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Age: 49

Mesa, USA

This is the hardest part and not sure why it catches me by surpr...


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Age: 47

Los Angeles, USA

looking for a friend with benefit 60 to 75 y/o


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Age: 36

Illinois, USA

No one over 36 please, and I’m gay so no girls please! And do no...


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Age: 45

Philadelphia, USA

Positive attitude and outlook on everything.Easy to get along wi...


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Age: 42

Everett, USA

kind of a clutz. good thing my job is my activity.

Stuart G.

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Age: 49

Montgomery, USA

I am looking for male friends in Bayonne, NJ or Staten Island, N...


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Age: 22

San Jose, USA

Young guy with a good job, nice car, and has goals.


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Age: 20

Baton Rouge, USA

Summary: I'm as I portray myself to be: the living embodiment of...


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Age: 40

Chula Vista, USA

Hi I am a sincere guy, have many interests, and am a lot of fun...


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Age: 37

Indianapolis, USA

You keep doing you and I’ll keep doing me. Then if we hit it off...