Dos and Don’ts of Dating a Single Mom

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September 12, 2019

So you’re dating a single mom. According to some research, you’re lucky. Women with children tend to be more confident and generous, and their libido is always through the roof. At the same time, you’ll have to remember that dating a single mom is nothing like dating a woman with no children: there are some things you’ll have to change. Here are the best tips for dating a single mom.

Why dating a single mom?

Although there are some men with a single mom fetish, most of us don’t just wake up one day and say, “I feel like dating a single mom today!” If you’re reading this article, you’re probably one of the few following types, and your goals and strategies will be slightly different.

  • Single dad. Being a single dad yourself, you know all the struggles and blessings of parenthood. You’ve probably tried dating childless women and that didn’t work for you. If you think that dating a single mom would be easier, think again. She is busy and protective. There is a chance she won’t be keen on becoming a mom to your child as well. Communication is the key, so talk everything out in advance.
  • You don’t want to have (more) kids. Whether you’re too old or just don’t want to go through the taking care of a newborn stage over again, dating a woman with a kid can be your best option. However, not all women are happy when the newcomer starts parenting their kids, so make sure you’re on the same page.
  • You want to date that particular woman who happens to be a single mom. If you don’t have your own kids, dating a single mom might be intimidating at times. But don’t get discouraged, read our tips, listen to your partner’s wishes. And when she introduces you to her kid, become his mate first, not a step-dad.
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Despite a lot of misconceptions, dating a single mom can be an amazingly rewarding experience

The benefits of dating a single mom

She is not into teasing you with staying around 24/7, for she respects your interests and has a lot of commitments of her own. Also, she is good at planning her day because she manages to reconcile being a breadwinner and a loving mom. This woman has a cozy nest, and she often has chef skills. So if you treat her nicely, she’ll make sure to wow you with her talents.

single mom dating - Dos and Don'ts of Dating a Single Mom

She can be up to no strings attached relations if it fits her schedule, and she is often not the one to press a new man to marry her. She will let you enjoy your friends and hobbies as she knows firsthand how important quality time is.

If you are a parent yourself, consider dating a single mom. Let’s be honest, women with no children are often looking for men with no kids. And even though they might be keen on giving it a try, they will never fully understand you until they have a child of their own.

But dating a single mom is completely different. She knows what it takes to be a parent, and in the best-case scenario you will gift your child with a new experienced step-mother.

When dating a single mom is not for you

Dating as a single mom is challenging enough, so being respectful is the number one rule. Discuss your goals in the very beginning. It is important to be on the same page because it’s not only about your relationships when the kid is involved.

Single mom dating kink

If dating a young single mom is simply a kink for you, consider choosing another kink instead.  She is a mother, not a milf, and usually looks for an equal partner. Usually, she seeks stable relationships, not just a hookup. Be honest with her right from the start and if she says she wants a long-term deal, step away or reconsider your attentions.

You need a lot of attention

If your target is being the center of your girlfriend’s universe, be aware: her kids will always be her number one priority. Besides, she is not for you if you dream of a person who will depend on you in everything: she knows how to live her life in her own way.

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You don’t get along with kids

She is not your match if you are positive that kids are not something that you planned for yourself. Chances are, that she is not looking for a new father to her kids, but if you want to be in that woman’s life, you’ll have to spend time with her children. So even if you like her a lot but being around kids makes you uncomfortable, don’t fool yourself (and her, too). There are plenty of single childless ladies out there, focus on finding the one that’s right for you.

How to date a single mom

Here are a few tips on how to make dating a single mom special.

