All you need to know about sugar mommas and where to find them

Sugar Momma Dating and What Sites to Use to Find Her


Nowadays, people are more and more open about their dating, and old social rules that we used to know are fading away. Together with open people from the LGBTQ+ community, sugar dating is getting back on track. I know what you are going to say, Sugar Daddies has been around forever. But what about Sugar Mommas and their needs? Not that many cougars are encouraged to go out with younger guys. And all sugar babies need love and financial support. Female sugar dating where a woman is a Sugar Momma has to be visible and acceptable as both mommas and babies have to have love and financial support.

Same reason I’ve decided to look out for myself and my younger friends and see what the market has to offer if I’m looking for sugar momma dating sites. But before that, let’s break into the benefits of having sex with cougars and having a Sugar Momma.

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Benefits of dating a sugar momma

Sugar momma dating perks

When you feel that having any kind of relationship with older women is your thing, you should totally go for it. Here are awesome perks of dating a sugar momma.

  • A sugar momma is mature. She is older, meaning she has more life experience. Sugar momma won’t be irrational or emotional without any particular reasons. She knows who she is and what exactly she wants. This is why she is looking for a dating site for sex.
  • A sugar momma is experienced. She could definitely teach you a few new tricks in sex. She is eager to please you and she knows what you should do to get her to the highest orgasm point.
  • A sugar momma is financially stable. She is most likely divorced or has never been yet she has money and we don’t care what’s her income source. What we care about is that she pays for hotels, food, shopping, and multiple vacations to please her sugar baby.
  • A sugar momma has zero drama. Sugar momma won’t get upset if you have a night out with your friends or that you still like to play video games. She cares about orgasms and a good time together when you both are available. Being a drama queen is in the past for her.
  • A sugar momma is confident and beautiful. Obviously, she is taking care of herself. She is confident about her looks and her financial situation. Sugar momma will play seductive games as she knows exactly how to turn you on within seconds.

She wants a younger man, not a baby. That is also something to keep in mind. You can meet Sugar Mommas in bars, book stores, coffee shops, and pretty much everywhere. However, why leave your couch if you can use sugar momma dating apps and arrange everything online. I tested 7 sugar momma dating websites to see which ones are worth your time and where you can get you the best possible outcome.

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Best sugar momma apps

To get a Sugar Momma you need to be confident yourself

Best sugar momma dating apps

I handpicked seven apps for you for any occasion and mood. Hookups, 100 percent free sugar momma dating site, and even a few apps if you want to have more serious relationships with your sugar momma.

Platform Odds of success
Seeking Arrangement ★★★☆☆
Pure ★★★★★
Tinder ★★★☆☆
Ashley Madison ★★★☆☆
Older Women Dating ★★★☆☆
Cougar Life ★★★★☆
Rich Meet Beautiful ★★★★☆

Seeking Arrangement

Premium account

1 month $19.95
3 months $44.84

Seeking Arrangement was created in 2006 for the young generation who are looking for sugar daddies and sugar mommas. Those who can provide better financial support and mentoring. In other words, they look for spiritual combined with sexual mentoring and simply better, much easier life.

In other words, Seeking Arrangements will definitely teach you how to mix business with pleasure. If you are a young stud seeking for a wealthy sugar momma you can try it on this app, but let’s dig deeper into the details.

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Seeking arrangements has only 20% of sugar mommas and daddies and nearly 80% are sugar babies looking for sponsors


  • Claims to help you to find at least one perfect arrangement within a few days.
  • Has a strict profile verification.
  • Has nearly 10 million users worldwide.


  • Available only for Android and as a website.
  • Only 20% of users are sugar mommas and daddies.
  • To send messages you need to upgrade to Premium.

Despite the fact that there is no app for iOS, overall I liked the platform and it is available for Android users. It is smooth to navigate and I did find a few mommas. I would most likely want to meet up with some of them. But I didn’t have that bigger pool to choose from.

