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Chatspin is a communication platform: the system randomly finds a user that is online at the moment and connects you for the video conversation.

You and your virtual match may be located in different countries and chat from any place since the service is available from desktop and mobile app. The platform admins report about more than 1,000,000,000 connections between members since the service started in 2015.

According to the Alexa traffic counter, Chatspin is one of the fastest-growing random-matching video-chatting services in the world: more than 1,000,000 users log in at least once a month.

On Chatspin, you can find someone and catch the romantic vibes together

We can’t call this platform a dating service since you can chat about anything with your random interlocutor. You may find someone and catch the romantic vibes together, but it’s more unlikely than likely on the platform.

The service offers various free filters and video features, which you can use to make your match search more specific and safe, but still, people come here for different purposes. Usually, it’s entertainment, not romance.

Chatspin audience

Chatspin gender rate is 50% male to 50% female since people come here to have fun. You can meet here a half-million users from the United States and a couple of times more users from all over the world. Users are active: you can count on 1,000+ members online every day from the USA and 2,000+ from other countries.

Typical Chatspin user

Auditory is young: most users are from 18 to 25 years old, so you more likely will meet here a student than an experienced businessman. They usually come to find new friends, hang out while waiting for some events, or feel the risk of talking to strangers. Sometimes you can meet people who post links to their profiles on other dating services, but it’s rather an exception than a rule.


It will take you a couple of minutes to register on the platform. You can choose between signup via email and social media. If you select the email registration, you will have to confirm it before chatting by clicking the link in a system letter.

Registration on Chatspin is easy

You can avoid sharing the email with the platform by using it as a mobile app. In this case, you cannot use the paid account, but all free options are available. The popup windows will remind you about the registration every time you log in to your app profile.

Do not forget about your camera

When registering, you can choose one of three gender options: whether you are a man, a woman, or a couple. When you start using the platform, you can set the search filter: whether you want to talk to a woman, a man, a couple, or everyone.


The principle of platform operation is simple: you set the search filters, and the system randomly finds and interlocutor for you. You can chat or not. You can “like” the user’s profile if you had a lovely talk. You can click “Next” and start chatting with another person or return to a previous chat.

Chats can proceed with video or texting only. To start a video chat with a random match, you have to allow access to your audio and video devices.

The principle of Chatspin operation is simple

For the text chatting, you don’t need to turn on any additional functions, type a message to the interlocutor, and wait for the answer. If you decide to chat without video, it will disable the video option on both sides: your match cannot share the stream with you as well.

To leave the system search, click on the “End Chat” button. To jump to the next user, click on the small arrow “Next” under the chatting area. To send a “Like,” click on the button shaped like a heart. It is located at the user’s profile description — and there you can also see the number of previously sent likes.

Account of Chatspin user


Since it is a random chat dating site and dating app, there are no profiles that you can visit on the site. When you get matched with another user, you are only able to see their location, age, and gender.

Pros of Chatspin: it is true

Pros of Chatspin

You cannot evaluate Chatspin as a dating service, but it still has several indisputable benefits that can help you match with someone in a romantic way:

  • You can try the platform for free;
  • You can try the service anonymously and create a personalized account later after you know that it’s a useful service;
  • You can experience video chatting with strangers for free and train your behavior in meeting people;
  • The searching filters allow to find people with specific characteristics;
  • The platform is simple and convenient; you will understand what to do from the first try;
  • The quality of video and audio streaming is high, so you can see the person clearly and catch the emotions;
  • You can find people from all over the world, dive into new cultures, or practice foreign languages.
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Pure is for real meetings, not endless chats online

Pure users have only an hour to chat before their profiles disappear. If you want to repeat the search and find other matches, you have to create a new profile. No worries, it takes a minute.

Mobile application

Using the Chatspin mobile app is convenient and simple, such as using the desktop version of the platform. If you want to chat with someone “on the way,” it is a great choice.

In the app, there are additional options in comparison to the desktop site, and we think the design is more modern. The app is available both for iOS and Android.

Some screenshots of Chatspin mobile application

Additional options of the mobile app are:

  • More filters — choose the interests of people who you want to be matched with;
  • Intro message — is an automatic message that appears in your chat with a new user after connection.

To stop chatting, shut the app down, and your conversation will be automatically finished.

Chatspin mobile app video review

Stories from real people

Everyone we know in real life, who uses Chatspin, tells us the same story: it was hard and uncomfortable to show face to a stranger at first. But filters and experience of pleasant chats helped to get rid of these unpleasant feelings. All abusive and scamming accounts are being reported and deleted from the system, so the platform is a great place to communicate with real people and even make friends!

Safety tips from Chatspin


Every element of the design is directed to attract young users. Even the fact that admins pay more attention and develop the app faster than the desktop version points to the trend of creating a young-people community.

At the desktop version, only 25% of the screen is set for the video window and text chat area. In the mobile app, you will see the interlocutor on the full screen.


