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April 18, 2020

I like dating apps that help me boost my game. I already reviewed Hot or Not, a website where each user gets a score for hotness. What’s Your Price dating site has a similar concept. All users can place themselves on the auction and see what “price” other users are ready to pay for them. Obviously, the end goal is dating, not just feeling better or worse about your looks or boosting your ego. Still, What’s Your Price dating algorithm stands out from other sites, and that’s what compelled me to do this What’s Your Price dating review.

whats your price review 6 - My Experience On Finding Paid Dates on What's Your Price
What’s Your Price is a service where you can legitimately pay for dates

What kind of service is What’s Your Price?

The website turns searching for dates into an online auction. Users place their profiles on actions and get offers from others. Some might offer to date you, others to get to know you, while some will get straight to sex. According to official stats, it takes less than 3 days to find a date on the platform. Is this estimate accurate? What’s Your Price reviews say something different: it’s a sugar-dating site, not a universal dating platform. So I signed up to find this out.



What’s Your Price is a paid service. To access any actual dating-related functionality, you need to get credits. Overall, What’s Your Price is a limited platform. Apart from putting profiles on actions and messaging others, you can hardly do anything.

whats your price review 2 - My Experience On Finding Paid Dates on What's Your Price
What’s Your Price main page


Without any investment tt’s possible to create an account, take a look at other accounts and user pictures, and wink at favorite members. Not much, I know.


The full version gives access to messaging and bidding. You can place requests to other users and put your profile up for evaluation. One credit costs $0.50, and you must buy at least 50 credits at once.

Audience quality


What’s Your Price has more than a million users, and 455,000 members are located in the United States. About 55,000 users visit the website at least once a week, it seems to be decent activity. What’s Your Price gay community, is pretty active too, although straight hookups are the most common ones. The average date is worth a $125 bid. You don’t necessarily have to spend that much on the first date, but in my experience, you need to splurge to get good dates here.

whats your price review 7 - My Experience On Finding Paid Dates on What's Your Price
How What’s Your Price works

Age and gender distribution

The platform is slightly more popular among men as 60% of profiles on the platform are male. The majority of women on the platform are college students (20-25 years old). It’s a popular dating service for young people.


Most profiles have real pictures and descriptions and are active in bidding. I am yet to see a fake profile to bid on a user — all requests I got so far were absolutely real.



What’s Your Price is an elegant dating website. Just by the look of it, you’d never guess that it’s an adult dating platform. I like this approach because it’s nice not to have to freak out any time somebody sees this tab open somewhere in my office or while I’m commuting.

whats your price review 11 - My Experience On Finding Paid Dates on What's Your Price
You can create an account on the website or login with Google

Sign up

To create an account on What’s Your Price, you need an email address or a Google account. The What’s Your Price login form allows filling out the basics: what you are looking for, details about your education, work, family, habits, body type, and height. Don’t worry, you don’t have to fill these out immediately. For starters, just age and location are enough.

whats your price review 1 - My Experience On Finding Paid Dates on What's Your Price
The registration form on What’s Your Price is pretty short

My main issue with registration on What’s Your Price is that the website doesn’t seem to have a good idea of what users need to know about each other. A casual dating website should focus more on the sexual aspects of relationships and let users keep their privacy. A platform for serious dating, on the other hand, should give a lot more details on life values, priorities, personal characteristics.

whats your price review 4 - My Experience On Finding Paid Dates on What's Your Price
Here’s an email of verification that I got in my inbox

Let me share a couple tips from my experience. To get started with dating, you need to confirm your email. Also, you need to fill in your profile entirely and upload at least one picture. What’s Your Price guide says that you typically need 3 pictures to be successful on the platform. It’s true; I’ve seen about 3-4 pictures on all successful profiles.

whats your price review 5 - My Experience On Finding Paid Dates on What's Your Price
Here’s an email of verification that I got in my inbox


All profiles list the user’s age, location, body type. A lot of users write their profession and education, too. The site also allows you to specify your annual income. Most female users say that they earn less than $100,000, whereas males are somewhere between $100,000 and $200,000 annually. If you are a guy and you want to succeed on the platform, you have to be rather well-off.

whats your price review 9 - My Experience On Finding Paid Dates on What's Your Price
Profiles are brief but provide enough essential information

If you feel that default questions aren’t enough for you, you can answer questions about your personality and ideal dates. Not too many members take these fields seriously, which makes finding a serious date a big challenge. As for sex dating, What’s Your Price doesn’t ask users about favorite positions, techniques, BDSM types, or dealbreakers. You need to talk these things through private messages.

