Badoo login: an A-to-Z guide to joining the world’s largest online dating community


Looking for the next relationship app to explore, we want to become a part of an active community with millions of potential matches. If it feels like you’ve tested all top-tier tools, consider giving Badoo a try. Here’s a full guide on creating a profile on the platform.

To help you understand if Badoo is easy to use, we decided to compare its registration process step-by-step with that on Pure — an established leader in usability among web applications. 

Interface: how comfortable is it to register on Badoo VS other dating apps

In online dating, there’s a lot of debate on which platform is better, more than a handful of factors and criteria contribute to the decision-making process. One thing was undeniable — the old Badoo interface was plain horrible. 

Stuck in the 2000s, the UI felt heavy and unreliable. A sign-in sidebar included drop-downs, buttons that have low mobile responsivity, and a slider that took tons of time to load. The good news is, this look of Badoo is now history. 

A complete rebranding resulted in a new logo, improved positioning — now Badoo markets itself both as a dating and a networking app, and a sleek interface. The platform daters know now looks as follows:

A slider has been replaced with a counter and social media integrations — on the right side of the screen, a user can sign up the traditional way. There are buttons in the header as well — you get to choose how to move around. 

Score: 8/10

Pure VS Badoo review

I am:

Looking for:

My email:

Pure also gives users a possibility to set up an account straight from the homepage. There’s a minimalistic form that requires essential information — an email, gender, and gender of a potential partner. 

The home page gives users a closer look at the platform and its main values — privacy, inclusivity, and a genuine user base. Some might prefer a minimalistic interface over the one that has additional information about the platform. Still, a first-time user will, most likely, benefit from a ‘Welcome’ message. 

pure registration

Score: 9/10

In terms of the user interface, Pure takes the lead — the website’s interface gives off a more trustworthy vibe and helps visitors make an informed decision about choosing the platform. 

Page speed

If all online daters moved to Singapore, a country with the fastest Internet connection in the world, nobody would worry about loading speed. However, seeing that neither the US nor most European countries don’t come close to top-3 in broadband rates, a slow registration process is an issue for many. 

On smartphones, connection quality fluctuations are common as well. It’s crucial to know that low website speed doesn’t sabotage the sign-in process. 

We used the Page Speed Test to measure how much time it takes for Badoo and Pure homepages to load.

  Badoo Pure
Load time 0.54 seconds 0.87 seconds
Average speed  0.0018 Kb/s 0.0172 Kb/s
Score 8/10 7/10

While Badoo scores considerably higher in terms of the overall speed, the average time it takes for a single element to load is higher for Pure. Essentially, the latter is slower since there are considerably more elements. 

Badoo takes the lead on this one — by a small margin.

Social media integration

We’re so used to connecting business or personal accounts to social media that having to register from scratch is not convenient anymore. Let’s see how both websites are handling it. 

If you don’t feel like memorizing passwords on Badoo, log in with a social media account. Here’s the full list of sign-in options:

  • Facebook;
  • Google;
  • Vkontakte;
  • Odnoklassniki;
  • Yandex;
  • MSN. 

More than half of Badoo sign in login options are Eastern European tools, uncommon in North America and Western Europe. However, an opportunity to sign up using Facebook or Google makes setting up an account a ton easier. 

Score: 8/10


As for now, Pure has no social media interactions — online relationship-seekers will have to create profiles from the ground up. 

Score: 5/10

Judging by social media connectivity, Badoo is the clear winner. Let’s move on to the last and, arguably, a most important item on the list. 

Sign-up convenience

Finally, if you don’t have a social media account or decided to separate social life from online dating, creating a profile from scratch is the only option. Let’s take a look at how much commitment and time you’ll need to get started both on Badoo and Pure.

Here’s a step-by-step rundown on the registration process on Badoo. 

Step one: 1 click

Choose your gender. There are two most common options — male and female.

Step two: 9 clicks

Fill in all the essential information. The required fields include:

  • First name;
  • Day, month, and year of birth;
  • Location;
  • Email or mobile number. Also, you’ll be asked to accept or refuse to receive promotional offers;
  • Password. 

Here’s the look of the completed form.

Step three: 3 clicks

Upload a profile picture. Users choose a photo from a hard drive, use drag-and-drop navigation, or import a snapshot from Facebook and Instagram.

The platform accepts JPG and PNG files, with a total size up to 128 MB. One picture is enough to create an account — the recommended number of photos per profile is six. 

 Step four: 2 clicks

Get an email confirmation. Badoo sends a confirmation link to the address you listed in the form. 

Go to your inbox and click the link in the message from the platform. 

After completing all four steps, you have successfully registered a Badoo account. Congratulations. 

The total number of clicks — 15.

Score: 6/10


To create a profile on Pure, complete the following steps:

Step one: 5 clicks

Fill in the form with primary personal data: gender, gender preferences, and email. Don’t forget to accept the privacy policy — that is the only way to proceed with signing up. 

Congratulations. You now have a Pure account — start exploring the matching pool. 

Total number of clicks — 5.

Score: 10/10

Pure has a faster, no-commitment sign-up process. That’s why the web app scores higher by registration convenience. 

The Bottom Line

After taking the time to analyze and compare the registration process on Badoo and another popular dating app step-by-step, let’s determine which website has a better performance. 

  Badoo Pure
Interface 8 9
Page speed 8 7
Social media integrations 8 5
Sign-up convenience 6 10
Total 30 31

All things considered, both sites have high usability scores. Yet, Pure is slightly more modern and offers visitors a faster way to create a profile. These differences explain why the platform scored higher than Badoo. 

In addition, it is important to understand that these platforms have different purposes: one of them is ideal for endless conversation with sexting partners, the other for real meetings with living people.


If you want to explore some unheard-of-before dating platforms, websites like Pure and Badoo are a reliable way to shake up the relationship routine. Don’t forget that there are great alternatives — free hookup sites that actually work.

To get the most out of online relationship search, consider giving both playgrounds a try. To start exploring Pure go to the platform’s official website. Be yourself and have fun dating — a dream match will undoubtedly come your way!

Pure is a platform on which almost every user will find what he was looking for: sugar baby or milf dating site, the choice of partners for a long relationship, sex with several people at the same time or to satisfy strange quirks.

James Miller
Born in Los Angeles, graduated from a college as a journalist, and spent several years as a freelancer writing about cultural events. From 2017, James writes about love and relationships and explores dating services.

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