Fuck date the right way: no-string relationship tips and places for finding friends with benefits


Going all the way in a relationship? Trying to love, understand, and support your partner? Falling in and out?

Fuck it. Literally.

If you feel like sex is all that excites you in a relationship and everything else is a burden, a friends-with-benefits option is always on the table. Mixing love and physical attraction is not always as rewarding as movies make it sound. Moreover, turning casual dating to a commitment can ruin the most beautiful and enjoyable experiences.

Instead, have a fuck date tonight. We’ll tell you how to get it.

Pros and cons of fuck dating

No drama, responsibility, or commitment — pure physical attraction. In an ideal world, that’s how friends-with-benefits dating should feel. Alas, the reality of grimmer, and no one is immune from developing a romantic attraction to the fuck buddy. No-strings dating, too, has challenges and complications. Having said that, it’s still pretty amazing. Here’s why:

Benefit #1. No second-guessing

It’s hard to not love fuck dating just because of how direct it is. You are a priori on the same page, you’re open-minded, calm about the partner seeing other people, and free. There’s no ‘Should I call first’ drama, no pressure, no beating around the bush to know if the partner sees you as more than a friend. It’s pure bliss, and it’s beautiful.

Benefit #2. The field is always open

When you’re dating, there’s no way to stay on the lookout for someone who resonates with you better than the current partner. There’s a risk of missing out on the one who knows you better, is hotter, makes more, etc.

FWB lifestyle is liberating this way — there’s no need to give up on life’s simple pleasures as you monitor the scene for someone better to show up. If being crispy hot is the only thing you like about a person you just met, why not keep her as a friend with benefits?

Benefit #3. It’s safer than randomly hooking up at a bar

The best strategy to unwind sexually is knowing you want it and be intelligent about getting it. Hooking up at a bar is adventurous and all — but is it really worth the risk of STDs? You get to be a ton pickier with a fuck buddy — in fact, the partner would probably not mind if both of you had a checkup and screwed each other with a cleaner conscience.

Benefit #4. You can get to something deeper if you want

The blessing and the curse of no-strings dating are rooted deeply in anatomy. The reason we see stars during sex is that our brains are busy releasing dopamine during the intercourse. It produces massive amounts of oxytocin as well — known otherwise as the bonding hormone. Chances are, both you and your partner will be affected by it. Eventually, you will grow closer together and have a window to start a leveled committed relationship.

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Cons of fuck dating

It’s not all roses, and benefits, and cut strings. Unfortunately, being a fuck buddy with someone has risks and challenges — it’s better to know about them before you start meddling in friendships with benefits.

Con #1. Fuck buddy-ing a friend is dangerous

Who hasn’t considered casually screwing a friend just to get that hormone high? The reality behind getting it on with a friend is that your daytime conversations become increasingly more awkward. You will find yourself fighting long pauses, second-guessing every joke, and trying not to hurt the partner’s feelings.

Friendship and casual dating is an either-or choice. It’s up to you to roll the dice

Con #2. There’s a risk of being ditched

You agreed to a no-commitment policy. Like it or not, it means there’s little-to-no space for being controlling and possessive. On the contrary, the beauty of FWB is its openness. As soon as you embrace ‘enjoying the moment’ state of mind, you’ll feel summertime, and the living will be easy. However, it’s hard, at times, to know you’re nothing but a temporary phase in each other’s lives.

Con #3. People go into fuck dating expecting something else

Miscommunications and false hopes are a thing in fuck dating. Could it be that your partner is looking for something other than a no-strings relationship? Could it be that you are? It takes brutal honesty and confidence to make sure casual sex is not turning to attachment, hopes, promises unfulfilled, and subsequent misery. Make sure you’re mature enough to recognize when sex takes the toll for love.

Fuck dating tips — here’s how you fuck buddy

Most friends-with-benefits attempts fail miserably — all because romance novels and Hollywood don’t do them justice. Here’s a common movie scenario — your fuck buddy eventually becomes the closest person you have — after you both know it, you’re each other’s One True Love.

