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Chat Hour is not a regular dating platform. The website builds as a chat room that you can access without registration to talk to the people who have the same interests as you. Any registered member can create a chat room.

There are hundreds of topics to choose from and begin your communication. You can see the gender and location of people in the chat, and later on, move to a more private conversation. Once you are at the platform, you can use any feature without a subscription upgrade because the website is free.

The first page of Chat Hour web version

Since the format is unusual, we put together a close review to properly introduce Chat Hour to your attention to go through the basics of the website.

Signing up process is easy

How to sign up

The signing up process is easy, straightforward, and will take up to two minutes. No need to register using any social media or other applications. The valid email address is more than enough.

We suggest to use an active email address as once you type it in, you will receive verification code or the activation link to make your profile active.

Yet you are more than welcome to join the website without registration but as a guest. In that case, you will have access to the limited number of chat rooms.

Users upload on Chat Hour one or few photos

Chat Hour profile

After you have verified and activated your profile, you will have 4 tabs to fill in information about yourself. The first section is typical, like everywhere else that includes basic information.

You will be asked about your sexual orientation, location, current relationship status, and what are you looking for at the platform. All that plus ethnicity, webcam, and for how long are you planning to use Chat Hour.

The second part contains details like name, phone number, and username to a bunch of other platforms together with the best way to contact you.

A lot of options in users profiles on Chat Hour

After this, you will get to the page where you can leave a short description of you. The last window that will pop up will get you to fill in your physical appearance, hobbies, and achievements.

You can upload as many photos as you want. The only condition is that they have to pass through all the requirements. Any photo you add to your profile could be accessible either to everyone or just for the registered members. You can choose the option for that on your own.

You can leave it with “No answer”

Whatever information you filled in, you can edit it at any time. The more detailed your profile, the more you are visible at the website in the chat rooms. Your basic information will be shown to everyone, yet your personal one is up to you to share or keep it only for the close circle of users.

How to make the first contact at Chat Hour

Even though the platform seems to look like a normal chat website, you can find a few different ways to contact members. If you are a non-member to the Chat Hour, the private messaging is closed for you. You can access this best sexting site and some of the chat rooms as a guest but that’s about it.

How to create a chat room on Chat Hour site

To move on and be able to send out private messages, and to join any other chat room you want, you would need to be a registered user. After you create an account on the website, all the features are free.

With an active account, you can not only become a part of any chat group and message other users but also can create your chat room with any topic you want.

Besides, you can use the advanced search as a registered member. You can use filters like location, gender, age, and usernames to find members directly and message them or invite to your chat room. You can send up to five friend requests every day and add them to your Favorite list.

You can search members of Chat Hour easy

The main feature at Chat Hour

The Chat Hour websites created a community for thousands of people where, after the registration, you can access all the features for free.

You also can find hundreds of chat rooms that are divided by all possible topics like love, hobbies, sex, career, religion, and more. After you are a registered member of the platform, you become a part of all group chats or even create your own.

Think of a name for your chat room, put down a short description of what this group is about, and it is up to you to make it public or private if you want to keep things closed from the strangers’ eyes. Hit “Create a new chat room,” and you are all set.

Chat Hour app: better design than in the web version

Mobile app

Mobile application for the Chat Hour is available for both iOS and Android. It is free to download and install on your mobile device to get access to Chat Hour whenever you are.

Though the mobile application is quite different from the web version. While the chat rooms are the most popular feature on the web platform, the mobile app was designed to send and receive instant private messages. You will also have the option to view the photos of the users, which makes it easier to find and contact new members. And let’s be honest, the mobile version is way much easier design-wise and than the web version.

Most popular rooms of Chat Hour users

Real-life review

The other day I had a dull weekend, so I began to look for a way to make my boredom disappears. I wasn’t interested in going out on a date on anything in particular, so I started my search focusing on the websites and platforms where I could randomly pick the stranger and have a chat.

My search stopped once I wandered to this site where I could enter the chat rooms and find myself a stranger to talk to. The account signing up was easy, like never before. All I had to do was to enter my details and fill in a valid email address for further verification. There was also an option to skip the sign-in process and be a random guest, but that would leave me out of most of the groups.

Once I got to the chat rooms, I found myself within a lot of different chat rooms to choose from. Besides joining any chat group, as a registered member, you can also create one and invite people to join it and have group discussions on any topic you want.

What about inviting friends?

