Best place to get laid in Seattle: Seattle hookup guide


In Seattle, you can enjoy the local natural beauty while shipping, walking in the parks, or hiking in the mountains. Or you can enjoy the natural beauty of local hot girls that live and have fun in this beautiful city. In this dating guide, you will find out where to hang out for the best chances of getting laid in Seattle.

The city is located on the North West in the State of Washington. Around 4 million people live here today, and the population is growing at a 3% rate every year. Every year, the amount of Seattle hookup spots grows as well, so you will have more and more chances for the fast hookup.

The best chance to meet hot women is hanging out in the right places at night. Girls of Seattle look stunning, though conquering them might be difficult in comparison to other cities. The thing is that they are worth trying.

To spend a great vacation in Seattle, you will need a daily entertaining budget from $50 and $30 per day for accommodation.

What kind of women live in Seattle

First of all, there is a large part of newcomers in the population of Seattle. This city is a great place to find a highly paid job. According to internal migration statistics data, Seattle is in the top 10 cities of the USA where people from the outback are dreaming of moving to.

Therefore, women of Seattle work hard and know what they want. Any hot lady dancing over the bar in a short dress can make hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in a corporation from the big tech.

Careers of Seattle girls are also based on top-level education: here, women are the most educated in the entire USA. Over 90% have a high school degree or higher level of education, which is 10% more than average around the country. There are dozens of great universities and colleges in Seattle.

The range of cultural and ethnic diversity among women of Seattle is wide. Around 60% of the female population has a white origin; others include African-American, Mexican, Asian, and Middle Eastern women. Ladies is Seattle like to feel respected from men’s side, so honoring the cultural diversity gives you more chances to meet a girl and get to know her closer.

If you are planning to pick up girls for sex, Seattle might be one of the best places

If you are planning to pick up girls for sex, Seattle might be one of the best cities ever. Women look gorgeous here: they often have a healthy lifestyle and like treating themselves with nice outfits and pleasant skincare procedures in SPAs.

Women behave friendly in the city, especially if you need help and ask for it charmingly

Picking up in Seattle

Most women in Seattle are confident and kind, so usually there is no problem to pick up someone and start the conversation. You can easily interact with local girls both in the street in the middle of a workday and Seattle hookup bars after midnight. What you might have trouble with, is impressing ladies and making them want to continue your acquaintanceship.

Lifehacks for picking up during the day

Seattle is a beautiful city, and all seasons are exciting. Locals like to walk, enjoying the views of the neighborhoods, and have lunch at the open terraces.

There several places, which women of Seattle usually visit during the day. There, you can catch them in the middle of working hours, concentrated on business and intellectual tasks. It is your chance to impress a lady with your high-confident smart small talk and get the phone number or social media contact to set the appointment for later.

You can discuss general topics, make funny jokes about the weather, or look lost as a tourist to break the ice of conversation. Keep in mind that most Seattle women have strong beliefs about all cultural and political life sides, so insisting on your ideas might lead to an argument instead of an easy-going discussion.

Shopping malls gives great opportunity for hook up in Seattle

Where to meet women during the day

During the winter, there are no places like shopping malls to hook up in Seattle. Women hang out there, chatting with colleagues with morning latte, and make shopping tours at lunch. These are the most popular among Seattle girls: Westfield Southcenter, Northgate Mall, Bellevue Square, and lots of shops in the center of Seattle.

There are several touristic shopping areas like Pike Place Market, where you can find the first Starbucks and the market itself. To meet girls that are tourists in Seattle, choose the Space Needle. It might be the most visited touristic location in the city.

Where to meet women at night

If you prefer to meet new people at night, you must visit one of the places where men and women of Seattle hang out after dusk. There are several bars and restaurants, most popular among locals and tourists, where you can find a start for a romantic adventure or casual sex.

To meet the hottest girls in Seattle, visit the following places where single ladies like to spend time with their single girlfriends or even on their own.

The best places to pick up girls at night

The main problem of nightlife in Seattle is timing: bars and nightclubs are allowed to work until 2 in the morning. So if you want to catch everything you have to start earlier. It is better to be on position by 10 pm, so you can be the first one to pick up the most amazing women.

