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It might be arduous to find love, but meeting for a casual encounter has never been easier. If you don’t have an ambition for a serious relationship, it doesn’t mean you should limit yourself in search for dates. After all, you always can go to a personal dates website and meet soul-mates.

What’s personal dating?

It’s a no-strings-attached relationship where both sides know what they want and don’t expect long-term ambitions. Casual sex comes in a package. The tradition started from Craigslist, where people posted their ads and found safe hookups for the night.

Craigslist Personals was closed, but the demand remained. Now personals dating is a popular trend that has grown into a culture. No-commitment dates are convenient for busy, active, and independent millennials — although it’s opened for all ages and genders.

5 reasons to do personals datings

  • 1. Meeting multiple people simultaneously. You expose yourself to different experiences from partners with various ages, experiences, and backgrounds. Don’t limit yourself to one option when there are so many opportunities out there.
  • 2. Focus on self-development and career. A committed relationship can feel like a full-time job. You need to show attention, make calls, remember details. With casual dates, there is absolute freedom. The best part is, you can quit anytime.
  • 3. No jealousy. Personals dates don’t obsess over each other, endangering freedom and trust. With casual hookup, you stay with each other because you want to, not out of an obligation. If you’d rather keep meeting as a one-night fling, you have a right to do that, too.
  • 4. Exploring preferences and dealbreakers. Experimenting, trying new sexual pleasures, and exchanging experience with no expectations — that’s how you create your own romantic tastes.
  • 5. Freedom over important life decision. You don’t have to explain yourself and your life choices. No one gets to talk about your priorities and lifestyle. With casual dating, staying your person is natural.

Pure — an innovative free dating personals app

A casual encounter doesn’t have to be all about sex, and it doesn’t have to be dirty. The best services combine both emotional involvement, interests and sexual preferences — all crucial aspects.

Here’s where Pure stands out among similar applications:

  • more than 500.000 users all over the world with one of the biggest user pools in the United States;
  • online ads are created by real people — each one of them confirms email to validate profile;
  • the platform is designed both for long-term relationships and one-time encounters.

How to start dating personals on Pure?

Step 1. Create an account. All you need is to enter an email, chose a password, indicate your gender and preferences. The registration takes 10-20 seconds.

Step 2. Validate your email account to contact a match. You’ll see the letter in your inbox as soon as you completed the registration.

Step 3. Start browsing matches nearby and go through their personal ads. The app automatically selects the best matches available in your area.

Step 4. Send requests to personal profiles. As soon as another user confirms your match, you will see the profile in your chat.

Step 5. You have 60 minutes to talk to your potential date online. After an hour, the chat automatically disappears. It’s time to go on an actual personals date.

pure sex app

Pure changes the game of casual encounters

I am:

Looking for:

My email:

Anyone who tried casual dating knows that ghosting can be a real issue. If your match ignores messages or replies with delays, the relationship feels the opposite from fun. In Pure, it’s not like that.

The 60-minute rule means that all chat contents and profile information will disappear in an hour after the user’s registration. All users whom you see on Pure have registered an account recently and are ready to date now. An hour is enough to get to know the person on a basic level, but it’s still a limitation that motivates to keep the conversation direct and to the point.

Privacy is bulletproof. Not only all messages and profile data are protected by end-to-end encryption, but they literally disappear from the servers. Once the ad is deleted, it’s like you were never registered in the first place.

Staying fully anonymous has never been easier. Registration doesn’t require social media links or mobile number confirmations.

Your encounters — your rules

Set up a filtered search and edit the list of requirements depending on how much information you want to know about the date.

  • Ethnicities. Expose yourself to different cultures. Pure has communities of Asian, Indian, Latian, Native American, Middle Eastern, Pacific Islander users.
  • Religion. Usually, the topic of religion isn’t brought up during casual chats, but if you want to share the same worldview with the date, set up a filter.
  • US cities. Whether you are in Washington, California, or Illinois, there is a perfectly suited match out there, waiting for you in your area.

Real dates and responsible attitude

Dating a personal is possible in an hour. The go-and-get approach to casual encounters unites the community of Pure users. Direct communication, quick replies, and a clear idea on romantic and sexual preferences — that’s how interaction works here.

Join an instant dating community!

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