All pictures are divided into two categories: public and private. Headshots and fully-dressed ones are displayed right in the Feed, whereas private photos are only available to users whose bid you accepted. Here’s another thing I noticed while working on this What’s Your Price Review: the higher the number of your private photos is, the better your chances of getting good bids are.

One thing I like about What’s Your Price profiles is that you can list what kind of relationships you are interested in. You can choose to meet people for casual dating, affairs, sex, friendship and serious relationships. Being able to communicate your intentions is excellent because you avoid so many potential misunderstandings.


After I filled out my profile and uploaded several pictures, I went to explore the dating pool nearby. The first look was very promising: I saw a lot of attractive girls in my area. However, my initial excitement was quickly contained as these popular profiles had so many bidders that my offer would never be competitive enough.

The first move to contact a user — sending a wink — is free. Then, you don’t have to post messages or pickup lines, just send a bid right away. The starting amount is $5, so you have to be careful about whom you bid for. To start bidding, you need to purchase What’s Your Price Credits, and the minimal purchase size is 50 credits.

My advice is to avoid bidding at overly popular profiles. All bids on What’s Your Price can be countered, so if a user is accessible, you are likely to get countless counterbids.

To be successful at What’s Your Price dating, you need to fall at least into one of these categories: Generous and Beautiful. The Generous tag usually applies to men, while for women being beautiful is the most important dating criterion. Yes, What’s Your Price is a superficial dating website, but it doesn’t aim too high.

whats your price review 10 - My Experience On Finding Paid Dates on What's Your Price
Most girls in my area were pretty popular and got a lot of bids


You can only message users who bid you or accepted your bids. Yes, it’s cool because you won’t have too many messages in the inbox, but also, what are the chances of finding a good date without wasting too much money? On other dating platforms, it takes at least 10-20 messages to get a proper date. Multiply that all by 5, and you end up with an expensive date. In the long run, you’ll be better off paying for a full version of a sex dating app and finding as many hookups as you want for free. Pure isn’t nearly as expensive, and you get a free trial to look for sex dates — no need to pay $125 for what might not even be a hookup.

After I took a good look at the platform, it became apparent that no one will pay me for a date. This site is excellent for young and attractive women and rich men, but if you don’t fall in either of these categories or simply dislike the idea of sugaring, What’s Your Price will be a disappointment.

whats your price review 3 - My Experience On Finding Paid Dates on What's Your Price
You can add naked photos or pictures with innuendos to a personal gallery

Mobile app

What’s Your Price doesn’t have a mobile version. You can go to the website on your phone but it’s not comfortable. The functionality and interface are poorly adapted to smartphones, photos and bidding systems are occasionally lagging.

Security and Privacy


What’s Your Price is not a safe dating website. A lot of paying users expect escort or sex rather than just a date. Some members had unfortunate experiences where their partners would threaten them into doing certain things. The website doesn’t have clear guidelines on what to do in such situations. Sure, you can contact the support team, but they take a while to answer.

Overall, What’s Your Price is a nice way to date and make some money if you are experienced. If you didn’t face the harsh reality of getting dating threats before, this platform is not the safest bet.

whats your price review 8 - My Experience On Finding Paid Dates on What's Your Price
What’s Your Price has detailed profile settings

Hookup chance


The chance of going to your first date after spending time on What’s Your Price is rather high. The only question is how much money you are willing to invest in getting a partner. Girls here know exactly what they subscribe to and don’t expect any special compatibility or deep feelings. The same thing is true for guys: here it goes without saying that you’ll likely be paying for expensive dates and gifts.

What’s Your Price is a sugar dating platform, even though it doesn’t say so officially. If you are not ready to pay $125 for a What’s Your Price Date, you’ll be out of the game pretty soon. That said, it’s an excellent opportunity to talk to girls that you won’t usually approach in daily life. Also, it’s a legit destination for paid hookups, and What’s Your Price Dating Reviews confirm it.

whats your price review - My Experience On Finding Paid Dates on What's Your Price
A Reddit review about What’s Your Price

Matching algorithms

As I have already said, two main criteria of dating on What’s Your Price is whether a user is generous and attractive. Sure, it helps if you are both, but mostly even one of these tags would suffice. Also, I feel like I should mention this: men are usually the ones to pay for dates on the platform, but women also can place bids for partners. The platform provides equal, unbiased opportunities.