  • Be honest. Start such relationships only if you are looking for a happy family role, don’t waste your time if you want her to become your playground.
  • Remember her kid has a biological father, so you are not supposed to replace him while bringing a child up is your counterpart’s responsibility. Be yourself, an open-hearted and caring mate of a little person, and you win the hearts of the two. Don’t deprive a kid of being in contact with his actual dad: you can become even more important if you put no pressure.
  • Figure out the interests of your new child and bond on them by broadening your outlook and letting your playful side out. This will make your existence less stressful, and make a kid your true friend.
  • Encourage her to stay beautiful. She may feel so busy, she can forget about her appearance. Appreciate her beauty, and she will become even more attractive and inspiring, especially for you.
  • Don’t beg for knowing her story until she decides to tell it herself: her previous relations may be a painful experience.
  • Prove you can provide for the woman of your dream and her kid. Buy lovely gifts, but don’t overdo this: single mothers don’t like to be bought, they want to feel love and see your support.
  • Offer to get the check if she hires a babysitter to go on a date with you. That’s just common courtesy. 
  • Be patient. Don’t bombard her with questions about her schedule and your future dating arrangements right away. Single moms tend to be more cautious about who they date, so give her time to take the measure of you. Be straight yet considerate with your intentions.  
  • Don’t rush to meet the kids. Let her know that you’re happy to meet her children, but respect her decision if she feels it’s too early.
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Be a nice reliable guy ready for family ties

Where to look for

A single mom is too busy to spend her time in conventional places where people usually meet. Nobody sees her in a club or in a pub, and that’s what makes her different from all the other girls that you’ve dated before: she works a little harder and has no time to play around. And that’s when single mom dating apps can come in handy.

Online communication saves you from awkward moments and lets you test the water beforehand. You can form the strategy of conquering a person and do it at your best because no face-to-face interaction during the first minutes of your encounter will free your charisma.

Besides, when a single mom uses a dating site, you can be sure that she is ready for a new chapter. Kids or no kids, we all look for love, so don’t be afraid to get yourself out there and keep your mind open.

single mom - Dos and Don'ts of Dating a Single Mom

If you’re a single mom, keep in mind that you won’t come across a wide selection of free single mom dating sites. It is perfectly normal to use one of the mainstream dating apps, just make sure that you set your goals right. Ask yourself a few questions. Are you looking for something casual? Do you want to find a fellow single parent? Or maybe you don’t want to make a deal out of being a single mom at all? Determine your ultimate goal and get an app that will help you reach it.

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What free casual dating site to use

Pure has a name that rings the bell because its concept works. It is the most efficient, reliable, and quick service with numerous benefits.

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  • Matching happens 100% because you are provided with a huge range of candidates in your location with a steadily growing audience of the platform.
  • There are women of all nationalities, ages, shapes, backgrounds, and social grounds. You can see them all and let your heart make its choice without any prejudices.
  • Pure focuses on true couples formed instead of entertaining scum with online games or escort sites. It is minimalist, intuitively understandable, stylish, and free of bugs. On top of that, there are plenty of articles to make your dating a single mom flawless.
  • This service takes care of clients’ privacy with no personal data used, anonymous registration, deep moderation, and self-destroying communication.

How the app works

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Secrets of dating a single mom - Dos and Don'ts of Dating a Single Mom

Prepare for a date with our advice on dating a single mom, get top rendezvous and then for relations of your life and inspire others via Instagram #purestories.

Don’t hesitate, pull yourself together, and start dating single mothers.

How to date a single mom – video tips


  • Ron

    I’ve met a stunning girl on a dating app and it turned out she is a single mom. I don’t have kids and never in my life I thought I would become a stepdad. But I decided to give it a shot. During the first months, the dating was tough, and she didn’t seem to have time for me at all. But once we got more serious, she introduced me to her little man and I learned so much about myself. Now I’m planning to pop the question.

  • Sihako

    Dating as a single mom is no joke. All those tips about dating us are so true! Don’t assume stuff, just ask us how we feel about it. It would really help with saving time (both yours and ours) and when you’re a single parent, time is the most valuable asset!

  • Lexie

    I wonder what do “regular” guys think about dating a single mom. Not the ones that are single dads themselves but those who just happened to fall for one. I am a mom myself and I’ve dated a few kids-free guys but there was no connection on a deeper level.

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