About 50 sugar mommas were in my area, which is my city and 250-mile radius, and that was my personal bummer as I didn’t really like them much.



for female users free
1-week from $11.99
1 month from $21.99
3 months from $43.99
12 months from $54.99

I am:

Looking for:

My email:

Pure is the app that has the perfect combination of easy usage and active users. Great to use as the sugar momma dating app because all you need to do is to place an ad about you seeking something or somebody, and get connected with people in your area. After you get connected in a chat, you will be able to talk for 24 hours and then you either can move offline for some face-to-face fun or you both can extend the chat for longer. To send the request to turn off the timer, tap a collar in the top right corner of the chat window. If the vibe is simply not there, leave the chat, and all the content will be deleted immediately.

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Pure is easy to use and it is focused on hookups.


  • Free to use for female users.
  • Perfect for simple hookups.
  • You see the ads of people nearby.
  • The safest app to use.
  • Zero chance for scammers to invade your privacy.


  • Most users are based in big cities, not in quiet areas.

Pure is the app that I personally like a lot and use it from time to time. This time I went on to place my ad about me looking for a sugar momma in my area. That was a complete win. Within an hour I had a few mature women who connected with me and one of them was ready to meet within the next couple of hours for some nasty.

And don’t get me wrong, I earn enough, yet her purse itself cost just about my annual income. We liked each other and she went straight to the point about things she expects from me and what she is willing to provide in return. Eventually, I told her the truth that I am a journalist and offered to pay the bill. She was slightly upset and left me her number just in case I’d change my mind.

For the experiment’s sake, I went on a date with her.


Tinder Plus

1 month from $9.99
6 month from $34.99
12 months from $54.99

Tinder Gold

1 month from $14.99
6 month from $52.99
12 months from $82.99

We all know Tinder and I know for a fact that people are using it regardless of their age. It is not really a sugar momma dating site yet you can make it possible. You have free access to filters where you can specify the age of your potential matches and voila, you will get only those first. It is LGBTQ+ friendly so would be a good option for one of the lesbian sugar momma dating sites. If you are interested more in TG, TS, and TV, you should check out free shemale dating sites.

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Tinder might be the most popular app but the amount of bots is overwhelming.


  • All users can send messages, no subscription needed.
  • Available worldwide.


  • A lot of bots.
  • The subscription price is based on your age.
  • Empty profiles.

At the end of the day, Tinder might seem like an easy dating app. But the amount of all possible bots for both males and females is annoying as hell. I didn’t meet bots on Tinder that are trying to lurk money from you yet all of them are simply wasting your time and that is even more valuable for most of us. We all are used to getting it right now right here. In that case, I think Pure would be more suitable for a right-here-right-now kind of moment. The app is perfect for “find hookups near me” kind of people with straightforward ads that can directly express your intentions and desires.

Ashley Madison

Free for female users


100 Credits $59.00
500 Credits $169.00
1,000 Credits $289.00

Ashley Madison was created for those people who are married but also look for a fling on the side. Indeed a sugar momma dating website with a lot of active users. Of course, if that sugar momma is married and doesn’t plan on divorcing just yet. Some people just want to escape their daily routine and what is a better way to spend that time in the company of a sugar baby, right?

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Ashley Madison is a pioneer within dating apps.


  • Strong security.
  • Females can use the platform for free.
  • People are only looking for affairs.


  • A lot of model-looking bots who are trying to keep things online only.
  • In order to enjoy the platform, you need to pay.
  • Empty profiles.

Ashley Madison has been providing married people with affairs for decades now and, I must say, it has a good reputation in general. Not including the fact that back in the day a lot of personal information of users was hacked and leaked to the masses. Since then creators kept a close eye on the security that seems to forget about other things like the simple design and usability. Yet a lot of my married friends do use Ashley Madison for some casual fun.