Alternatives to What’s Your Price

There are not so many What’s Your Price scam reviews, which shows that it’s possible to find legit sugar dates. If you were considering What’s Your Price to find casual dates or hookups, not sugar dating, you could try out other sex dating sites. Here, I made a list of platforms where you can find quick dates, just like on What’s Your Price, only without placing bids worth hundreds of dollars.

pure logo app transparent new 1 - My Experience On Finding Paid Dates on What's Your Price
5.0 ★★★★★
750k members 150k per months 10% / 90% Male & Female
10% / 90% Male & Female
4/5 hookup chance High Sex Chance Geography USA, Europe, International
low fraud risk Verification email, phone, photo Mobile App iOS, Android
$0.95 – $45.95 subscription price Free version minimal set of functions
Free version minimal set of functions
USA, Europe, International
Sponsored ads

One thing Pure shares with What’s Your Price is efficiency in finding dates. If What’s Your Prices uses the auction model to motivate users to treat their dating game seriously, Pure does this by emphasizing security. The chat disappears in an hour, so you have only 60 minutes to plan a fuck date, discuss a location, and exchange nudes. There’s no time for foreplay and ghosting.

screenshot pure app  - My Experience On Finding Paid Dates on What's Your Price
Pure is a sex dating app that prioritizes privacy

Pure positions itself as a platform for sex, something that What’s Your Price failed to do. The service knows its audience very well and speaks its language. You can sext, exchange naked pictures and videos, and your partner can’t take screenshots or copy your messages. All profiles are entirely anonymous. Pure isn’t a free service, but it has a 14-day trial stage, which will likely be enough to find 2-3 dates.

AdultFriendFinder logo app tabl 1 - My Experience On Finding Paid Dates on What's Your Price
3.0 ★★★☆☆
80 million members 400,000 users daily 70% / 30% Male & Female
70% / 30% Male & Female
3/5 hookup chance Medium Sex Chance Geography USA, Europe, International
high fraud risk Verification email Mobile App iOS, Android
$39.95 - $239.95 subscription price Free version basic
Free version basic
USA, Europe, International
Sponsored ads

If you want to date on a platform where you can try out swinging, BDSM, group sex, and all types of experiments, going to the biggest sex dating community is an decent option. Adult Friend Finder has more than 35 million users.  Quite a lot of them are inactive, but you’re still left with thousands of potential dates in your area.

5 adultfriendfinder com - My Experience On Finding Paid Dates on What's Your Price
If you live in a small town, it will be more likely to find a hookup on a big community like AdultFriendFinder

I’ve tried AdultFriendFinder many times, and its community never disappointed me. All members are very outspoken about sex and their experiences, are ready to give advice, and know exactly what they want.

Grindr logo app tabl - My Experience On Finding Paid Dates on What's Your Price
4.0 ★★★★☆
10 million members 3 million/daily LGBTQ+
4/5 hookup chance High Sex Chance Geography USA, Europe, International
low fraud risk Verification email, Facebook Mobile App iOS, Android
$9.99 – $47.88 subscription price Free version all main features are free
Free version all main features are free
USA, Europe, International
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If you are looking for gay dating apps, try out Grindr. It’s the biggest and the oldest sex dating site for gays all over the world. Users here are looking mostly for sex, long-term casual dating at best. Grindr offers many categories that you can type yourself with — Rock, Bear, Daddy, and others. You can easily adjust the Feed to fit your perfect type.

screenshot www grindr com - My Experience On Finding Paid Dates on What's Your Price
The oldest casual dating site for men

I have only two issues with Grindr. The first one is the priceю It’s one of the most expensive gay dating services out there with a monthly subscription for $49. The second issue is the high number of inactive users. The platform is quite old, and many members abandoned their accounts.

