People having sex in the bathroom: all you ever wanted to know about having sex in public restrooms


If you want to spice up your sexual experience, the shortest way is to get thrills is to bring your date to a public place. You don’t have too much time to overthink, the stakes are much higher — people might walk on you any minute — and there is just something incredible about getting that urgency into the sex life.

Preparation and romantic settings can kill the mood rather than set it up. When you feel like everything is supposed to work out, the feeling of adventure disappears for good. Whether you meet someone for the first time or pre-arrange a meeting via the hookup app, you might want to choose unexpected settings for your hookup to get the most memorable experience. The real issue is how to sex in the bathroom without getting found out? Let’s see.

Let’s get serious

Having sex in a restroom is fun, but it’s by no means a joke. According to US law, having sex in public settings — including bathrooms in public establishments — is illegal. On top of that, you have to confront social norms and face the possibility of being harshly judged.

However, experienced people manage to have sex in multiple places without their friends, colleagues, and acquaintances ever getting a glimpse of suspicion of similar activity. As with any skill, public sex takes practice — and we are just about to tell you where to start.

The best way to get your date to agree to get it on in bathrooms is to share your motivations and minimize the concerns. You want to be the one who’s ready to take responsibility and lead the way. Here are just several arguments that you can present to your partner to get her or him on board.

  • Spontaneity. In bars and cafes, you have everything you need for great sexual experience — alcohol, music, unfamiliar settings, the thrill of danger. This is a textbook definition of a promising sexual experience.
  • A story to tell. Chances are, not many of your friends have ever tried sex in public bathrooms — although many of them wouldn’t mind. You will instantly become a macho who mastered enough courage for something as risky.
  • Additional sex points. Your partner will perceive you as an expert, plus, it’ll be much easier to agree to the next adventure after you’ve been through a potential danger together. It goes a long way to strengthen the relationship.

Having sex in the bathroom is not only a once-in-a-lifetime type of experience, but it’s also a long-term investment into your sexual expertise and a relationship with the partner.

It’s time for dangerous love

From a scientific point of view, having sex in bathrooms offers countless benefits. The feeling of thrill raises the dopamine and adrenaline levels in your blood, which improves muscle tonus and blood circulation. These conditions lead to faster sexual arousal, which may be a good fit for guys who have trouble with getting ready.

Even from a biological standpoint, having sex in the bathroom has its merits — and you’ll feel the effects firsthand once you try it out. Chances are, you will want to repeat the experience — and the good news is, it will get easier with time.

You might not believe it now, but at some point, you might become an expert and learn how to impress your partner with public sex expertise effortlessly

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How to have sex in a public restroom

Let’s start with the good news: even if someone spots you in action, you will likely face no legal consequences. Most people don’t bother to report a random couple to the police. The only real risk is the feeling of awkwardness — although it’s likely that the high hormone levels and initial excitement will far outweigh all bad feels.

Still, you need a plan just in case, as well as some precautions in place. Here’s our list of best tips for bathroom sex secrecy.

  • Check the bathroom’s size and design. You want to find a big room with large sinks and solid furniture. The last thing you want is to break anything.
  • Check the locks. Ask your partner to lock the doors and try to open them from outside. Check if the locks can’t be opened by force.
  • Discuss the ground rules. Both you and the partner need to keep quiet. Also, be sure to enter and leave the room one by one.
  • Think about the clothes beforehand. Don’t wear underwear or problematic pants that take forever to unzip.

However, you shouldn’t let the carefulness turn into anxiety. Even if people notice you, it only matters that you have fun in the process. On the other hand, even if everything goes smoothly, but you didn’t get the rush, what was the point? Hence, you need to be careful during preparation, ut it’s best to let all concerns go, once you are in the process.

Rules of having public sex

The main aspect that you need to take into account before having sex in a public bathroom is making sure your partner is up to it. It’s best to discuss these things beforehand via social media, dating apps, or messengers. This way, you’ll have a written record of a given consent — just in case of trouble.

Also, you don’t want to rush it. Bathroom sex only works if you pick the right moment. This is why you shouldn’t do it in busy places late at night. You want to find a lesser-known place, where there will be no line to the toilet.

On the other hand, you still want to feel the thrill — and where’s fun in having it in the empty bar? Find a fine balance, but lean towards something less crowded for the first time.

My best lifehack for the situation is to talk to the waiter and openly communicate your ideas. You can ask for a favor and buy a waiter a drink as a thank for the help. This assistance will make your partner feel safe and will add a playful tone to the process. After all, you don’t want to feel like committing a crime.

