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We the people tend to share more and more information about ourselves these days. You like it or not — let’s face things, very often we do not even realize how wide is the access we grant to our data. Pics, likes, texting, geodata… When it comes to gay dates, many guys may get extremely sensitive about the issue.

Some of us have jobs dealing with publicity. Some have wives and children. Others just live in areas where staying closeted is simply safer! That’s why nowadays a good website/app designed specifically for discreet gay hookups is so crucial for thousands of guys.

A discreet gay hookup: more simple with Pure

Unlike most hookup and escort sites, Pure app were created exclusively for that — to help you find your ideal sex partner. As close as possible, with the highest probability of the real meeting as fast as possible. Pure does NOT pretend to be a social network (though you will find some elements of sex blogging if needed!) We focus on nothing but uniting real people for real relations of any kind — sex, love, friendship and more.

With Pure, a discreet gay hookup is becoming more simple and more smooth than ever before! No matter where you live, how old you are or what your race is. We have even saved you the bother of signing up and filling in these never-ending profile gaps which no one ever reads. Just upload your photo and you are ready for discreet encounters!

As long as you have already joined, nothing can distract you from connecting to the most suitable profiles, starting a conversation and arranging your encounter.

Pure: find your hookup adventure

I am:

Looking for:

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The structure of the Pure website is concise and the interface is intuitive with only two main sections: blog and finding the partners for a hookup. You can always make yourself more visible with a paid “King of the Hill” feature, as well as start the chat without waiting for mutual like.

Our smart matching algorithms guarantee for you the most meaningful matches across the most relevant — and constantly growing — user database. We have more than 100 thousand unique visitors per day.

Discreet gay hookups with the hottest singles are just one click away from you!

Safety for discreet gays

Even though you can explore what’s around even without signing up, registering does have sense. With Pure, only paid members can exchange unlimited messages and send private photos. By signing up, you get the opportunity to find exactly the guy you’ve been searching for, and yet what is supposed to be private, stays private. We never ask for social media links. Our providers use end-to-end encryption. What is the most important — unlike in other apps, in Pure, your profile and sex request only lasts for one hour! After that, all the chats and photos are automatically deleted.

Have you ever had problems with someone harassing you in Grindr, writing again and again with new accounts even after you block them? In Pure, you are technically out of reach for such users! No shareable link to profile (like, let’s say, in Hornet). No unique username. All the data is only kept for 60 minutes. Should you want to block someone faster than that — this option is always available, unlimited and for free.

By deleting everything as soon as 1 hour is over, not only we ensure greater security for your personal data, but it also gives a strong incentive for users to meet as soon as possible. If you are really searching for a discreet gay hookup, you’ll undoubtedly find it at Pure: an anonymous experience of a lifetime!

Download Pure, the best hookup site for discreet gay dating in the world!

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