Eventually, my choice stopped on the movie lovers’ chat room, as watching movies is one of my hobbies. After joining the room, I figured out that the group was empty and wasn’t active at all. I came up with the decision to join any chat rooms that has a lot of active members.

Unfortunately, everyone else had conversations going, so it was difficult to fit in into any communication between existing users or follow it in general. I was glad to find out that you can search for other users and talk to them one on one.

My search was focused on female users aged between 25-30 years old (there was no intention to meet cougars), even though I could focus my search adding more details to the search engine. The search results gave me a bunch of gorgeous profiles of women, so I added them as friends and immediately sent out messages.

You are allowed to add up to 5 friends, and to my big disappointment, none of the women responded. The Chat Hour platform has an interesting concept, yet, I guess I just wasn’t lucky.

Chat Hour video: typical conversation

To sum up. Chat Hour review

The prototypes of websites like Chat Hour, where you meet strangers, were the only option back in a day, which is around ten years before the while online dating market grew around it. People all over the globe were using these chat rooms to connect with like-minded and make friends.

Since that time, the Chat Hour added a couple of additional features on more ways to connect with strangers. Now it is also possible to find new men and women through a search engine that will illuminate people depending on their preferences.

Anime, travel, music. When are local sex hookups?

Besides, now you don’t have to use only chat rooms as private messages are available too. Yet, with all the new features that were added, it seems that the secure part of the usage is not that satisfying. The website is free and open to everyone. That means that even a non-registered person can access some of the groups, which makes it not secure. Nowadays, users’ personal information cannot be taken for granted, and any user should feel free.

If you are also looking for another exciting dating platform, you should check out Pure. The platform is unique and was created to get in touch with people, chat, and to move offline form online as soon as possible.

Pure: try something better than chatting

I am:

Looking for:

My email:

Pure is for real meetings, not endless chats online

Pure users have only an hour to chat before their profiles disappear. In one hour, you send a casual sex request to potential matches near your location, discuss your desires, and share contact detail to set up an offline date. If you want to repeat the search and find other matches, you have to create a new profile. No worries, it takes a minute.


Can I register for free?

Yes, the Chat Hour is free. You can either become a registered member or join some of the chat rooms as a guest without any signing up process.

Is there an available mobile app?

Yes, there is a Chat Hour mobile app that is available for iOS and Android free to download. Although the mobile version is slightly different from the website. The application is focused more on the private messaging between users when the web platform is oriented for all of it, chat rooms, adding friends, and one on one messaging.

Is the site mobile-friendly?

Yes, you can access Chat Hour website from any mobile device.

Is the site accessible worldwide?

Yes. Chat Hour website and application are welcoming people around the world. You can access the platform to meet new people regardless of your current location.

How can I change my username?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change your username once you created an account at Chat Hour. If you want to change the username for your account, you would need to delete your current account and create a new one.

How can I change my email address?

To change your email address at Chat Hour, you need to go to the Menu, choose “Edit Profile,” and after you will see “Change Email Address” button.

How can I delete my profile photo?

If you want to delete your profile, you need to get to the “Profile” section. Then choose and click “Delete This Photo,” and confirm it with Ok.

Where can I receive the mails that other members send me?

To check the received email, you can access the email address that you fill in while register, and find them there.

What are the requirements of the photo to be uploaded?

The photo should be not less than 90×90 pixels, not contain any nudity, not over 1 MB, and be jpg format.

How many friend requests I can send in a day?

You can send up to five friend requests. You are also able to not 50 people to your favorites list, although that is the maximum.

Is it possible for me to delete a chat room I created?

Yes, it is possible. To delete a chat room that you created before, you need to go to your profile, choose the chat room you want to delete and hit “Customise Chat Room,” and after “Delete Chat room.” Once you’ve done that, the chat room will be erased.

Is it possible to report someone that I find offensive?

Yes, if you feel like the other user violates your privacy or sending you inappropriate content, you can flag this member, and the profile will be deactivated. Yet you cannot falsely accuse someone you can be suspended yourself.

I saw an obscene photo of another user. Can I report this photo?

Yes, you can go to the user’s profile, choose any photo that you find inappropriate and Report This Photo.

How much does the Chat Hour membership cost?

The Chat Hour platform has no membership options as it is free of charge. You can enjoy it as a registered or non-registered user from either the web platform of a mobile device. It is all for free.

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