24 August 2021

Fantastic Six

Pure Team

Believe it or not, we’re just like everyone else and have our idols. We’re all wannabees at the end of the day. We don’t canonize anyone, (that’s a job for the celibate clergymen!), because while we can idolise, ultimately we are equal only to ourselves and have our inner voice to listen to. Having said that, a bit of inspiration goes a long way in life. So, we asked you to share your sex idols and Pure icons. Among the thousands of responses, we’ve chosen a select six. Try these on for inspiration:


We dream that the Queen of Pop will one day be our ambassador. We could easily compile a directory of the hottest men of the century made up of her lovers. From Jean-Michel Basquiat to Lenny Kravitz, ‘Madge’ has left her mark on her lovers.

Her book ‘Sex’ (1992), is a bible of sensuality in pictures, in which the Marquis de Sade’s BDSM fantasies are played out in the hotels, burlesque theatres and streets of New York and Miami.

‘Erotica’ is the perfect sex soundtrack and of course features in Pure Sex Playlist Vol. 1

Aside from influencing pop records for decades, she left her mark on sexual trends including those iconic cone-shaped bras with Gaultier patterns.

She knows what she wants and has never doubted herself on the basis of other people’s opinions.

In a world where the rich and famous are regularly exposed for sexual misdemeanours, Madonna lives for and thrives on pure pleasure, whether that’s with a dancer from a show or one of her daughter’s peers.


What’s the secret behind the Cardi B phenomenon? It’s a whole lot more than her voice. We reckon it’s her honesty, and we love honesty. She doesn’t hide from the fact that she worked the poles of New York’s stripclubs for 4 years, and invested her earnings in plastic surgery. If we were designing our own Sistine ceiling, we would definitely put the cover of the debut mixtape Gangsta Bitch Music Vol.1. in which the guy goes down on Cardi in the back seat of the car. Bold, but true.


Beauvoir’s personal life is discussed almost as much as her work, even though they are painfully connected. For nearly 50 years she was married to Jean-Paul Sartre, and the pair of them considered their open relationship key to the longevity of their marriage. And let’s be honest, open relationships were not exactly the norm back then. They twisted and turned norms upside down, often sharing their bed with other partners, exploring and sharing desires without hesitation.

Они крутили романы в различных комбинациях, часто разделяя постель с партнерами вместе, изучали свои желания и без стеснения делились ими с другими. Еще Бовуар часто устраивала своим ученицам частный экскурс в экзистенциализм вне стен университета. Ну, вы поняли.


In our honest opinion, Freddie Mercury is the boss. He is the King of the Hill. He was proof that sexuality should be up to the individual and not constrained by social norms. He broke barriers that no one thought could or should be broken. He called his personal secretary Mary Austin the love of his life, and the eponymous song is dedicated to her. Having said that, Freddie had room for a fair few lovers. In fact, you could probably fill the Yellow Pages with Freddie’s lovers, and we’re not saying that’s a bad thing! His career is so much more than eternal tracks, he spawned a novel view of sexuality that transcended his tragically short time on earth.


A black and white nude pioneer who knew sex could sell. Helmut Newton’s penchant for glamour and sexual depravity made him the most influential fashion photographer of the 20th Century. He was often known as the King of Kink, and made a name for himself by proving that vulgarity is more intriguing than conventional, safe ‘good taste’. He was criticised by colleagues and despised by feminists. However his models said that, thanks to him, femininity in gloss no longer needs to conform to the taste of famous designers. On the contrary, in order to be sexy all you need is audacity, the right light and circles under the eyes.

Newton himself once admitted that “in 1930’s Germany, adolescent boys were told that excessive masturbation produced dark circles under the eyes. I always tell the makeup artist (for many years now) not to hide the "masturbation circles", and when the model does not have them, I say: "Please add dark circles, like from masturbation, under the eyes - it will be much more interesting!"


At Pure, we are well aware that masks can help you open up in a way you didn’t think possible. In that regard, Bowie was at the vanguard of that movement. His numerous iconic alter egos speak for themselves. He once said:

“I re-invented my image so many times that I’m in denial that I was originally an overweight Korean woman”. Perhaps most tellingly, no one would be surprised if he had been.

From Ziggy Stardust to the Thin White Duke he never lost sight of himself, and even when flying into space to see if there’s any life on Mars, he didn’t forget about earthly joys, especially when standing under the Berlin wall.

In the 70’s, Bowie declared himself gay, then confessed to being bisexual, but in truth, no one is bothered. Whatever rumours circle around him and personal stories he will forever remain a pure sex icon, without labels or gender.