Happn logo app tabl - My Experience On Finding Paid Dates on What's Your Price
3.0 ★★★☆☆
450,000 members 150,000/daily 60% / 40% Male & Female
60% / 40% Male & Female
3/5 hookup chance Medium Sex Chance Geography USA, Europe, International
low fraud risk Verification Facebook, phone numbe Mobile App iOS, Android
$24.99 - $119.99 subscription price Free version main features
Free version main features
USA, Europe, International
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This dating app had me intrigued by the concept: Happn looks for users that you happened to pass in real life. It’s an exciting idea: there’s a romantic element of a meet-cute and a geolocation targeting. It’s nice to know that you live in the same neighborhood with your date and possibly are walking the same streets on a daily basis.

happn com - My Experience On Finding Paid Dates on What's Your Price
Happn tracks matches with whom your crossed paths in real life

That being said, I do have a problem with the amount of collected geo-location data. To work correctly, Happn has to track my movements at all times, basically spying on my life. I know that many apps do the same, but it’s just far from the safest approach. If you are okay with risking your privacy for romance, go ahead. Overall, Happn is pretty good.



It’s an adult dating website for virtual and offline hookups. The platform doesn’t limit itself to live dates only. Passion offers a lot of group chats, one-on-one webcam dates, threesome and online games. You don’t have to leave your house to get a great hookup. Another advantage of Passion is a big user pool. The platform has more than 90 million registered users. It’s also often considered one of the best new Craigslist Personals alternative.

How I tried Passion com 05 - My Experience On Finding Paid Dates on What's Your Price
Adult dating website with a big swinging community

It’s not entirely perfect. Passion has many fake users, for example, about 20% of all accounts in my Feed are inactive. Another problem is that many users are too comfortable with virtual options and aren’t also open to hanging out in real life. Still, the functionality of Passion is very versatile and, frankly, impressive.


How does What’s Your Price Work?

It’s a dating service where users can put their profiles on auctions and receive bids or participate in the auction for somebody else. All bids are placed with real money. The value of an average date on What’s Your Price is $129. What’s Your Price claims that bidding allows confirming serious intentions. In reality, it all comes down to sugar dating, namely, attractive women looking for reach partners.

Can I find a relationship on What’s Your Price?

In theory, yes. The platform offers the filter of Serious Relationship for your profiles. However, What’s Your Price requires you to pay for the first date, and you’ll be competing with other users by the size of the bid. This is why building a genuine connection is very difficult. In my experience, you are more likely to find a sugar date than establish a long-term relationship.

Do I have to pay for dates on What’s Your Price?

Yes, you need to place bids to be able to contact users and go on dates. The minimal amount of a single bid is $5. In reality, it usually takes from $50 to $100 to land a date, depending on who your match is.

Is it possible to get a free date on What’s Your Price?

No, to be able to contact dates, you need to place bids. The minimum bid is $5, although it’s usually 10 to 15 times more than that.

Is What’s Your Price only suitable for sugar dating?

No, you can try to find casual dates and serious relationships without getting into sugar relationships. You’ll only pay for the first date to show that your intentions are serious and then, who knows, you can have a regular dating experience.

Can women pay for male dates on What’s Your Price?

Yes, What’s Your Price allows men and women to pay for their dates, and both can get paid for. In reality, bidding is more common among men rather than women. However, you won’t see much competition when it comes to bidding on male accounts, so male dates are likely to be a lot cheaper.

How can I delete my account from What’s Your Price?

You can go to the Account Settings, scroll the page down to the Data Protection section, and request to delete your account.

People you see on Pure are online right now

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Our users are making it clear: they want to hookup within one hour.

Unlike most sex websites, we do not have awkward questionnaires. The service works as a local sex app based on your location: the first thing you need to get a match is your registration.

After your sign-up, you will see lots of people in your district with the distance between you shown. To try your fate, you can like, dislike or super like other members to come together. The last step is a flirty conversation, which starts if your chemistry is mutual.

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Download Pure from Google Play or App Store
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app store button 1024x317 - My Experience On Finding Paid Dates on What's Your Price


What’s Your Price has an interesting concept which allows users to find out more about their attractiveness and chances on the dating market. If you have no particular looks but are ready to invest in your dating life, this platform allows that. If you want to meet a mature cougar, this platform will work for you too. It’s not 100% a sugar dating site because technically you are paying only for the first date. Everything else depends on the personal preferences of the couple.

If you tried Tinder, Match, OkCupid, and nothing worked for you, What’s Your Price might be a great option. However, I would suggest trying other hookup services first. There are plenty of platforms where you don’t have to pay for each dating request.

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