What Is Chemsex: everything you need to know about Chemsex


Chemsex is a combination of sex play and any drugs or alcohol to get loose and go beyond typical pleasure. It is also known as “Party and Play,” and it was created inside of a gay community.

Straight people were using alcohol and drugs for sexual interactions for forever, and yet this is not considered as chemsex. That is mostly because of the difference between heterosexual and homosexual cultural factors in the world where homosexualism, according to social standards and religious beliefs, is not welcomed. It is hard on mental health for the LGBTQ+ community daily, which makes chemsex party one of their ways to escape.

Since the sexual revolution back in the 1960s’ the whole LGBTQ+ community raised and faced the world and being open about who they are. The world didn’t welcome the community well, right about the time when sex and drugs became entangled.

Although the term “chemsex” is on everybody’s ears since the recent 2015, when the documentary movie with the same title came out in the United Kingdom, the story of chemsex goes back to the ‘90s. The movie was based on a real story and showed the underground parties, gays engaging in chemsex in London, which is how it all started.

Chemsex parties that happened at the beginning of the phenomenon and nowadays usually include drugs like crystal meth, MDMA, and or GBL, also fewer condoms and more than one sexual partner. These sexual interactions can go for days.

Chemsex party: what they use, and how they do it

We all used to imagine rave parties that are crowded and loud, when in fact, a lot of chemsex parties are happening in the apartments behind the closed doors. The host of the party could be anyone, even a drug dealer — that makes it easier to sell drugs.

“Imagine watching a nice movie at home with your boyfriend, then loads of people come round to take drugs and have sex. You take drugs, you sell drugs and people are making a mess. You try to go to the toilet and people are having sex in it. You go to your room and there are people there, too. It can be stressful. Some dealers don’t mind because they know that as long as the party is going on in their flat they can be selling all the drugs” (from


Back in the day, the gay community in London used the word “chems” for drugs like methamphetamine and GBL to communicate through the phone with deales and later on through gay dating sites.

These drugs were different from cocaine, weed, or speed that were the most common drugs to use in gay clubs or elsewhere. Once you were upgraded with methamphetamine, you were automatically surrounded by a group of people. It was like a club by interests, where meth and sex were the only interests.

Every drug you may know serves different purposes. Even weed can be served for any mood. Alcohol can get you started to become more relaxed and communicative. All of it can be used as chemsex drugs or drugs that can help you release yourself and inner fantasies.


Ecstasy is a popular drug within any party. It helps to get everything around you in brighter and happier colors than you usually see. Although, that might not be the first drug of choice as it makes you more sensitive and emotional than numb.


Moving to heavier drugs in chemsex culture, methamphetamine, for instance, has a different meaning of “high.” When ecstasy makes you feel more vulnerable and emotionally connected with others, methamphetamine helps you to leave everything behind, your fears, your emotions, and trigger memories.

Meth also helps to erase your mental line from appropriate to inappropriate, and as a result, escaping loneliness.

“It’s people looking for something, looking for love maybe. Foreigners come to London with this ideal. They will sleep with lots of men, live to the max, take lots of drugs and enjoy the freedom of being gay in London. Parties are important because often the only person they speak to in the week is someone on a Sainsbury’s checkout. Even though it’s very multicultural and full of people, London is the loneliest city in world. The chemsex scene is the product of this.” As one dealer, Jay, told her: “People are looking for affection and trying to fill up the empty space they have inside” (from


Together with meth, the market was filled with mephedrone — it was used all around. Mephedrone leads to sexual pleasure and desire, so it became number one within chemsex drugs.

It is also becoming popular throughout the conversations on gay dating apps. There are no particular chemsex apps, but there is no guarantee that there are no drug dealers who are using online platforms to sell any drugs or to organize parties in their apartments to sell even more.

Since all the parties tend to come to an end, chemsex parties are no exception.

The people who were at the beginning of the chemsex culture know how it is to live as a gay man in today’s world. Sometimes drugs seem to be the only healthy and empowering choice to feel free. When in reality, it could end in the worst way possible.

A lot of chemsex party pioneers have now turned their lives around to help people, the gay community, in particular, to deal with and avoid drug addiction as well as assisting HIV positive members of the LGBTQ+ community in staying healthy and aware. The purpose is to lead others to a better gay life and to avoid all the loneliness and traumatic experience.


What is chemsex?

Chemsex is a sex party or gathering with drugs like methamphetamine, MDMA, GBL, etc. and multiple sexual partners. The phenomenon appeared in the ‘90s in London within the gay community.

Is chemsex legal?

Usage of any drug such as methamphetamine, MDMA, GBL, and others are illegal worldwide.

What is Gina drugs?

GHB and GBL are also known as GBH, Grievous bodily harm, Gina, G, or liquid ecstasy. GHB (Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate) and GBL (Gamma Butyrolactone) are chems used in dance clubs or during sex. They’re depressant drugs, which means they slow your body and its functions down. Also, the drug is famous for making people horny and the desire to loosen up.

Why is a crystal called Tina?

Tina is short for Christina, as in “crystal methamphetamine.” The nickname appeared back in the ‘90s. Depending on the experience of different people, Tina is either the greatest sexual elixir gay man has ever known or the fuel that threatens and leads to the AIDS epidemic.

What are the percussions if I was involved in chemsex?

First, sober up and make your way to the health center to take the HIV test if you had unprotected sex with one or multiple partners. Drug usage can cost you an addiction, so it is best to seek professional help.

Where can I get professional help?

If you or anyone you know is struggling with chems usage and sex, it is okay to ask for help. In case you are ready to quit or want a break and change your life, you can contact FridayMonday and ChemsexSupport.

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