Lava Lounge in Seattle is a good choise for dating

To start from a bar, you can try dropping into the bars: “Amber,” “The Triple Door,” or “The Crocodile.” And then head straight to the nightclubs:

  • Lava Lounge
  • Aston Manor
  • Neighbors
  • Baltic Room
  • Q Nightclub
  • Trinity Nightclub
  • Monkey Loft
  • Foundation Nightclub
  • LoFi

The good news is that closing at 2 o’clock gives you a perfect reason to invite a hot girl to your apartment or hotel room. Since the night is young and you both still want to party, continuing this party elsewhere is a great idea. And a great chance to get closer.

Meeting older ladies in Seattle

What is common for diverse people of Seattle is a feeling of complete freedom about everything. Women are free to choose gender, age, and even amount of lovers, so if you are into older ladies, it is not hard to find them in the city.

To say more, Seattle women sometimes look for casual sex with single tourists and even take the initiative in hook up. Some of these women are married and bored, looking for romance and sexual adventures, others are divorced or single business ladies that want to have sexual pleasure as easy as possible.

The best chances to meet mature women in Seattle are dating apps. Using one or several at once, there is no problem to set the date even for tonight

Romance lifehacks

In Seattle, you can find romantic relationships that can grow into something bigger. As well, you can get laid in Seattle — and do it tonight if you follow the right strategy. If you are planning to visit the city, you can meet someone online via a dating app and set the live meeting in advance. It is the most effective way of hookup nowadays.

Hacks of romance in Seattle

What you should know for sure, is that Seattle women want to share a great night with great company. There are lots of women from different states that came here to work or study and keep feeling lonely with no friends and family around. Entertain such woman, make her laugh and relax — and she will gladly continue the acquaintanceship.

Bar in Bathtub Gin & Co.

If you want to create a romantic atmosphere, take your lady to one of the following restaurants where you can have a couple of glasses of wine, listen to music or even dance in the muffled light:

  • Canon
  • Bathtub Gin & Co.
  • Rumba
  • Mox Boarding House
  • Café Presse
  • Tulio
  • Palisade Restaurant
  • Serafina
  • The Pink Door

You can also create a romantic atmosphere in one of the beautiful parks of Seattle, taking with you a comfortable underlay and everything else for the picnic (including champagne). Especially during the spring bloom or starred summer night:

  • Lake Union Park
  • Green Lake Park
  • Gas Works Park
  • Discovery Park
  • Myrtle Edwards Park
  • Seward Park
One of the best touristic locations in Seattle

The best touristic location of Seattle with a romantic perfect city view is Space Needle. The observation deck is famous and popular so that you won’t stay alone there, but the view is worth it.

Online romance lifehacks

In Seattle, people started to spend online even more time than offline. This global trend is true for dating and romance, as well. If you want to find someone for the date — go to the dating site or download the app to your smartphone. These sites are the most popular among women of Seattle:

  • International Cupid — well-known all over the world, here you can meet foreign ladies;
  • Tinder — an app that is based on matching (till you and your partner match in “liking” each other you cannot chat);
  • Bumble — an app that gives the whole initiative to women since only female users can start the chat;
  • Happn — most popular app among the locals since it shows you the users you have crossed paths within the city.

Other online dating resources

Here are several more dating sites where you can test your luck and try to find a woman to meet tonight. If you are not that lucky, you might have to wait till Saturday.

Pure is for both casual sex and long-term relationships


Pure is a free online dating resource where you can find both casual sex and long-term relationships. There is a wide variety of users hanging out at this site and app, so you most likely will find there someone at least to chat with.

ES is a special resource for the people that have no time for dating

Elite Singles

This is a special resource focused on the hard-working people that have no time for dating. They can share this workaholic interest and have fun in seldom free moments.

This site is for mature meetings in Seattle

Our Time

The specific resource for mature meetings: focused on people aged 50+. If you are one of them and want to catch up with someone of your age, this is the best place to start your search.

BPM is focused on single African-American


Around 10% of Seattle’s population is black people. And this resource is focused on single African-American men and women to meet online.

AFF is focused on sex seeking

Adult Friend Finder

This resource is focused on sex seeking. There are no games, and no one pretends to be chaste: all users register there to have sex once or several times.

