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November 1, 2019
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4.0 ★★★★☆
13,300,000 members 120,000 users per week 48% / 52% Male & Female
48% / 52% Male & Female
4/5 hookup chance High Sex Chance Geography USA
low fraud risk Verification email Mobile App Android
$27.30-73.80 subscription price Free version 3-day trial
Free version 3-day trial
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The conditions for men and women are different. Female profiles can send messages for free, so, in fact, a woman doesn’t need to pay for a membership, unlike man.

The price of the subscription depends on duration: the more you use the service, the less you pay.

Subscription Price for Month Total
1 Month $27.30 $27.30
3 Months $15.30 $45.90
6 Months $12.30 $73.80

Free services

Some important services are for free: you can look for users, realize, are they online now or not, and also add some accounts to a Favourite list. All the profiles can wink each other, but sending text messages is available for female only.

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Paid services

For male profiles, sending messages is pre-paid feature. After buying the subscription, you also can unlock “Looking for” dating info, see users’ location and photo albums.

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Audience quality


The target audience of the website is singles (or sometimes couples) who are looking for one-night-stand. The service is aimed to provide users a hot hookup and a new sexual experience. Here people can find a partner to spend a hot weekend and try their favorite kinks — but if you are looking for long-time romantic love, it’s better to try another site.

On BeNaughty dating site women are usually more active than men because female accounts have more free options. That’s why the service perfectly fits for single men or those who are looking for a girl: you have a better choice and a great chance to find what you need.

— In my first few minutes of officially joining BeNaughty, I can say that the community is pretty active. I have received a lot of messages from women. These messages do not just contain the traditional hi’s and hello’s, these women go for the kill and ask you straight away for photos and videos. Others asked me to trade photos and see if we will like each other.

Age distribution

According to statistics, the vast majority of BeNaughty users are quite young: 25% is 18-24, 35% is 25-34 and 20% is 35-44 years old. This service, it is not the best choice for seniors, and it doesn’t feet for teens.

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Fakes and scammers

Safety is the top concern for BeNaughty team: they check all the new photos and ban cheaters fastly. We tested the service and found neither fakes nor scammers on BeNaughty.



The interface is quite easy-to-use: all the fields and buttons are intuitively understandable. Downloading time is also normal. The design is simple and minimalistic, but modern and bright — it fits both for a real geek and non-internet person.

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Signing up

Registration is quite easy — it took me about 3 minutes. You have to post your gender, date of birth, postal code, email, and also create a password. It is also possible to check in with a facebook account.

To discover all the free functions, the user has to pass the photo test. It is necessary to upload a user’s photo that was never been uploaded to the website before. It must comply with the rules of the service. Basically, you must be pictured personally — don’t try to use celebrities photos as your user pic. The other rule is not to use porn or nudes.

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After passing the test, the user can answer some simple questions about his/herself. You always can skip some of them, if you want. All in all, the signing up process is quite fast and easy — it takes you no more than 5 minutes, and you can always edit all the information if you need.

BeNaughty moderators could check your profile and bun it in the order it is not following the rules. Moreover, be ready to prove your documents to the website team if the moderator thinks your account looks suspicious.

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To customize searching, the user can apply different filters: gender, age, location, marital status, etc. All of them are available for free.

One of the features of BeNaughty dating service is “Hot or not?” game. You can look through the users’ photo galleries and swipe some of them you like best.

Besides playing that game, you can also communicate with people in chat rooms, write some posts in the forum, search like-minded users, block somebody you don’t want to chat with, and look who is online at the same time with you.

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Chat function almost completely repeats message interface in popular social networks. When you receive the message, a small pop-up appears on the bottom of the screen — you have to click it to open. Chat also allows you to send and receive photos and videos if it is necessary.

Mobile app

BeNaughty has its own dating app — it is free for downloading and available for Android. The functional of the mobile app is full, and the design is also user-friendly.

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Security and privacy

To write correctly is BeNaughty reliable, it’s necessary to know about how does the website team works with users’ personal data. To create a profile, you have to write your email or connect with facebook account, so it is impossible to hide everything. However, BeNaughty cares about privacy: the service uses SSL protecting technology, so personal, and bank details included when getting a subscription, are completely safe.

The service has a strong moderating team, which checks every profile and deletes suspicious content or fake accounts. Highly explicit photos are blurred, and users are the ones deciding the level of explicitness of the site. You also can turn the “Naughty Mode” on, if you are ready to see hot photos without restrictions.