Older Women Dating

Upgraded Subscription

1-week $9.99
1 month $24.99
3 months $49.99
6 months $79.99

This one is close to being a “free sugar momma dating website” but not close enough. You would need to have an upgraded subscription to respond to messages. Yet the platform has been linking people for 18 years now and keeps going strong. Its navigation is intuitive, so you don’t have to know any technicalities and you will be like a fish in the water. Fish in the water full of sugar mommas.

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Older women dating has fewer sugar mommas and more young males who are looking for them.


  • A lot of active and eager users.
  • Easy registration.


  • You need to pay to be able to exchange messages with other users.
  • Fake profiles who want to keep things online only.
  • There are a lot of young male users.
  • Empty profiles.

I liked to use this app and it seems very friendly and a few profiles looked amazing. But after I send those sugar mommas a few messages I got very cold responses and they all wanted to keep things online. That was my personal bummer and I didn’t want to continue the search and got back to Pure, where within a few hours I arrange myself a crazy drinking date.

Cougar Life

Premium Subscription

1 month $40.00
3 months $87.00
12 months $144.00

Cougar Life is an amazing website for an older woman to find a younger guy. Yet, the platform is far away from making the top 100 free sugar momma dating sites. If you want to send messages or do anything else besides creating an account, you have to pay. You can also check the best casual sex app if you want to find something else.

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Cougar Life app is mixed with straightforwardness and ultimate inside-of-app tech bugs.


  • The basic search filter is free.
  • Advanced search filters are available: body type, ethnicity, height.


  • To enjoy the app you need to have paid membership.
  • The app kept throwing me away every single time I tried to get myself a match. Annoying.

There are a lot of male users. This is good for cougars to choose from, yet for us guys, it makes the app a little crowded, and each of us gaining fewer chances to meet hot cougars. I didn’t get much luck because I might not look that good for these ladies, but I’m sure this is just my bad fortune.

Rich Meet Beautiful

Premium Membership

1 month $69.99
3 months $179.97
6 months $299.94
12 months $479.88

Not exactly a free sugar momma dating site. Quite opposite, the app is pricey and fancy. The website focuses on people who are based in the USA and Europe mostly, meaning you will see all Eastern-European women there too. Those women are considered to be the most beautiful women in the world, and age doesn’t matter there.

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RichMeet Beautiful is available for the USA and Europe.


  • Open for all kinds of kinky.
  • Leading sugar dating app.


  • Expensive.
  • You don’t have matching suggestions, only a manual search.
  • The desktop version is dull if compared to the mobile app.

The platform was launched in 2017 that makes it quite new to the market, but it has definitely gained reputation and popularity within the best sugar momma dating sites. Mostly for its openness to all the kinky stuff that is existing out there in the world. I enjoyed app more than a desktop version yet I think it is quite pricey as for the dating app. Even if it’s kinky. Pure has the same kinkiness and open-minded users for a much acceptable price. For instance, instead of getting a $69 monthly subscription at RichMeetBeautiful you can get a yearly subscription for Pure for $54.99 and have enough money left to get yourself the biggest cup of your fav coffee at Starbucks.

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Sugar momma dating is something everyone should try


What is sugar momma dating?

Sugar momma dating means to date an older woman who will support you financially.

How to find sugar momma?

You can find them nearly everywhere. In bookstores, coffee shops, bars, and using dating apps. The latter tend to be the most popular option nowadays.

What is the best app to use within free sugar momma dating sites?

There are a lot of apps to use for free sugar momma dating. The most popular are Older Women Dating, Pure, and Seeking Arrangement.

Does Sugar Momma have to pay my bills?

Usually yes. Such relationships are built individually and all such details are discussed in person. As Sugar Momma, she has to take care of her Sugar Baby financially.

Can I have multiple Sugar Mommas?

If you are ready to mingle with your time, yes, you can. Yet, as a suggestion, try to be honest with each of your Sugar Mommas. It will save you some unnecessary headaches in the future.

James Miller
Born in Los Angeles, graduated from a college as a journalist, and spent several years as a freelancer writing about cultural events. From 2017, James writes about love and relationships and explores dating services.

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