Applications for dating

The best and the fastest online dating resources are apps. It is simple and easy to use them any spare second you have: in the subway, in the queue, or waiting for the colleagues to gather for the meeting.

On Zoosk, you can look for casual sex or relationship


This app is connected to public social media accounts, with about 40 million users inside. There you can look for casual sex or relationship since the audience is very diverse.

Bars for singles

Returning to offline meetings, there are some more places where you can focus on picking up. They are famous for the single visitors of both genders, so it is a great idea to check on them starting your hookup search.

Beveridge Place Pub

Fantastic place for the beer lovers: they have around 200 kinds of beer on the menu. There, you can make a degustation or join one of the fun events like brewers’ nights or Oktoberfest.

Bottlehouse is a perfect place to start a conversation with a single


Another great beer place where you can also try homemade pickles and specific cheeses. Tasting is a perfect topic to start a conversation with a single hot lady.


With 3,500+ of spirit items, Canon is a perfect place to taste real American fun. The alcohol collection is amazing, and this bar often gets the critics’ awards for the quality of drinks.

Bar Ferdinand

If you are a wine lover and want to share this passion with a future hookup, try Ferdinand. They search for rare specific wines from the smallest wineries around the world, and you can take a sip to try other countries’ tastes.

The magic-like bar Unicorn & Narwhal

Unicorn & Narwhal

The magic-like bar where you can almost see the shadow of the unicorn around the corner. Karaoke, game night, and cabaret parties in this place get the right vibe to start a magic moment with a stranger.

Linda’s Tavern

If you are into Twin Peaks and northern nature, you will love this place. The topic to start a conversation appears from the atmosphere of the Tavern.


Another place with a wide range of spirits and good sushi. You can start from the happy hours at 4 pm — 7 pm and then hang out until closing at 2 am.

If you like something faster

Speed dating is a bit old-fashioned way of a meeting, but you still can find some places of this kind in Seattle. For example, Pre-Dating company organizes s SD event every week so you can join men and women of your age that want to talk to a stranger for several minutes and then continue the night elsewhere together.

Nights in Seattle: video guide

Especially for singles: events

Some services organize leisure of any kind for single people only. You can go rafting or hiking together in a group of singles though it will not be an official date. So you will all feel relaxed and joyful, doing something you like, no matter if the romance appears or not. For example, Events & Adventures company makes such events.

Especially for singles: clubs

Yes, there are also special clubs for singles in Seattle. You can come to a party for dancing, drinking, and chatting with other members as in the regular club. Although here you can be sure that people are not married and want to try something romantic.

Online chat rooms for Seattle citizens

Back to online meetings, there are several chatting services where you can find room specifically for Seattle citizens. Among these services there are:


I am:

Looking for:

My email:

Pure is for real meetings, not endless chats online

Pure users have only an hour to chat before their profiles disappear. In one hour, you send a casual sex request to potential matches near your location, discuss your desires, and share contact detail to set up an offline date. If you want to repeat the search and find other matches, you have to create a new profile. No worries, it takes a minute.

Download Pure from Google Play or App Store and get 3 days free trial!

Personal ads

On some of the previous services, you can publish personal ads and meet new people this way. It is not the most modern way to use online resources, but if you want something classy here they are:


Good deeds for singles

Since romance appears when you share your interests with someone, you can try to find hookups in one of the charity organizations. There are many volunteer organizations in Seattle; people here like to share what they have. Make new friends and good deeds so that it can lead to a strong romantic feeling.

Networking and global problems

If you are worried about global processes that the world is now facing, you can find like-minded people in Impact Hub Seattle. People working there are professionals at big tech, social directions, and networking. Therefore, they are smart and communicative — what else can you wish to start a small talk with a beautiful woman.

Seattle art galleries is a great place to meet singles

Art and wine

The art side of Seattle’s cultural life is focused on Gasworks Gallery. Especially parties and creative events. Share your ideas about modern art over a glass of wine and see where it will lead to.

Webcam girls

If you are serious about the wish to find a naked woman right now, live webcams are the best way to quench your thirst. Thousands of stunning webcam girls are waiting at special online platforms to chat, strip, and have virtual sex 24/7.

