Top List of Usernames for Snapchat Sexting

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March 16, 2020
SnapChat logo app tabl 1 - Top List of Usernames for Snapchat Sexting
3.0 ★★★☆☆
360 million members 210 million/daily 29% / 61% Male & Female
29% / 61% Male & Female
3/5 hookup chance Medium Sex Chance Geography Worldwide
medium fraud risk Verification Facebook, Instagram Mobile App iOS, Android
Free subscription price Free version yes
Free version yes
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Snapchat is the ultimate sexting app. Women who are into it are in high demand, and I know exactly where to find them.

My Best Sexting Experience

I have experience using Snapchat to text girls in my area. For me, cybersex and trading nudes help me to fight sex cravings, dig deeper into BDSM, and escape boredom.

However, using messengers for trading nudes didn’t feel safe anymore — there was always a risk of accidentally sending a nude to the wrong chat or having my account hacked. About a month ago, I decided to give Pure a try and the platform is still my go-to sexting choice.

Pure 1 670x1024 - Top List of Usernames for Snapchat Sexting

I was more than pleased with how quickly I received likes and matched with other girls. Finding a sexting buddy didn’t even take 7 minutes, wow! Not every girl who liked my ad was equally excited about exchanging nudes; however, most people I spoke to were surprisingly chill about selfie exchanges.

It’s the safest app I’ve ever tried out. That’s why I prefer to keep my naughty conversations and pic exchanges on Pure, rather than in any other messenger app. Your partner can’t save any photo you’ve sent, and you will be notified about all the screenshots they take. Another feature that I love is that you both can upload pictures from your gallery or take instant photos on your camera. The pictures taken in the moment will be marked with a “true photo” sign.

Pure 2 670x1024 - Top List of Usernames for Snapchat Sexting

A week-ish ago, I was lucky enough to find a sex partner in my area. We scheduled a date two days later, had fun, and hooked up: to this day, it’s one of the most memorable sex experiences I’ve ever had with a stranger. But it didn’t end there. It was only my first experience since I first subscribed to Pure. Every day, I connected with women to see where things would lead. They’re not always my type, but I do like to have a variety of options.

Pure 3 670x1024 - Top List of Usernames for Snapchat Sexting

Although I still occasionally watch porn when I get too horny to stay productive, sexting on Pure is much more exciting and satisfying. I regret not seeking out a platform dedicated to sexting earlier, as just lurking on messengers is nowhere near as productive.

What Is Snapchat Sexting?

Throughout the years, sexting games have evolved. A little more than a decade ago, people could only exchange naughty texts. And you didn’t get any videos or emojis! Luckily, technology has made an enormous leap forward and has given us so much more to play with.

Adult Snapchat is not the best free dating site, but it is the most popular app for dirty talk online. The messages and photos or videos disappear soon after another user has opened them, and you get a notification every time someone has taken a screenshot of your photo. You can also post stories and choose a specific circle of sexting buddies to share it with.

This platform has taken over from other platforms for Millennials, and you’ll even find porn stars on Snapchat sharing smoking hot stories.

I do understand that finding easygoing sexy accounts with girls online who are open to virtual sex might be a struggle, so I’ve put together a list of models, porn stars, and other women who are open to dirty talk.

3 Reasons to Choose Snapchat for Sexting

There’s no denying that Snapchat has changed the sexting landscape. Although it’s not the best nude-trading tool out there, it does have a large user base and enough tools to make your sexting experience as enjoyable as possible.

1. There’s no way for a sextee to save your pictures

Unlike other messengers, Snapchat doesn’t save the images you and the partner exchange to your devices. In fact, after a short window, all your pictures disappear forever. It’s very convenient and makes Snapchat the go-to nude-trading platform.

giphy - Top List of Usernames for Snapchat Sexting

Consideration: Although Snapchat’s servers are secure and have never been hacked, there are third-party apps that help users save pictures that are supposed to disappear. When sexting on the platform, be careful and only start sending Snapchat sex pictures after you have got to know your partner really well.

2. You don’t have to take nudes in real-time to sext

On Snapchat, you can send others pictures you took in advance, and they will disappear in a couple of seconds.

giphy 2 - Top List of Usernames for Snapchat Sexting

This way, sexting on the platform is fun: you can even do it in line at the bank. But make sure not to show anyone what you’re doing!

3. Blocking rude users takes only a few clicks

As you will be chatting with strangers, you can’t be sure they won’t harass you. If that’s the case, the good news is, you can always block the bully, and you will never see their face (or other body parts) again. Here’s how to do it:

giphy 1 - Top List of Usernames for Snapchat Sexting
  • Step 1. Choose the Menu tab in Snapchat
  • Step 2. Access your friend list by choosing “My Friends”
  • Step 3. Choose the user you’re not getting along with and swipe right next to the tab with their name
  • Step 4. In the tab that pops up, choose “Settings” and “Block” (if you are using the messenger on Android, press “Edit” and then choose “Block”)

4. There’s a live chat

On Snapchat, you can always know when a Snapchat sexting partner is online and start exchanging spicy texts and pictures in real-time.

giphy 3 - Top List of Usernames for Snapchat Sexting

This stokes the passion much more than not knowing whether your sexting pal will see the hot selfie you’ve just sent.

