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10 tips to have amazing sex without penetration

  Sex doesn’t have to involve penetration of any body part. By definition, sex is an activity that involves physical intimacy between two or more individuals and is usually used among humans solely for physical or emotional pleasure.  This being said, sex without penetration isn’t less “real” or “good.” For example, for most women, external

Top 7 Erotic Games on STEAM

  Video games have acted as a means for fantasies and escapism since their inception. Whether you’ve explored alien planets, slain monsters, or saved the world, we can all agree that games have been a perfect outlet for living out fantasies. And yes, that includes sex as well. Sex and nudity in games have been

10 Questions to ask before having sex with a new partner

  Sex is fun. We love sex. But in order to make it enjoyable for everyone involved, you need to learn one single rule – talk before doing anything sexual to the other person. You want to find out as much information about their likings as possible. Communication is key.    It’s always best to

How to stay anonymous at hookup sites? Safety tips for hookup & dating sites

In 2021 online dating and hookup sites are a huge part of everybody’s dating life. The stereotypes built around online dating are finally being put to rest, and the digital approach is becoming the most popular choice. This is no surprise at all because online dating provides you with options you wouldn’t have otherwise. Even

Top 7 advice on sex after break up

Breakups are rough. It’s common to second guess yourself and feel lost after a breakup. Most people can’t help but wonder if they made the right decision. You spent so much time with your ex that even if the relationship was broken you’re still gonna miss their smell, their little quirks, the way they touched

Farmers dating: the best apps and websites to meet a farmer of your dreams

A farmer’s life is a life of hard work and achievements. It’s a demanding lifestyle that not everyone can handle. Seven days a week, year round, no matter what the weather is, farmers are doing the work on the farms to achieve their ultimate goal.   Starting your workday around 4 am and having multiple

10 great dating tips for introverts

Dating is not that easy for most of us. Especially if you’re an introvert, a shy person, or just not used to putting yourself out there. Introverted people need to have large amounts of alone time to feel good, while dating usually takes quite a lot of time and effort if you’re looking for a

The future of intimacy: Top 5 sex chatbots of 2021

Having sex with a robot has been a popular sexual fantasy for a long time. We’ve seen many artistic reflections on the matter over the years, such as the movie Her, the TV series Black Mirror, Westworld, etc. With all the continual advancements in technology, modern society’s getting more and more comfortable with the thought