Is It Possible to Find a Sexting Partner on Chat ZoZo?

Online dating
May 29, 2020
Members n/a
Popularity 30,000 visitors a day
Gender proportion 80% male, 20% female
Geography India, Germany, the UK, the USA
Account verification no verification
Mobile app no
Price free
Free version yes
Fraud risk low
Hookup chance ★★★★☆ (known as ZoZo chat) was launched in 2012. This is a free chat and cam site for talkative adult visitors from all over the world who are looking for hookups and casual sex dates. They offer a wide range of opportunities: webcam sex, GIFs, chat rooms, the blog, the forum. And this site is known as the most women-friendly place. Is it really so? Let’s check it out.

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Any user over 18 can join ZoZo sex chat for free. And even more so, the services provided by the site are chargeless at all. Yes, you heard that right: you don’t need to pay anything to use this platform to the fullest. Free adult dating sites exist, it is proven by free ZoZo chat.

They have several membership plans, but all of them are free:

  • Guest Users
  • Registered Users
  • Pro Users
  • VIP Users

All the users have unlimited text/voice/video chat and can send unlimited images, no matter if they are guests, registered users, PRO, or VIP. The difference between account types is not crucial. You can add avatars to your account if you are registered, and additionally use any font color and have special badges when sending your messages if you are PRO. To become a PRO user you should be a regular chatter for half a year, have no problems with administration, and 5-6 users should vouch for you.

All users cannot start private chats with VIP members. VIP users are those who can send messages to any other user — and VIP users are women only. In fact, all these memberships don’t provide considerable advantages.

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Premium Members are mentioned in the site rules and this membership is paid, but it is noted that currently this membership is not enabled.

In fact, if you’re going to be a regular member of the chat community, it is not so difficult to become PRO or VIP (for females). It doesn’t take much time and effort but demonstrates that you can be trusted.

Audience Quality


No surprise that the visitors are looking for sex partners and casual sex with no commitment. The major part of users are said to come from India (24%), 17% are from Germany, 12% are from the UK, and 11% are from the USA. It is not bad if you are looking for international communication, but if you want to find somebody nearby, this chat is not for you. Try another platform, for example, Pure, which is my favorite one. There, you’ll see other people’s ads where they say what they are into right now. The feed you see is location-based, so you won’t lose a partner because of the distance between you.

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The chat users are mostly male, that is why this site really wants to get women to chat. Regular female chatters can prove that they are real by having video chat with an administrator and they will become VIP members, and nobody will be able to disturb them with undesirable private messages. This is a kind of protection from spammers, abusers, and hackers. And don’t take it wrong, such chats are rather decent, nobody will ask you to say or to do something improper.

Men are really active there, and when I entered the chat as a female, I immediately started to receive messages. The chat windows popped up one after another, as I’m not VIP and any member can write to me.

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A man with a descriptive nickname Toilet Slave complained that the female users are mostly professional Snapchat, Kik, and Skype models. I don’t know if he is right, but as a female guest, I saw quite enough dicks of various sizes and forms sent to me. So I’m not surprised that professional Snapchat sex is offered more often here as such services are demanded by the local audience.

Sexual freedom is a great thing, but I’d like to have a more individual attitude and a bit of respect for my desires.

At the same time, some men were really interesting and polite, and I had a good time with them. We spent time flirting without crossing boundaries.

Age Distribution

Adult chat ZoZo is too well-known to violate the age restrictions. But I failed to find any references to the age limitations on the main page. I browsed the site pages and at last, I found this note.

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So if you are under 18, you are not welcome. But in fact, it is impossible to know the age of the audience even approximately. Nobody asks your age when you join the chat.

Fakes and Scammers

There is no verification at all, so you can expect to meet fakes and scammers. As I have already mentioned above, many girls are professional models and they are looking for clients, though the site is positioned as a community of enthusiasts and amateurs. But nobody can make you pay, this is your own decision. Men who pretend to be women in text chats are quite another matter. Free VIP membership for women helps to solve this problem – if a man is talking to a VIP woman, he is sure she is real. In other cases, it is impossible to know exactly the gender of your partner.