How to have sex in a public bathroom

You want to find a position that would be quick, clean, and adventurous. The maximal pleasure for minimal expenses. After all, having sex in the bathroom is not exactly your typical experience, and you need certain techniques for things to go smoothly.

Luckily, I am ready to share my collections of tricks of how to have sex in a bathroom stall — and chances are, you didn’t get to try any of these out yet. You don’t have to choose only one technique trying several of them out on a single date makes the experience especially rewarding.

With bathroom sex, you need to benefit from your surroundings. A counter, sink, toilet seat — all these things will be your allies if you know how to handle yourself and your partner. You need to be confident in your moves, so you can guide your date in limited time and keep quiet in the process.

How to have sex in a toilet

If you have a stall in the bathroom, use it to your advantage by flipping the toilet, sit and positioning your partner’s leg on top. Press her hands to the wall and lean closer. This is a lovely position for small rooms, as it uses a toilet seat for your support and allows you to be close to each other.

Use the sink

With this position, a couple uses secured or freestanding sinks to support the weight of the female partner.

Lift your partner up and gently place her on the sink. Her legs will be located somewhere around your waist. She will lock you up and lean to you to save more space. It’s an adventurous position, which helps partners to get much closer in the process.

An oral sex position

For this one, you need to have a big bathroom with a sink — although you might be able to fit it in the smaller room if you get the angles right.

Put your partner on the counter, and put paper towels on the ground beforehand. It’s a simple but surprisingly effective position that doesn’t require much experience.

Women’s opinions. When I saw how many positions and configurations my boyfriend can pull off, I was impressed. When we had sex at home, it was good — but I never knew he had that kind of ideas. It makes me want to try out other things, and not only in bathrooms.

Private bathroom sex ideas

Let’s start by saying that this is much easier to pull off, logistically speaking. Time and space are on your side — no one can walk you, it’s easy to prepare beforehand, and you have a couple of minutes to figure things out.

On the other hand, you don’t have quite the same thrill, so, to make things work, you have to think about more elegant and romantic unisex ways to hook up.

Lift it up

It’s similar to bedroom-sex positions, only instead of a bed, you use your bathroom sink or bathtub. You can put a partner on the sink and have her wrap your waste. Place her ankles on your shoulders and use legs to keep the tempo. Here, you want to keep the experience active and rhythmical.

Use a mirror

If you want to get a big-picture view of what you are doing, using a bathroom mirror can be a rewarding experience. Seeing yourself in and your partner in action increases sexual drive and makes the whole thing stick to your memory.

Usually, this position is approached from the back, seeing that both partners should see a clear view. You get to use a sink to support yourself, but make sure your faces are looking in the mirror.

Ride a toilet seat

Ask your partner to sit and ride it together. You can place her on your knees while holding her waist with your hands. It’s one of the simplest and most comfortable positions, which is why it’s popular among bathroom-sex beginners.

Women’s opinions. Getting it on in his bathroom was refreshing — I never knew you could have so much fun without leaving the house. Although I like experimenting in the bedroom, I think the bathroom just may have become my favorite location. We’ll remember these positions for the next time.

Shower sex positions – video tips

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Are unisex bathrooms legal?

Yes, they are legal and can be used instead of a single-sex bathroom. In this case, it’s perfectly allowed for a couple to enter a toilet together.

Can you have a urinal in a unisex bathroom?

Yes, you can. The couple can use urinal to support each other as they come up with creative positions.

Do you have to have separate male and female toilets?

Generally, it is a legal requirement, but it’s still possible to find unisex toilets in low-key establishments. According to the Workplace Regulations, employers have to provide employees with separate bathrooms — but you can see establishments that only offer unisex rooms for public use.

How many states have passed the bathroom bill?

Only North Carolina has passed the bill, whereas nine states have considered the document and chose not to enact it.

Let’s wrap it up

Public sex is an exhilarating ride that has a lot to offer if you aren’t afraid to experiment. Don’t give in to old-fashioned misconceptions or judgy stares — you don’t have anything to lose. You will have a lot of amazing memories, new sexual experiences, and a bunch of impressive stories to tell.

It’s a great way to bring diversity to your sex life, and it’s completely free. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that this activity is technically illegal, so be careful and responsible. Preparation will get you through any risks.

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Born in Los Angeles, graduated from a college as a journalist, and spent several years as a freelancer writing about cultural events. From 2017, James writes about love and relationships and explores dating services.

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