How I got tricked into sexting fake girls on Spdate: full review

Members 700,000 members
Popularity 500,000 weekly active users
Gender proportion 23% females, 70% males
Geography USA
Account verification no
Mobile app no
Price $39.99
Free version free registration and messaging
Fraud risk high
Hookup chance ★☆☆☆☆

I try to register on websites with a fine reputation and positive reviews. Sometimes, however, I look at complaints, where people list scam websites and share their negative experiences. Spdate was exactly one of such platforms. The only positive reviews I saw about the service looked suspiciously fake, whereas the negative ones were a lot more detailed and realistic.

I started dating on the platform to see what the site has to offer. This is my Spdate review where I uncover everything — the good, bad, and ugly.

The platform attracts users with its free version but what comes after?

Spdate is a sex dating platform where you can find partners for instant hookups. The website mostly targets straight users: as soon as I registered an account, I was transferred to the Feed with female profiles without getting a chance to specify my orientation — Spdate assumes that you are straight by default.

This is not a platform for dating or relationships. The word “date” here basically means a quick one-night hookup.



Right away, the website surprises with an affordable pricing policy. The free version is useful: you can register, upload photos, look for matches nearby, and even chat in messengers. With all essential functionality, getting an upgrade is not necessary.

However, if you want to get unlimited access to galleries, see the most active members, and get promoted in the feed, you can acquire a premium plan for $39.99 per month. These costs aren’t reasonable since upgrade doesn’t offer improved functionality, certainly not for $40.

Audience quality


According to statistics, Spdate has 700,000 users from the United States, and 500,000 are active every week.

The website is popular among males — guys take up 73% of the platform. With less than a third of female accounts, you already understand how unlikely it’ll be to find a decent hookup. The most common age group among women is 18-24 years old. The majority of men are 34-30 years old.

My chat was full of Spdate fake profiles and ads

Fakes and scammers

Now we got to the most interesting part. Spdate uses fakes a lot. The moment I registered on the website, my inbox was flooded with messages. All girls were above average and wanted to date me in an hour. I got these messages before I even uploaded a profile picture — apparently, my black avatar is incredibly attractive.

Spdate is inherently evil. Even though the platform uses fake profiles, it bothers to identify fakes. All fake accounts have an UP sign near the photo, which means “Unreal Personality.”

The feed is mostly fake

I went to the “Discovery” page, where the service offers profiles of potential matches. Unfortunately, I went through 30 profiles and didn’t see a single real one. Meanwhile, my inbox was overflooding with incoming messages from UPs.

Most personalities on Spdate are unreal



Spdate is a badly designed platform. Because the majority of users don’t buy the subscription, the website tries to make money from ads. This is why naked ads are everywhere. These banners mask to the Spdate site’s interface — you’ll see girls that “want” to date you, hot matches nearby, and incoming messages, which all then lead to other questionable sex dating platforms.

Signing up

The registration page is possibly the cleanest on the website. The platform still tries to make a positive impression and doesn’t show naked people everywhere. The registration form is primitive: I had to specify name, email, gender, and age.

It’s ironic that the registration page promises real people

The registration takes less than a minute. You can upload a picture right away or browse feed first. Spdate allows all kinds of profile photos: both headshots and full nakedness are acceptable.

The main issue I had with Spdate is the absence of the Spdate login page. It’s absurd, but once you’ve logged out, there’s no coming back. You’ll have to make a new account or never log out.


Personal profiles are basic, too. After registration, I got asked if I want to fill out the information about my work and interests or upload more pictures. The website doesn’t limit the allowed number of photos — you can upload as many as you’d like.

Profiles are full of ads. At the top of the page, you get a banner with “a new message,” which in reality leads to another website. Throughout my Spdate experience, I established a rule not to click anywhere, if I don’t want to infect my computer or go to suspicious pages.

When you browse pages of other members, you can see all their public information — descriptions, photos, and videos. I liked the feature that allows asking users to upload more photos — it comes handy if your potential match has only 1-2 vague pictures.


Spdate doesn’t have search filters. The application automatically decides what matches to offer. In reality, this doesn’t make any difference, because all profiles are fake anyway.

The matching is done via the “Discovery” page. The platform will offer pictures with matches nearby, and you can either agree to date or decline the profile. If both users agree, they are matched up and can talk in the chat. Again, this is purely a theoretical concept since all my “interests” matched me back because they were fake.

A girl is indeed attractive — too bad she isn’t real


After you sign up for the service, you see incoming Spdate messages from fake users. You can try talking to these accounts, and they will send you pictures in underwear. If you try asking a couple of questions, they won’t answer.

Also, in the Spdate chat, you have to be just as careful not to click anywhere. All these notifications about incoming messages and new contacts are ads.

The chat request buttons are fake

Sex request

Spdate has an additional feature, meant to make matching easier. If you want to bang a date, you can send a sex request — no need for foreplay. Sounds good, but the reality is different. The “Sex Request” button is also an ad which leads to a pornsite. Just for the sake of an experiment, I tried the same action on other profiles — still no luck.

