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Dating is about combining diversity and differences in an organic way. Interests, preferences, romantic background, religion, education — you want a perfect mix of variety and resemblance. That’s why our platform unites people of different and same cultures — you can choose whether you want to date a person with a similar cultural background or not.

Native American dating challenges

Keeping a pure bloodline

To keep Native American ethnicity diverse and numerous, you have to consider your dating choices. Of course, nothing technically obligates you to meet people from your cultural background. Still, it’s a significant advantage to share the same ethnicity with your partner, if preserving your ties is one of your priorities.

Legal issues

The United States and Canada provide Native Americans with a special legal status. It’s essential to keep your bloodline more or less pure to have the same privileges passed to your kids and grandkids.

Preserving your cultural identity

The Native American community is one of the most friendly and tight ethical communities in the US. Having a partner who’s also the part of the group makes things a lot easier. You can participate in the same cultural activities, participate in collective actions, and spread your culture together.

A small dating pool

All these challenges inevitably lead to one colossal consequence — your choices of potential love partners considerably shrinks. Finding single Native American guys and women who also share your interests, lifestyle, outlook, and lives nearby is a challenge like no other.

Reasons to use the Native American dating website on Pure

Native Americans constitute a small percentage of the American population, and it’s easy to start feeling as if everyone around you is somewhat different. Chances are, you’ll be surprised how many people nearby share the same cultural background.

Share a passion for Native American culture

If you are interested in preserving Native American customs and cultural specifics, entering an ethnically cohesive dating community is the easiest way to find someone who will have the same lifelong passion.

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Choose people with the same cultural heritage

Classical dating traditions of native Indians are very particular — and with our selection, you can preserve that unique feel.

No racial prejudice

Dating people with the same cultural background is a safe assurance that you will not be mistreated based on your cultural history paired with someone who doesn’t share your historical views.

Benefits of Pure

Our platform has a friendly community of culturally-conscious American Indian personals all over the United States and Canada.

  • Quick registration. You need to fill out only the most basic information — name, location, age, education, career. Additional fields like interests and romantic background can be filled out later.
  • A rich selection, based on your location. The service shows you all Native American single men and women nearby. Chances are you never ken that so many people around you share the same cultural background.
  • Multi-faceted selection process. Pure has smart dating algorithms that analyze the romantic and sexual preferences of 300 000+ users, personality traits, interests, and combines the most suitable matches.
  • Pure anonymity. Unlike most sex and Backpage websites, the chats will destroy itself in an hour after the beginning of a conversation. No one will ever read it after 60 minutes have passed.
  • Go on a real-life date. Pure is on the no-ghosting policy. The service encourages users to go on live meetings as soon as possible. In less than an hour, you’ll be seeing your future love.

Download Pure from Google Play or App Store to start dating a Native American right now! Alternatively, you can explore our other free hookup reviews for all.

James Miller
Born in Los Angeles, graduated from a college as a journalist, and spent several years as a freelancer writing about cultural events. From 2017, James writes about love and relationships and explores dating services.

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