You can purchase Chatspin Plus access to the platform. It’s a paid tariff that gives you several additional features while using the system.

There are three options of subscription, and the prices differ depending on the payment period:

$6.99 per week Paying weekly
$19.99 per month Paying monthly
$14.99 per month Paying for 6 months in advance

Thus, you can have a kind of trial period: pay 7 dollars for 1 week and test if you like the premium package. Payment is available in any currency; you can choose it at the checkout step.

If you are ready for…

The main difference between free and premium accounts is an option of additional filters: with the paid profile, you can set the location and gender search filter. Using Chatspin free, you will be able to chat only with the US citizens and your country citizens. Another important (but not so principle) thing is ad-free mode at Chatspin Plus.

To stop paying for the premium, change the subscription settings in the profile menu.

What’s the pricing summary?

We think it’s in the medium pricing segment. Other platforms might offer cheaper packages, but the quality of the connection is lower.

Interesting options

In comparison to another random-video-chatting platform, the service offers several interesting features that are not represented elsewhere.

Search filters by country

With a premium account, you can select the location where to search for interlocutors.

Search filters by gender

Also, with a premium account, you can select the gender of matching users.

Cute face masks

Face masks on Instagram that repeat the movement of the face are the hype of 2019 in all locations. Chatspin created several of those a while ago, and the users of the platform are successfully using them.

Masks on Chatspin are cute and lovely

You can “hide” your face with these masks. They are mostly cute and lovely, so it’s rather an element of involving in the talk than rejection.

Non-moderated chats

All the chats are moderated. To avoid abuse or scams, admins can join the conversation and evaluate it as safe or not. With a premium account, you can create a completely private chat, even the moderators can’t see it.

Analysis of Google Trends service for Chatspin

Search queries

Analysis of Google Trends service shows decreasing in “Chatspin” search queries in the USA for the last couple of years.

Total rating

Registration ★★★☆☆
Matching ★★★☆☆
Profiles ★☆☆☆☆
Mobile application ★★★★☆

What we think of Chatspin

In our team, we liked the platform: it’s simple and convenient. There, you can find nice people to chat with or even make international friends.

For the online dating service, it’s a total fail: this is not a dating service at all. Most users come to Chatspin to “kill time” while they are hanging out between college exams. Yes, the audience of the platform is young.

The mobile app is nice: you can easily use it “on-the-go” and chat with a good video streaming quality. Nevertheless, you will still find only young people with lots of free time, so keep in mind that if you are 30+, you might not meet your audience in the service.

Pure: stop chating, start dating!

I am:

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Pure, platform with no bots and fakes

In Pure, the algorithm will delete your account an hour after you start searching for a partner. If you match, you have another hour to talk in the chat — then it will also be automatically deleted. Unlike other online hookup sites, this service inaccessible and uninteresting for bots, fakes, and crooks. Pure users are alive personalities who do not hide their desires and want to find a partner in the next hour.

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Who owns Chatspin?

A company called SMV Co.

When was Chatspin launched?

In 2015.

Who can use Chatspin?

Any person aged over 18.

What’s the difference between Chatspin and Omegle?

The main difference is that Omegle doesn’t have a mobile app, so you can’t make video chats from the phone there.

How does Chatspin differ from Chatroulette?

On Chatroulette, you cannot switch between video or text chats. You can only use a video randomizer.

Can I use Chatspin without registering to become a member?

Yes, you can.

What membership packages does Chatspin have?

The premium package in one, the price of it differs depending on the payment period.

Is Chatspin Plus auto-renewed?

Yes, to stop charging payments, you need to cancel the subscription.

Do I have to become a premium member?

No, you can use it for free.

Does Chatspin offer refunds?

No, after you paid for the chosen period, you can only use the platform. The next payment will not be charged if you cancel the subscription.

How does Chatspin work?

The system randomly matches you with another user, and you start video or text chat with him or her.

Can I save my chats with other Chatspin members?

No, there is no such function.

How do I exit a conversation on Chatspin?

There is a button for ending chats.

Does the Chatspin mobile app offer different features from the desktop version?

Yes, there are interests search filters and an intro message in the app, unlike the web version.

Am I required to turn on my video camera to use Chatspin?

If you want to see the interlocutor, you have to turn on the camera. Otherwise, you can select the text chatting option.

I want to chat with users from a different country, can I do that on Chatspin?

If you are a free member, you can see users from the USA and your country (if it is different from the USA). With a premium account, you can select specific countries.

What security features does Chatspin offer?

Chats are moderated: if something goes wrong, the admin will be able to see it. But still, since any person can use the service, remember not to tell anyone your personal information, especially banking or private.

How do I report an abusive user?

There is a “flag” icon in the mobile app and the “x” button in the web version.

Still in doubt? On our special review, you will find even more communication platforms and sexting sites. In addition, we strongly recommend that you carefully review the constantly updated list of the best hook up apps.

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