ready that they will go through verification. You also need to connect your Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn for the website to verify your profile. Some photos can be set as private, and that’s your own choice on which ones to display freely.

There’s also an interesting thing called SA Blog. It is a blog where you can find all kinds of articles: about how the sugar daddy can boost your career, when it is a good time to re-negotiate the sugar rules, life stories of sugar babes, etc. It is extremely interesting to read if you’ve just got into this sort of thing and want to know some ground rules.


The search is a very complex thing here and a great experience. You have a full pack of possible filters that you can use: this helps you eliminate people by your personal criteria. Sugar Daddies/Mommies are only allowed to have up to 4 Sugar Babies.

Search by appearance, drinking and smoking habits, purposes, number of kids, annual income, location, educational background, etc.


Seeking Arrangement website allows contacting members for free, although you need to get a verified account. You can either text the people you like directly from the search screen or you can add them to your favorite list to show the affection — they will get a notification that you added them.

As an upgraded member, you can send the messages anonymously, so that the person you’re chatting with won’t see your picture before you let them. The whole website might look a bit plain to some users, but it targets the older Sugar Daddies and Mommies, so the inbox menu and the site itself is very easy to use without any extra moves — not at all like in most sexting app for Android, free or paid.

Mobile app

Seeking Arrangement app is only available for Android now. The app has all the same functions that the website has. It is a good addition though: you can browse people on the go and be more mobile with your match. A simple layout, clear images and user-friendly interface helps the users to navigate faster and with ease.

Apple deleted the app for the iPhone because they thought the site is promoting prostitution. In fact, Seeking Arrangement always stresses out that it is not an escort service and is encouraging its users not to have paid meetings, as it would be against the service’s policy.

Security and privacy


Seeking Arrangement is quite secure: despite the fact that you need to provide a lot of personal information, there has never been a data leak — at least not of what we know. When it comes to security, Seeking Arrangement is quite good at it. It has the verification system where you can request a background check done by the third party to prove that you are a real and verified person.

However, I can’t say the same about privacy. The app literally requests all of your background information, and if you don’t link at least one social media to your account, you won’t get verified.

Odds of success


If you are into this kind of relationship, then Seeking Arrangement can be a really good choice for you. The search is very precise and so you know that the options are carefully crafted for your needs. If you live in a big more or less advanced city, you certainly will find at least a couple of options perfectly suitable for you.

You need to remember, that Seeking Arrangement is more of a personal dating website, so if your goal is online dating or long-distance, it might be not your first choice and you better try your luck somewhere else.

Beware of the fakes and keep an eye on the scammers: since part of the agreement is still about money, be careful when people ask you to transfer them sums. Also, if you run across someone who’s suggesting escort services, you can always report them.

pure site dating

Alternative: Pure

Members 500,000
Gender proportion 65% male, 35% female
Geography USA, Europe, Russia and growing
Account verification email
Mobile app iOS, Android
Price $14.99
Free version 3-days free trial
Fraud risk low
Hookup chance ★★★★☆

However, if you are more into something casual and less business-like, you have quite a lot of alternatives. Pure is an outstanding app for those who are not that much into bringing business into relationships — try it to compare the two experiences.

Pure gives you free access for 3 days. After that, you need to get a subscription. It is about the same price as Seeking Arrangement, and yes, you have to subscribe if you want to use the app.

Audience quality


The app is quite careful about this kind of data because Pure is one of the most secure and anonymous apps out there in the market.

The app covers all the age groups, but the major one is 25-34 years old—it is around 50% of the whole user base. The next groups, both 20%, are aged 18-24 and 35-44. You can even find someone of 65+ here—the fun has no age limitations.

The idea of the app lies in instant personal meetings, so fakes and scammers a rare thing here: if the main point is to meet as soon as possible, there’s no point in creating a fake account.



Pure is excellent in its design. Stylish and exciting, the app is appealing and pleasant to use. Plus, the original art gives the app a fresh look. I enjoy the whole app’s aesthetic because it gives you a strong sexual vibe without being vulgar or over the top straightforward.

I am:

Looking for:

My email:

It takes a minute to register in Pure. All you need is email and your photo. The whole process is intuitive and easy. Allow the app to use your location to find people near you.

You have to create a profile each time you want to find someone. The profile has your photo—a new one every time you create a request. A good way to use all those good selfies you have! The thing is that in this case, a lot depends on your appearance and a good photo, so choose your best angle.

