WellHello review 2020

Members 600,000
Popularity 70,000/monthly
Gender proportion 65% males 35% females
Geography USA, Europe, International
Account verification email
Mobile app Android
Price $1.00 – $119.88
Free version basic account
Fraud risk high
Hookup chance ★★☆☆☆

Not that long ago I heard about this WellHello, so I’ve decided to take a look and give it a proper review. Everything from the registration process, members’ quality, and up to the design and the cost of the service.

What is WellHello

The simple and straight answer to this is that WellHello is a hookup website where people look for a one night stand and nothing more. No relationship, no marriage, no strings attached. So the place isn’t right if you want that fairy tale where your partner falls in love with you after one hot night.

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WellHello page seems simple and friendly. Nothing spectacular though.

Once you register at the platform, you receive a lot of messages from people who are around you and have liked your profile. Well, at least, this is what the marketing ads tried to tell me. You have to be aware that here members are straightforward and won’t hesitate to ask you about your sexual preferences or fantasies right away. This is a typical deal here, and you should be aware of this part of the game. Another sugar to my tea, but last time I had sugar in my tea, it was 2009, honey.

You will be visible online whenever you are on the website and are active in it. That seems like a good feature. Now let’s move onto the actual “in-action” WellHello experience.

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Complete anonymity
1367 users online now

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Discreet dating
855 users online now



Of course, the platform poses as a free one, but all you can do without spending money, it is to get yourself an account and just view profiles in your area. Yet, some photos on the website also available after you paid the monthly rate. To begin a conversation or chatб you need to upgrade to a premium paid membership. You can get 1-day free trial for only $1. It seems shady, but you kinda don’t have any other choice. But is it all? What’s behind it?

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For $1 only you can start your personal experience with WellHello. Without it, you won’t be able to talk with anyone.

Free Service

As a basic member, you can have your account and full profile, if you want one. Then, if you get lucky, and someone notices you and sends you a message, you can read it. To reply though, you would need to get paid membership. It is also supposed to allow you to like photos of other users, but I couldn’t do that as a free member. I had to purchase that $1 thing.

Pais Service

After you had your time around the website, you can decide to stay on that basic one or move onto a Premium subscription. Premium, as usual, comes with better perks. For instance, you can finally send unlimited messages, view photos of other users that are private, and video chat with others.

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Besides the $1 trial you have 2 more options to upgrade to.

Audience Quality


Women tend to text you first. I registered as a female and thought I’d have to switch or whatever. To my surprise, the platform didn’t ask me who I was looking for and just gave me all users in my area. EVERY USER. What the…? I didn’t ask for it.

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Some profiles are too good to be true and look more or less like webcam models.

Age Distribution

You have to at least 18 years old to get an account at WellHello. The majority of users are between 25 and 45 years old. So pretty much everyone can find what they are looking for, age-wise. And if you’re looking for a dedicated cougar dating app, maybe it’s better to look at some other place.

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The majority of users are between 25 and 45 years old

Fakes and Scammers

As for me, I could detect a bunch of scammers or catfishing. Some profiles were full of absurd and just a bunch of random photos, not related to each other. And guess what, those were the first to text me. They were definitely not real people, either fakes or bots.

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You type in WellHello dot com and expect to see something intriguing and slightly naughty. It is a hookup website and 21st century, for Christ’s sake! Instead, it looks like a cheap website with lame design. You don’t have to believe me, but hear me out. For example, Pure is the complete opposite of it in the best possible way. It has some sort of naughty chic and the very moment I open the app, it gets me thinking dirty.

Back to WellHello, it is rather easy to navigate. Once you set up all filters, you will get a bunch of profiles based on your preferences and location. You can change those any moment.

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Let’s say the first page looks the best.

Signing up

WellHello sign-in process is easy, and you will catch it right away on the front page. You can register as a male or female, and there is an option for couples too. You would need an email and a secure password. You will get an email with a verification link, so you better provide a valid email address. Also, put in your age and zip code to locate you and match with other singles near you.

After you have filled it all, you will be forwarded to the purchase page with all the premium packages they have. But you can skip it and go to the free area.


To ensure that you are a real and completely legit person, you need to validate your account via email. Whatever information you put when you just registered for the first time, you can change anytime later.

Each profile of a user will show you the information about his or her sexual and kinky preferences. Pay attention, though: if it is too good to be true, it might be a bot.

post image
It is easy to fill in your account.


The searching filter is available only for your location, gender preference (which did not work in my case), and age. Once you’re done with it, you will get a list of your potential perfect matches.

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The list ain’t short and you can find someone you really like or 10 people who you really like.