Mobile app

Spdate app for iOS and Android doesn’t exist, but the website has a mobile version. You can access the site via your browser. It’s not as comfortable as a desktop version, because all the banners are poorly resized, which is why the page feels cluttered.

Security and privacy


Spdate dating site doesn’t even come close to the definition of a safe website. For one thing, there’s no profile verification. Even though I gave my email address, the platform didn’t send a confirmation email. Theoretically, I could’ve entered any email, and Spdate would register a profile. These are excellent conditions for creating fakes.

The number of fake profiles is overwhelming. The fact that I didn’t see a single real user nearby begs for a question: how many users are real? Something tells me that a small percentage. Even those profiles that don’t have an UP in front of them are long-time inactive. As for now, the website is a total scam.

Hookup chance


The hookup chance on SpDating was zero percent for me. Maybe, other users got luckier, but I never got anything other than unreal personalities and Spdate spam. The platform doesn’t even give you a shot at trying to hookup because there are no real people for that.

Matching algorithms

The service uses a swiping system, similar to Tinder’s. It also relies on location as the main matching criterion. You can take a look at match’s interests when you visit the profile, but you can’t see them directly in search.

Alternatives to SpDating

Usually, I don’t have overly high standards for dating services. I can tolerate the lack of account verification or occasional use of fakes if the real user pool has something to offer. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case with Spdating. The way service is now it’s frankly good for nothing.

It’s free, but I’d rather invest my time in real hookups than fake chats. If you want actual hookups, don’t worry, there are many legitimate services out there.

This is how the Feed looks in Adult Friend Finder


Members 80 million
Popularity 400,000 users daily
Gender proportion 70% males, 30% females
Geography USA, Europe, International
Account verification email
Mobile app iOS, Android
Price $39.95 — $239.95
Free version basic
Fraud risk high
Hookup chance ★★★☆☆

AdultFriendFinder has a huge userbase — 400,000 daily. A small percentage of them are fake — especially girls, but it doesn’t change the fact that AFF attracts a lot of people. The community is popular all over the world, but the main portion of the userbase is located in the US. Here’s a short rundown of main features.

  • Affordability: AdultFriendFinder is an expensive dating platform. To be able to message users, you need to get a monthly subscription for $39.95.
  • Audience quality: AdultFriendFinder uses occasional fakes, but the overwhelming majority of accounts are legit. All users who message you acquired a paid version — their data was verified during a transaction.
  • Interface: AdultFriendFinder offers a lot of fun dating features — from classic Hot or Not games to specific hookup quests. You can pass a test on your sexual proficiency and find out which areas need attention.
  • Security and privacy: AdultFriendFinder has a good reputation online. I can confirm that I didn’t see scams or shady meet-up offers.
  • Hookup chance: AdultFriendFinder offers you a big user pool, and even though not all users are willing to meet ASAP, the choice alone makes up for occasional lack of enthusiasm. If you are an active member, you’ll have a hookup by the end of the day.
Anonymous sex dating mobile app and website


Members 750,000 members
Popularity 150,000 active users daily
Gender proportion 55% males, 45% females
Geography USA, Europe, International
Account verification email
Mobile app iOS, Android
Price 11.99–54.99
Free version Free for females
Fraud risk low
Hookup chance ★★★★★

If AdultFriendFinder appeals to users with a quantity-over-quality approach, Pure takes the opposite strategy. The community is around the size of Spdating, but this time, users are legit. Not only that — Pure’s community is incredibly enthusiastic about meeting up. Girls know exactly what they expect to get and don’t have to be asked twice. My favorite thing about Pure is that it established time limitations: both partners have 60 minutes to schedule a date.

  • Affordability: Pure is a medium-expensive dating site. The weekly subscription is 14 days. It’s enough to find long-term and one-night hookups, so a lot of users don’t even have to renew the plan. If you are really into Pure, it’s better to take a six-month plan because it has great discounts.
  • Audience quality: with 500,000 users, Pure still manages to compete well with larger sex dating communities. The fact that guys and girls are so enthusiastic helps to make the most out of each match.
  • Interface: all profiles contain a short description and a picture. You can upload boobs and torsos, but no vaginas and penises. Genitalia is only allowed in private conversations.
  • Security: all profiles undergo email verification, like on many sex dating sites. The thing that makes Pure stand out is the disappearing chat and profile. When your 60 minutes are up, all contents will be deleted automatically. This gives me hope that no one will get ahold of my nudes and cringey pickup lines.
  • Hookup chance: Pure is an efficient sex dating website. It doesn’t strive to help people build a relationship. Everybody is here to hook up real quick, which is perhaps why all my matches were so brief and down-to-business.
A look inside Grindr’s feed


Members 10 million
Popularity 3 million/daily
Gender proportion LGBTQ+
Geography USA, Europe, International
Mobile app iOS, Android
Price $9.99 — $47.88
Free version all main features are free
Fraud risk low
Hookup chance ★★★★☆

If you are looking for a gay sex dating platform, try out Grindr. It’s the first hookup platform for guys where men look for casual relationships and sex. Grindr divides men by their sexual types, preferences, and interests. You can even pass a compatibility test to get down with partners of your type.