After an hour, your profile self-destructs. Specify who are you looking for this time, man or woman, and browse through people nearby. You can change your preferences every time you create a request.

Security and privacy


Pure is strict about the users’ privacy. The app doesn’t require any social media links, phone number, or even a name. There are no usernames, either. All the accounts or requests are deleted within an hour, so there’s no way to look for anyone on the app or trace down a person.

There were no data leaks. The app doesn’t store any of your personal information, and it’s an excellent option for those who are more secret and private about their sexual life.

Odds of success


If you live in a small city, then maybe you might run out of options quickly. I’ve got about 284 guys online during the day. It’s not that much if you compare Pure with Seeking Arrangement, but it is easier to establish contact here.

I’d say Pure and Seeking Arrangement bare a different vibe in their core idea. However, Pure is significantly easier to use and much more laidback. When you open Seeking Arrangement, you feel like you’re going on a job interview—either as an employer on an employee. Pure, on the other hand, is more about pleasure.


Is Seeking Arrangement free?

Yes, it is mostly. You can do a lot having a free version: create the account and profile, search your potential matches, message people.

Is Seeking Arrangement legit and real?

Yes, Seeking Arrangement is real and, despite common opinion in App Store, doesn’t promote escort or prostitution. The Sugar-kind relationships are controversial, but other than that Seeking Arrangement is absolutely legit.

Is Seeking Arrangement safe? The chance of scam

Seeking Arrangement has quite a serious verification system, so fakes appear here sometimes, especially on the side of Sugar Babies, but the chances to run into one are skim. Scammers, on the other hand, happen to be on the way: just remember to never transfer money to anyone and other basic online dating security rules.

Is it worth paying for Seeking Arrangement?

I’d say, you should try it for free first. The site claims to find your best arrangement in 5 days, and if you pay for Premium, the money won’t be returned even after you close your account. Premium has a good option of setting the privacy settings, but all in all Seeking Arrangement is fine for free.

What kind of dating site is Seeking Arrangement?

Seeking arrangement is a niche website for sugar dating, were Successful members aka Sugar Daddies and Mommies are looking for Attractive members aka Sugar Babies.

Is there a mobile application for Seeking Arrangement?

Unfortunately, only for Android. Apple deleted the app due to its policy.

Can I search for someone on Seeking Arrangement?

You can’t look for a particular person there, but you can use the filters to narrow your search and find your perfect arrangement.

Can you have two Seeking Arrangement accounts?

I’d say technically it’s possible if you have two emails, but each account requires Facebook and other social media links to be verified. So most probably you can have only one verified account.

Can Seeking Arrangement delete my account?

It can’t suddenly delete your account, but you can get blocked or reported for violation of the policy and behavior.

How do I delete my Seeking Arrangement account?

It’s simple. Open the Settings in your account, scroll down and click “deactivate or delete an account”. Follow the instructions: you can choose why you decided to delete your account. They will remind you that if you delete an account with a premium subscription, you won’t get a refund.

How to cancel a subscription?

Open the Payments section in the account settings list. Here you can find the Cancel Auto-Renew option. Pay attention: it’s only possible from the desktop version.

Is Seeking Arrangement for serious relationships?

Yes, people here are looking for a long-term contract, so to say. It’s not a hookup website, it’s a business plus pleasure sort of thing.

Can you look up people on Seeking Arrangement?

You can’t find a person by his or her name or even nickname. It’s not possible to trace a person here unless you are a member and want to go through a lot of scrolling. Same as with, say, Tinder, you can only accidentally run into someone’s account.

To sum up

If you are not ready for a real “business” approach to the relationships, Seeking Arrangement may not be the best choice. This is the website for people ready to negotiate the conditions of dating and follow the rules as they were established. If you are into more of a free and laidback relationship right now, then Pure is your choice.

People you see on Pure are online right now

Our users are making it clear: they want to hookup within one hour.

Unlike most sex websites, we do not have awkward questionnaires. The service works as a local sex app based on your location: the first thing you need to get a match is your registration.

After your sign-up, you will see lots of people in your district with the distance between you shown. To try your fate, you can like, dislike or super like other members to come together.

The last step is a flirty conversation, which starts if your chemistry is mutual.

Download Pure from Google Play or App Store and get 3 days free trial!

James Miller
Born in Los Angeles, graduated from a college as a journalist, and spent several years as a freelancer writing about cultural events. From 2017, James writes about love and relationships and explores dating services.

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