Users can read Chat Room Safety Tips to avoid possible mistakes in communication. They are standard, but they still work. In short, they offer you not to share your personal information, not to abuse other users, and keep and mind that people offline never act the same as you see online.

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★★★☆☆ looks very simple with its white background. No pictures, no images, no bright colors. There are enough ads on the site, but they are unobtrusive and don’t irritate. Do you see there white and red buttons at the top of a screen below? They look like a natural element of the site, but these are ads. I didn’t recognize them as ads at first.

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The site is user-friendly. It is not so difficult to understand what button to click.

Signing up

Signup is not obligatory, you can use this site as a guest, and nearly all the options will be available to you. At first, I tried the ZoZo sex chat room as a guest, but then I decided to sign up and become a Registered User. It is very easy and takes around two minutes.

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You need to fill in your name (username and real name, though nobody will check it and you may put down anything you want), your email, and a password. Then specify your gender and confirm you are not a robot. That’s all. You are a Registered Member now. No email verification is required, you can put down any email you want, even nonexistent.


Profiles are not overloaded with information. You can see your username and full name in your profile, as well as how long you are their member. You can add a userpic, but few members do it. In fact, they look so small when you chat, that it doesn’t make sense to use them.

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You can also manage your account.

zozo chat10 - Is It Possible to Find a Sexting Partner on Chat ZoZo?

You cannot see other users’ profiles, but you can block them. Unfortunately, I failed to find how to unblock, it seems that it is impossible.

zozo chat11 - Is It Possible to Find a Sexting Partner on Chat ZoZo?

Honestly, the profiles look bare. Too bare. Though I prefer to be as anonymous as possible, this is too much even for me.


There are two ways to find a partner on the site. You can use one of the ZoZo chat rooms or play roulette.

Chat rooms are dedicated to specific interests and chat topics. On the main page, you can see

  • Live Sex Chat
  • Indian Sex Chat
  • Adult Chat Room
  • Video Chat Room
  • Gay Chat Room
  • Lesbian Chat Room
  • Roleplay Chat Room
  • Couples Chat Room
  • BDSM Chat Room
  • German Chat Room
  • Other Chat Rooms

“Other Chat Rooms” means regional chats for the residents of different countries. They offer 24 local chats, which embrace the world’s largest countries.

It seems so interesting, but in fact, almost all the local chats are dead. The only exceptions are ZoZo Indian chat and German chat. Generally, no matter what regional room you try to enter, you’ll get to the same page where you will be offered to join these rooms:

zozo chat12 - Is It Possible to Find a Sexting Partner on Chat ZoZo?

ZoZo Adult chat and all the ZoZo sex chats (Lesbian, Gay, BDSM rooms) are also empty. There were no bots, there was no spam, and there were no visitors. The only active places are Sex, German, and Indian rooms. German room is the most active, and I don’t know why. In this room, you see the same stuff as in Sex chat: porn pictures, more men than women, though sometimes they speak German.

zozo chat13 - Is It Possible to Find a Sexting Partner on Chat ZoZo?

Pay attention that English is the only allowed language in the non-regional chats. I think this is because of the chat moderators who don’t know other languages.

These chats are text-based, but you can also send voice messages and pictures. If you are tired of sexting chat rooms, there is another option provided by the platform. This is the ZoZo cam chat roulette. It is similar to other random video chats.

I tried to play roulette, but it is not popular among the users. I entered it, but nobody wanted to chat. There were only 4 users online, and they were inactive.

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Mobile App

Chat ZoZo provides no mobile app, but this site is both iOS and Android compatible, and you don’t need to install any additional applications. I tried to open it on my phone, and the result is good.

zozo chat15 - Is It Possible to Find a Sexting Partner on Chat ZoZo?

Security and Privacy


ZoZo-chat seems secure enough. They don’t ask your personal information, so they cannot share it with third parties. No leaks, no possible problems. I saw moderators in the chat rooms, and they really maintained order. But at the same time, the absence of any personal verification gives simple access to fakes.

