Dating tips

Sex On The First Date. Just Do It

If you are on a first date with this person and feel the chemistry, you don’t need to follow any rules, just do it!

Sex in the Shower: Hot Sex under the Hot Water

Do you think that there is nothing romantic about taking a shower in the evening before you go to bed? And what if you are not alone? And what if you are together with a sexy chick?

Hands at the Helm, or Who Needs a Bed When the Seats Recline

There are moments when you just want sex so badly that you don’t care where you are…

First-Time Sex Experiences. Is it all Rainbows and Fabulous Orgasms or Nah?

Let’s cover the basics of what you can and cannot do during your first time. Any first time.

Sex in Public: We Can Make Our Dreams Come True

If you think that public sex is an invention of today (or even yesterday) and this is a result of modern immorality, you are totally wrong. It existed always and everywhere, since the beginning of human time

How to Master A Threesome

Threesome is always a sensitive topic as a lot of people are doing it without any particular reason. Whereas the reason should be exploring and fulfilling your inner fantasies

Busting the Myths: Is Watching Porn Bad?

Most likely, there is nothing wrong with you even if you watch adult movies a little more than an average person. But if you feel uncomfortable or guilty, there could be a problem

7 rules to follow when having sex online

Let’s be honest; most of us have dipped our toes into the world of online sex. If you’ve sent a sext, had phone sex or video sex before, well, that’s all considered to be online sex. As we become more connected through our phones, online sex has become a way for people to stay intimate