The reality is worlds away. Sex with no strings takes a cold head and a leveled approach. To get it right, following the tips below:

1. Be discreet

Make your expectations clear — and make sure you and your partner are on the same page. Settle all the questions that will eventually come up — whose place will you spend the night, is it alright for both of you to see other people, is there a hook-up schedule or is it a once-in-a-blue-moon affair, are you friends by day, and so on. Your relationship will be way more complication-free if you start it the right way — with clarity.

2. Some people are just not the choice

In casual sex, little is off-limits. You can screw someone you wouldn’t even talk to by day. Nevertheless, some friendships with benefits have higher odds of falling out. Here are a few deadly casual sex combos you should steer clear of:

  • Friends;
  • Neighbors;
  • Colleagues;
  • Best friend’s relatives.

3. Check up on yourself

When you’re entering a lawless terrain of casual sex, self-imposed rules are the only ways to not stray off the right path. Experienced fuck-buddy couples usually stick to the following principles:

  • Keep it private. There’s no need to admit to the world you got a fuck buddy — else, you’ll find everybody forcing you to date;
  • Take your time. Don’t turn casual sex into a repeated activity — keep the timing down to once in two weeks;
  • Stop when you feel like falling in love. You don’t want to cross the line between pure physical attraction and feelings. Also, keep in mind that your partner might not be up for dating either.
  • Cut to the chase. Don’t be overly romantic and treat fuck dating for what it is — effortless fun.

4. Choose the right place to look for a date

Looking for a hookup partner in real life is awkward as it’s hard to find someone who wants to keep it casual for sure. To avoid miscommunications, go online to satisfy booty calls. Choosing the right dating platform is an art in its own right. To help you out, here are some of the worthwhile alternatives:

There are dozens of other places you can explore — to us, the ones listed above stick out the most.

Pure: take fuck dating to the next level

If you want an online one-night-stand wingman, no platform is more dedicated to finding the right partner for you and keeping the hookup safe than Pure. Creating the platform, we wanted to make sure it is the epitome of freedom and enjoyment all casual daters long for. Here’s why Pure is your app for ultimate sexual satisfaction.

Diverse audience

Pure is a findafuck platform where over 200 000 people come every day to vent sexually. Here, you will find a sexting partner that satisfies your wildest dreams and is there to explore all facets of sexuality — straight and gay users, transgenders, cougars, older, and younger daters, and so on.

I am:

Looking for:

My email:

Elaborate matching algorithms

At Pure, we want to ensure there are no obstacles for your physical attraction. Meeting with a partner has never been easier — on Pure, you can use location-based matches to find a hookup nearby. Also, there are filters that choose matches with similar sexual preferences for you.

Liking the profile of a dream match is all it takes to spark a fiery conversation and enjoy an exciting night together.

Bulletproof security

On a hookup website, all that happens should stay between the couple — that’s what we believe for Pure. That’s why we implemented an algorithm that deletes all profiles one hour after signing up. There are no records and logs — you will have peace of mind knowing the world will never know about your dynamic dating life.

Easy-to-use interface

Dating is confusing enough on its own — getting lost on a website would just add to the pile. That’s why we made Pure a breeze to use — there aren’t too many buttons and menus, the interface has an Instagram-meets-Tinder vibe. When you open the website, it immediately feels familiar — there’s no learning curve or confusion.

Bottom Line

Fuck dates are fun and game unless you are serious about them. Lighthearted playfulness is a secret ingredient to an enjoyable one-night stand. That, and knowing where to look for a hookup.

At the age of the Internet, casual sex is faster to set up and safer than ever. If you choose a reliable platform like Pure, finding a fuckdate for the night is a walk in the park. It takes about a minute to set up an account on the platform- there’s no point putting it off. Join Pure and get to explore all the facets of friendship with benefits for yourself — you will not be disappointed.

Download Pure from Google Play or App Store and get 3 days free trial!

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Born in Los Angeles, graduated from a college as a journalist, and spent several years as a freelancer writing about cultural events. From 2017, James writes about love and relationships and explores dating services.

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