Without the Premium membership, you won’t be able to message anyone. The same goes for sending flirts. But once you upgrade your subscription, you will get unlimited messages. You will also have an option to add members to your “Favorite” list to keep them all in the same place so you won’t lose them.

If you don’t want to upgrade your membership, the only way to communicate is through likes. Besides that, any user can invite someone they like to view their private gallery.

Mobile app

There is none. You can’t go to the Google Play or App Store and download the app. You can easily access it through any mobile device from your favorite browser. Let’s hope it’s not Internet Explorer. That is nice, but I’m a Millennial so I prefer the app over the mobile version. I have a few on my phone, and Pure is my favorite so far. That app got me obsessed with their design and usability. It has Ads instead of profiles, it is free for females, and I’m totally loving it. Simply because I never had to spend a night alone when I was using it. If you know what I mean. Wink wink.

post image
WellHello is not the most convenient website out there.

Special features

Like any other dating app, WellHello has unique, in their opinion, features.

Private gallery

The main one is Photo Gallery. As a member, you can upload up to 10 photos, and as the owner, you can either make them visible to everyone or hide them and open only to those users that you like. To have that gallery private, you would, of course, need to have a premium membership.

WellHello Survey

The survey claims to know a lot about your sexual spirit. After answering 20 sex questions, you will get one reward out of three.

Trial period

For $1 you can get yourself a sweet deal. One day trial with all the premium features is available for $1.

Security and privacy


The platform looks legit and real. Women message you first, and they are active. Yet you’ll never know, so I would suggest being aware. There are rumors that the site creates female users on their own to attract more male customers. So try not to share your personal information right away; try to get to know the person you are talking to and set more trust between you. Set the first date in a public place, just in case. Safety always comes first.

Hookup chance


I wasn’t impressed with neither female nor male users and ended up with nothing exciting after using WellHello. At the beginning of this review the marketing lines blurred my mind, but the reality made them disappear very fast. So, completely free hookups at WellHello? Well, no.

Matching algorithm

The only matching engine that you will get is your location. Even gender preference didn’t work for me.

Pure: The Best WellHello Alternative

Like I’ve mentioned before, Pure is the app that I would prefer over WellHello. First of all, it is extra easy to sign up with your email or Google / Apple ID. Then you create an ad that can either contain your photo and the ad text or just text. There you can tell others what you’re looking for, share your fantasies or kinks. It is straightforward and users around you will get the idea of your preferences just by looking at your advertisement. The built-in chat is available for you and your match for 24 hours. In this time, you can sext, discuss all the fantasies, and maybe agree on the meetup the place without wasting your time. And if both of you would want to keep in touch, you can turn off the chat timer by tapping the collar icon. This makes the service inaccessible and uninteresting for bots, fakes, and crooks. Pure users are live personalities who do not hide their desires and want to find a partner the same day or so.


Is it possible to disable email notifications in WellHello?

Yes, it is possible. Just hit “Email preferences” and you can disable all the notifications there.

Can I add a WellHello member as a friend?

Of course. Once the two of you confirm it, you will appear on each other’s profiles.

Can I delete my WellHello profile?

Yes, you can delete your profile anytime.

How do I delete my WellHello profile?

You can contact support by “Submit a new ticket.”

What are Favorites in WellHello?

This is a special feature where you can add to the list all the profiles that you like to keep them in one place.

What are Private Galleries in WellHello?

You can upload up to 10 photos to the Private Gallery and open them only to the users you pick.

Can I stop an invited WellHello member from viewing my Private Gallery?

Yes, you can stop them and adjust the settings anytime.

How do I discontinue someone’s access to my WellHello Private Gallery?

Just hit “Kick from the Privates” and the user will never see them again.

How do I invite other WellHello members to my Private Gallery?

You have a button that calls “Invite to the Private.” Easy like that.

What is the WellHello survey?

Those are questions about your sex life. After submitting them, you get 1 out of 3 rewards by your choice.

What reward do I get from taking part in the WellHello survey?

You can get access to joining MyFreeCams, a free lifetime account on, or a free lifetime membership to

How much are those WellHello rewards worth?

$49.99 per month.

Why do I need a WellHello membership upgrade?

To message anyone, you need to upgrade your membership.

What comes with a WellHello membership upgrade?

You will have access to all premium features that are offered, which also includes unlimited messaging.

What are the payment options available for WellHello membership?

You can pay with a bank card or a gift card.

Aya Lisch
Has lifelong interest for all the sex and kinky experiments. Dedicated her life to traveling the world to explore differ aspects of international dating from Hong Kong to New York. Turned each failed date and one night stand into occasional stand-up comedy shows.

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