The Nudes Contest is complete! Here are the winners!

Pure Team

So we've received over 10 000 photos - and they were all awesome. Sure, some of them were quite explicit - and we’re not surprised. Have you heard the saying “the winner takes it all”? He really does! Whether it’s a he, a she, or a they.

Some fun facts and stats before we announce the winners:

  • 5192 people bravely entered our contest! 
  • Genders of our contestants was split almost evenly between male and female, with only 1% of non-binary participants. 
  • Most of the nudes were sent from the US, China, UK, France and India! 
  • Australia, Canada, Germany – thank you for your participation! Great job!
  • As for the eggplant pics, the leaders were India and Spain.
  • Most of the brave ladies were from the United States.
  • Non-binary folks – shoutout to Australia and Germany! As creative as it gets! 
We would like to thank our jury board for all the hard work and fair decisions.
Let’s celebrate our winners and take some notes to prepare for the next year’s round! 

Creativity meets passion and they have a baby - that’s how our contest works! 

A lot of the entries were so stunning and creative, it was nearly impossible to pick just a few! So, we have some honorary mentions:

Winners will receive a prize, which is a 300 EUR certificate to treat themselves to one of our partner shops. If you are one of the winners, go ahead and check your PURE inbox, or get in touch with us via email: [email protected]

Thank you for being part of this. See you next year!

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