The 20 best gay bars in Chicago


Gay bars have always had a special place in the culture to have fun, to spend your spare time with friends and to make new acquaintances, to flirt, to hookup, and to get an emotional up.

Chicago is full of such amazing opportunities, and one can feel lost trying to find the most inspiring options.

Dear friend, there is no need to google “Gay bars Chicago” anymore. If you want to immerse into colors, alcohol, and laid-up atmosphere, you are welcome: we have prepared this list of 20 best gay bars in the city especially for you!


Fancy Lady Gaga? Shine bright with pride in the most dancy bar for those who are born this way: enjoy daily music shows in the biggest of gay bars in Chicago with spacious lounges, unique cocktails, and a drag show with approximately 100 queens.

Roscoe’s Tavern

This bar is famous for a cool rodeo menu with delicious food and drinks to lose your head. Pay attention to calendars with a weekly changing program, free your voice with local karaoke, and move your body on two dance floors to meet your needs. Follow their catchy Instagram to immerse themselves in colors and fun.


If you are thirsty for the beauty of cute go-go dancers and energetic drag shows, bless yourself with this place and stay hydrated! DJs are nothing short of being the sexiest creatures in the world. However, don’t forget: from time to time it is overcrowded.


This small Chicago gay bar fits in if you want to spend a grungy night out in leather or your underwear. Bartenders are nice, prices are affordable. A fetish adventure or a karaoke night on Tuesday — is up to you.


Imagine a queer-friendly portal to the very futuristic world with the 80s and 90s sounds: this is the very special Chicago’s Berlin. One of its main pros: works till 5 am, one of its cons: sometimes straight people prevail. Here you will not be lonely, but beware cash only!


One more heavenly place for the leather fans and those who love hot bears. Drink prices are reasonable. Bartenders are said to be very friendly. Here you can dance and party, showing your magnetism to everybody or to have a sweet talk with a passionate and predictably kinky sequel. Plus here one can watch porn.


The bar is open for gays of all ages, shapes, and kinks. However, it has already shown itself as a good place for some mature leather daddy hookup. The leather is welcome. Sex parties are unforgettable. One more pearl of this spot is its handsome doorman!

Big Chicks

Big Chicks is small, old, and clean. And you will fall for it if you want to party in an art gallery with drinks given by super amiable stuff. Come for a tasty drink and a delicious friend.

The Phoenix

Despite controversial reviews, this spot can inspire you with its huge picturesque patio and impressive dance floor. Good to visit in Summer.

Lucky Horseshoe Lounge

Attractive dancers of all types including buff, Latin, Asian, and twinks are moving their bodies all day long to bless your eyes. Get lucky with delicious. Wings and spread your horny wings for a romantic encounter. Be careful, for it tends to be overcrowded.

Manhandler Saloon

An excellent spot to enjoy cheap drinks, beautiful patio, and a company of kinky guys on a warm summer night. Visited predominantly by the mature. Go here on a first date.

North End

Do you like to play darts? Come here for the game or watch sports on super huge screens, enjoy karaoke, and fancy bartenders with beautiful smiles. Some people claim the place has nothing special to offer, others praise it.


A gay bar Chicago is famous for. Drop-in and open the door to the 30s of the last century. It has its vibe that invites crowds though the place is comparatively small.

Atmosphere (@mosphere)

5355 N Clark Street waits for you if you want to obsess over almost nude dancers on a really huge dance floor.


A small video bar for lesbians on Broadway to spend a night out in a small company or with your beloved. Quiet enough to exchange thoughts and phone numbers. There are happy hours from 6 to 8 pm to get a cheap drink. Darts is free from 4 to 10 pm on weekdays and from 12. To 9 pm on weekends.

Second Story Bar

This super tiny spot is well-known for cheap and stiff strong drinks. Hold on tight and be one of the first to get a sit for this place can house no more than 35 persons of various ages and types. Nice to drop in after shopping on Michigan Avenue.

Little Jim’s Tavern

In this small Chicago gay bar, you can play on jukebox whatever you want till 4 am! There are two pinball machines to kill your time. Drinks are very special, shows are catchy as well. A suitable place for a romantic date but not the right one for a hookup attempt.

Baton Show Lounge

Here one can get spellbound by magnificent female impersonators. The bar is rumored to be fun to go with friends. But you have to book in advance. Shows are breathtaking! However, prices are pretty high and waiters tend to be rude.

Club Krave

This place is a mixed parade of all colors, cool events, and inviting drink prices. Drag, karaoke, and other pleasing things to steal your heart. The minus is the constantly growing number of straight females with their boyfriends trying to invade the LGBTQ+ paradise.

Charlie’s Chicago

Every cowboy knows: Charlie’s Chicago is the right place to put on your boots and to dance to western music. The bar is recommended for those who want to get laid. But sex-seekers must be brave: this place is notorious for numerous police incidents.

Now you know about Chicago gay bars. Pick those that suit you better and have fun!

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