Hookup chance


If you are a woman, you’ll find a partner in a moment. If you are a man, it will take you more time, but it is possible. Of course, if you are ready to pay for video sex, it will be easier for you to find what you want. But most visitors are searching for free sex. Chat ZoZo is a website designed to help you, and they do their best to attract as many interested females as possible.

Matching algorithm

You can write to any person in the chat. You know nothing about him or her, only a username and gender. No matching algorithms there, you can write private messages to any active user except VIP. You also can talk in a public chat.

Users’ Experience

Generally, I like this chat with its simplicity and sometimes haunting males. I like that I can enter it at any time I want and have sex talk anonymously and totally free. And what about other users?

Some users make odd statements and blame the sex chat for being the sex chat. They claim that this site is not for children as if there were ever any doubt.

zozo chat16 - Is It Possible to Find a Sexting Partner on Chat ZoZo?
zozo chat17 - Is It Possible to Find a Sexting Partner on Chat ZoZo?

At the same time, many users agree with me that this place is worth attention because of a special attitude towards females which attracts them to the site. Lack of women is a common issue on such chats, but ZoZo actively grapples with this problem.

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zozo chat19 - Is It Possible to Find a Sexting Partner on Chat ZoZo?


ZoZo is not bad, but yet too simple. You may get bored with it, so look at these alternatives.



If you like ZoZo for the total anonymity, you’ll like Pure too. Pure is an anonymous dating app where everyone can post personal ads to find a partner. You don’t have to give much personal information, and your chats will disappear in 24 hours. The user base is large and active, that is why it is not difficult to find someone for a sex chat, audio, and nudes exchange. I like this app because sexting is anonymous and completely secure here: self-destructing chats, protection against screenshot taking.



zozo chat21 - Is It Possible to Find a Sexting Partner on Chat ZoZo?

Confide is a screenshot-proof messenger for most major operating systems. This platform is known for its safety. Your conversations are protected from leaking out by self-destructing messages and screenshot-proof system. But the number of daily attachments is limited for free users.



zozo chat22 - Is It Possible to Find a Sexting Partner on Chat ZoZo?

Shagle is an amateur sex chat roulette. You can use both text messaging or video conversation. You can sign up or stay a guest, in any case, you can find a partner here.

To Sum It Up

ZoZo is simple and plain. It can be both an advantage or a disadvantage. Nothing extraordinary, of course, but you can always be sure what to expect. I rather enjoy this platform, actually. I like that I can enter the chat so quickly and leave it at any time I want. I like that there are always real people there, but not only bots and spammers. But what I really dislike about ZoZo and other chats of this type, this is that I never meet my chat partners IRL. That is why I prefer Pure to any other sexting site. I like that Pure gives me a chance to meet my favorite partners offline and have real datings with them. Or stay online, if I want to continue sexting. Pure gives me the freedom to choose together with security, safety, and mobility.


What is Chat ZoZo?

ZoZo Chat or Chat ZoZo is a sex chat platform where you can find a sexting partner.

Is ZoZo free?

This platform is absolutely free. There are several membership plans, but you don’t need to pay for them.

How can I become a VIP member?

First of all, you need to be a woman. Only women can become VIP members. They need to be regular chatters and verify their identity having a video chat with moderators to receive this status. VIP users can send messages to other users, but other users cannot start private conversations with them.

How can I become a PRO user?

You should be a regular chatter for half a year, you should have no problems with moderators, and 5-6 users should vouch for you.

Is it necessary to sign up at ZoZo?

You can chat as a guest, and in this case, you’ll have access to nearly the same options as registered users. If you want to sign up, the process is easy and quick, you needn’t any verification.

Can I stay anonymous on ZoZo?

Yes. Your anonymity is complete because you don’t need any verification and no information on you is available. Don’t disclose your personal information to strangers and your anonymity will not suffer.

Is ZoZO women-friendly?

Yes. They do their best to attract female users. They protect women from spammers and abusers by means of VIP status.

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