Women of Seattle like men who have overcome difficulties

What men conquer Seattle women

Women of Seattle like men who have overcome difficulties and themselves. Heroes and hard-workers are the most loved here. Since a big part of Seattle’s citizens lives their lives in this way — it might be called a city vibe. Intelligent, charming, and sarcastic men have the best chances to gain leniency of noble ladies.

What are the risks

There is a reverse side of the coin: Seattle girls are crazy about taking as much power as they can. They always want to have the best and struggle for this level. You may find an elite prostitute that pretends to be a posh woman and then charges you for the service. Or you can pick up an authoritarian businesswoman that will need to control everything you do.

The shortest road to sex

There is the best way of getting laid in Seattle, even two of them. Single’s bars are saving inventions of mankind: find the nearest one and treat several women with a nice drink. And online dating services can help you with hookups — you will not even have to get outdoors before setting the date.

Most women in Seattle are young and look amazing

Seattle sugar babies

Although looking for a Sugar Daddy is something new for the city, there are lots of women looking for this kind of relationship. Most women are young and look amazing. You can meet them online, for example, at the SecretBenefits platform. Be ready for big expenses since Seattle is quite an expensive city.

How much does it cost to live in Seattle

In comparison to the USA cities, Seattle is expensive. People work for international corporations, earn a lot, and make prices grow higher.

If you are traveling to Seattle as a tourist, be ready to spend from $50 to $350 per day for entertaining and not less than $50 for daily accommodation besides. And if you are planning to impress local women, start counting from $250 per day for a nice hotel room.

Beer in Seattle costs $2 – $4 in a shop and $4 – $10 in a restaurant. Eating in the restaurant starts from $10 for breakfast and $50 for dinner.

Hotel prices

If you are lucky, you can book an apartment at Airbnb for $30 per night. If your luck is not that generous, it will cost an average $60 price. Hotels *** start from $150 per night and ***** from $300 per night.

King Street Station and the Seattle skyline

Arriving at Seattle

There are several ways how you can come to the city:

  • Plane — Seattle-Tacoma Airport maintains international and domestic flights;
  • Bus — there are Express Bus Service and the Seattle Trolleybus System operators that serve this type of connection;
  • Car — the roads around the city are spectacular so it might be the best way to travel if you have time;
  • Train — Link Light Rail System, the Sounder Commuter Rail Service, and Metro are operation on the railways of Seattle.

Narco Seattle

It is to find and buy any drugs in Seattle, though using them is illegal. Getting caught with even a small amount may lead to imprisonment.

Dangerous Seattle

You can find lots of homeless people in the downtown areas of Seattle: they are more scary-looking than dangerous. Very few of them can do damage, but it’s better to avoid a long walk along the downtown streets at night.

Drug dealers seem to be more dangerous, you can find them in the areas of Waterfront, Belltown, Pine, Pike Streets and around Pioneer Square. These places are not recommended for walking at any time, such as Aurora Avenue, Lake City Way, SoDo, and the International District.

Seattle is a beautiful city with good dating opportunities


Where can I pick up girls in Seattle?

The best places for meeting Seattle women are the following bars and nightclubs:

  • LoFi
  • Monkey Loft
  • Trinity Nightclub
  • Q Nightclub
  • Baltic Room
  • Club Contour
  • The Triple Door
  • Amber at 2214
  • Lava Lounge

Where do singles meet in Seattle?

Try one of these resources and locations:

  • Dating sites and apps;
  • Bars;
  • Speed dating;
  • Singles’ Events;
  • Nightclubs;
  • Online chat rooms;
  • Personal ads;
  • Volunteer organizations;
  • Networking hub;
  • Art Events.

Does Seattle have good nightlife?

Seattle is a big and wealthy city, where locals and tourists love hanging out and having fun. Therefore, Seattle nightlife is stunning and variable as in any other big American city. The only minus is the rule of closing at 2 am.

Where can I find Cougars in Seattle?

Try one of the following locations — Cougars often visit these popular bars and restaurants:

  • Tavern Law
  • Bathtub Gin & Co
  • Sol Liquor Lounge
  • Marco Polo Bar & Grill
  • Cha Cha Lounge
  • Rob Roy
  • Suite Restaurant Lounge
  • Vito’s
  • Magnolia Village Pub
  • JOEY Bellevue
  • Darrell’s Tavern
  • Beveridge Place Pub
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