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Hookup chance


While testing the service, we created male profile and started to search for a women. Couple of women started to text me almost immediately, but the service posted me a warning message, so we decided not to answer.

Firstly we started a search using some filters, such as Age, Location, Orientation, Body type. We winked to 5 women, 4 answered, and we started a dialogue. At first glance, none of them looked like a fake: each profile had some photos and user info, and they run a conversation like a real person.

— A good personality can be a plus, but the real game here is how you look. Most of the interactions are based on physical appearance. You can even play the hot or not game judging on profile photos. This dating site puts more value on physical appearance rather than emotions, which is good because people mostly come here looking for that aspect which traditional hook up websites don’t have. That is one positive thing about this site: it is easy to know what a person wants with you because they don’t play coy, they go straight to the point. This is how interactions are encouraged in BeNaughty — you want how someone looks, go for it and ask whatever you want to ask.

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We didn’t find any difficulties with running a male profile. And, as it is written in other reviews, it is even easier to find a hookup on BeNaughty if you are a single straight woman. However, we will give this service only four stars because of suspicious messages at the beginning.


Platform Hookup chance
Tinder ★★★★☆
Pure ★★★★★
Zoosk ★★★☆☆
AdultFriendFinder ★★★☆☆
EliteSingles ★★★★☆

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Is BeNaughty free?

You can use BeNaughty for free if you have a female account.

Is it worth paying for BeNaughty?

If you have a male account, it’s better to pay: subscription allows you to write messages.

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What kind of dating site is BeNaughty?

The service is aimed to find one-night-stand.

Is there a mobile application for BeNaughty?

Yes, it is available on PlayMarket.

Can I search for someone on BeNaughty?


Can you have two BeNaughty accounts?


Can BeNaughty delete my account?

Yes, if the moderation team will see any suspicious activity.

How do I delete my BeNaughty account?

Click the “Delete” button in your account settings.

Is BeNaughty for serious relationships?

No, it fits better for easy hookup.

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Can you look up people on BeNaughty?


Is BeNaughty safe?

Yes, the service team uses SSL encryption technology to protect users’ privacy. Moreover, each email should be verified before starting to match.

Which photos are not allowed to be uploaded?

BeNaughty has some restrictions. User can’t upload photos of minors, celebrity, non-human beings (such as pets and landscapes), violence, offensive gestures, pornography, gender difference, and those with personal details.

Why are they strict with photo uploading?

They want to make sure that only real people and identities can get to join the free dating site.

Does BeNaughty track my location?

Yes, just to offer you perfect matches near you everywhere.

Is it easy to create an account with BeNaughty?

The registration steps are simple and easy to understand — you can finish it in 5 minutes.

What do I need to be eligible for the satisfaction guarantee program?

You can try for a 3-day satisfaction guarantee program which will allow you to use all the Full Membership functions for free. However, you need to be active on the site for at least 3 days and was a member of at least 5 days.

What is the satisfaction guarantee program?

The satisfaction guarantee program is the 3-day trial program that you can avail if you want to try out the site first before buying the Membership.

How long is the satisfaction guarantee program?

The satisfaction guarantee program lasts up to 3 days.

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How can I message other people?

Click on the “chat” button near the user’s profile photo.

How do I cancel my Full Membership?

You can cancel anytime your membership by going to the account settings by clicking on your profile picture.

What do I get with Full Membership?

With Full Membership, you will be able to unlock all the information at a person’s profile, view photo albums, and send messages without limits.

How to pay for a Full Membership?

Click on the “Upgrade” button and it will redirect you to the page where you can enter your card details for payment.

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5.0 ★★★★★
750k members 150k per months 10% / 90% Male & Female
10% / 90% Male & Female
4/5 hookup chance High Sex Chance Geography USA, Europe, International
low fraud risk Verification email, phone, photo Mobile App iOS, Android
$0.95 – $45.95 subscription price Free version minimal set of functions
Free version minimal set of functions
USA, Europe, International
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Pure, platform with no bots and fakes

In Pure, the algorithm will delete your account an hour after you start searching for a partner. If you match, you have another hour to talk in the chat — then it will also be automatically deleted. This makes the service inaccessible and uninteresting for bots, fakes, and crooks. Pure users are alive personalities who do not hide their desires and want to find a partner in the next hour.

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