  • Affordability: the free version is only for registration and trial. You can browse the Feed to see if you like the choice, but messaging is allowed only after the upgrade. The premium version costs $49 per month.
  • Audience quality: Grindr has 3.7 million daily users, which makes it one of the biggest and most active dating sites. Guys are mostly 25-45 years old, but there’s a decent choice for every age group.
  • Interface: Grindr doesn’t allow uploading nudes to public profiles, but you can exchange pictures in private chat. The site is fast and lightweight, and there’s also an identical mobile app.
  • Security: Grindr has a non-mandatory photo verification: all users can send their photos to the official team and receive the badge for confirmation.
  • Hookup chance: Grindr is a mature community of gay men who are very serious about hookups. Most users are slightly older and have a lot of experience. I’d say it’s a good place to get started with online dating.
BeNaughty is very popular among women who are 25-35 years old


Members 13,300,000
Popularity 120,000 users per week
Gender proportion 48% male, 52% female
Geography USA
Account verification email
Mobile app Android
Price $27.30-73.80
Free version 3-day trial
Fraud risk low
Hookup chance ★★★★☆

If Grindr is the best platform for gay men, BeNaughty is a go-to service for lesbians and bisexual women. The service isn’t dedicated to queer dating only, but it’s got one of the biggest LGBTQ-communities in the game. The main reason why the site got so popular among lesbians and bisexuals is the free premium account for female users. It’s among few sex dating websites where the number of women and men is equal.

  • Affordability: women can date here for free, whereas men need to pay $24 per month. The premium version gives access to messages, a full photo gallery, detailed search filters, profile promotion, and other perks.
  • Audience quality: the gender ratio is about 50/50. There are many bisexual and lesbian users. Unfortunately, the website doesn’t support swinging.
  • Interface: the website is well-organized, and the functionality is comfortable, too. Matching happens either in the Feed or via swiping-based matching games. The experience isn’t new, but a good user pool makes up for it.
  • Security and privacy: BeNaugty has a detailed privacy policy where users can read about dialog encryption, rules about data exchange with advertisers, and verification. Overall, protection practices are reliable and transparent.
  • Hookup chance: finding a match on BeNaughty is a daily thing. If you spend several hours on the platform regularly, you’ll get high-quality hookups all the time. The site actively encourages active members and pushes their profiles.


What is Spdate?

Spdate is a sex dating website for quick hookups. The service uses a geo-location search to identify users nearby and match members who live in the same area.

Is Spdate scam or not?

Unfortunately, Spdate is a scam. The majority of the profiles are fake. The website doesn’t have a log out button — once you signed up, you have to be authorized on the site — otherwise, you’ll lose all account information. This is a terrible practice in terms of security because it limits your freedom in using different devices and Internet networks.

How to register on Spdate?

To register on Spdate, you need to go to the website’s main page and fill out a short registration form. You need to disclose your name, email address, gender, and age. None of this information is verified in any way — it’s possible to fake anything. Such an unsupervised registration process is another factor that makes Spdate so dangerous.

What’s Spdate used for?

Spdate is a sex dating service where men and women can look for one-time hookups. The website does not let specify your orientation. Men are automatically offered female profiles, and women get male accounts. In reality, the majority of Spdate profiles are fake, so finding an actual hookup is a challenge even if you live in a big city.

Is Spdate real? Are profiles legit?

No, the majority of Spdate profiles are fake. All made-up accounts are identified with an icon UP, which stands for unreal personalities. When I tried dating on Spdatine, I noticed that my entire Feed was comprised exclusively of UP users.

What does UP on Spdate stand for?

The sign UP stands for unreal personality, and it identifies fake accounts created by the official team to attract more users.

What are the prices on Spdate?

The free version provides access to all essential features — registration, matching, messaging, scheduling sex dates. A paid version allows you to get the full access to the gallery and promote your profile in the Feed.

What can I do on the free version of Spdate?

The free version allows creating an account, uploading pictures and personal information, look for matches in the Feed and visit a Discovery page with a carousel gallery with pages of users nearby. All main features of Spdate are accessible for free.

Is it possible to find a real partner on Spdate?

No, it’s not. The website is full of fakes, and you’ll be lucky to find at least some real people, much less the ones who’d be willing to hookup immediately.


It looks like Spdate reviews weren’t lying after all. Spdate is a shady website where fake profiles have overtaken the Feed and personal chats. Spdate isn’t just using fake users to attract the real ones — there simply aren’t any actual people. All buttons lead to porn ads, and there’s no account verification or protection. It’s obvious that even being on this site is potentially dangerous to your device — getting a computer virus is just a matter of time.

A word of advice: don’t waste your time on Spdate scam. It’s dangerous, inefficient, and boring. Instead, go to real sex dating alternatives or at least have a sexting chat with an actual partner. That’s better than getting nudes from a bot.

James Miller
Born in Los Angeles, graduated from a college as a journalist, and spent several years as a freelancer writing about cultural events. From 2017, James writes about love and relationships and explores dating services.

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