5. You can pre-edit pictures

Snapchat allows users to touch up their selfies. Although it’s not going to make your non-existent abs glow, you will be able to crop out everything you don’t want from the photo.

giphy 4 - Top List of Usernames for Snapchat Sexting

Security-wise, pre-editing is extremely convenient: it’s far harder to trace an edited photo back to you, especially when you’ve cut out identifying parts.

The Ultimate List of Users Who Love Sexting on Snapchat

Click to open the list of users who like sexting
sexting usernames 03 1 - Top List of Usernames for Snapchat Sexting

Bailey Bae Snapchat

sexting usernames 07 - Top List of Usernames for Snapchat Sexting

Dani Daniels Snapchat

sexting usernames 03 1 - Top List of Usernames for Snapchat Sexting

Violet Snaps Snapchat

sexting usernames 03 1 - Top List of Usernames for Snapchat Sexting

Lena Paul Snapchat

sexting usernames 06 - Top List of Usernames for Snapchat Sexting

Ashley Adams Snapchat

sexting usernames 03 1 - Top List of Usernames for Snapchat Sexting

Bree Olson Snapchat

sexting usernames 01 - Top List of Usernames for Snapchat Sexting

Lexi Belle Snapchat

sexting usernames 04 - Top List of Usernames for Snapchat Sexting

Aiden Ashley Snapchat

sexting usernames 05 - Top List of Usernames for Snapchat Sexting

Julie Prim Snapchat

sexting usernames 02 - Top List of Usernames for Snapchat Sexting

Kayla Kummings Snapchat

Skin Diamond Snapchat (@SexyDiamns)

Skin’s photos are fire, and she knows exactly what she is doing. Dark skin queen focuses on bondage and leather outfits that make you want to turn into a slave through the screen. If you haven’t seen her posts yet, you most definitely should.

Adel Morel Snapchat (@AdelPlaysHard)

With Adel, it’s always Back To School time but in the best possible way. Hot outfits and best schoolgirl performance award goes to Adel. Check her out, and you won’t regret it.

Top list of usernames for Snapchat sexting 1 1024x768 - Top List of Usernames for Snapchat Sexting

35 Real Usernames That Are More Than Open for Snapchat Sexting!

Just click on the names or type them in your search.

Top list of usernames for Snapchat sexting 6 1024x768 - Top List of Usernames for Snapchat Sexting

Gay Snapchat Sexting

Putting aside the straight guys who are on the hunt for hot girls, there are also a lot of gay guys who love sexting and are very open-minded. Those guys are often online, and they provide very juicy snaps that will drive you crazy. Zaddies try hard to get followers, and their snaps leave us all speechless. Here are a few gay models and generally hot users who are open to sexting on Snapchat. Add them all and get a regular sexy dose. Some of them are calm and classy, while others are more freaky. And, of course, our favorite type of Daddies are total sexual freaks who are on Snapchat serving body and personality. By the way, try Pure to look for these Daddies in your area. The app is extra popular with gay guys. Enough talking, the list has arrived.

Snapchat gay users
  • @Wesley Woods
  • @Jhon Garcia
  • @Tyler Rockhard
  • @Brandon (Sean Cody)
  • @Ryan Rose
  • @Darius Ferdynand
  • @Tegan Zayne
  • @Allen King
  • @Bruno Bernal
  • @Boomer Banks
  • @yourbabysfather
  • @Hail.Kngtj
  • @jaxslayher
  • @tavoris800rct
  • @mred769
  • @Kingpin303
  • @kalin3445
  • @Bamzy
  • @zaddy_hoe
  • @indy317dick
  • @DresBanana
  • @freakbocied
  • @princekidde123
  • @amrycortez
  • @_lbeezdajuice
  • @black.ken7
  • @MicahMalik22
  • @Blake Bishop
  • @deycallsemkc
  • @Jodi Briiz
  • @teamfreak843
  • @Jordan99xxx
  • @Bananna Dre

Snapchat Sexting Usernames: Video

Is It Okay to Sext on Snapchat?

Yes! This platform has the biggest user pool, and over 300 million of the messages sent per month are sexts. If you think Snapchat sexting is something you want to try out, go ahead and make your fantasies a reality.

Here you can be as open as you want. It’s an amazing opportunity to reveal your inner desires and start your journey of exploring them. With the vast number of users that the website has to offer, you are very unlikely to get bored. Quite the opposite, the world of virtual sex can keep you satisfied for a long time to come.

pure logo app transparent new 1 - Top List of Usernames for Snapchat Sexting
5.0 ★★★★★
11 millions members 300k per months 10% / 90% Male & Female
10% / 90% Male & Female
4/5 hookup chance High Sex Chance Geography USA, Europe, International
low fraud risk Verification email, phone, photo Mobile App iOS, Android
$0.95 – $45.95 subscription price Free version minimal set of functions
Free version minimal set of functions
USA, Europe, International
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Pure Is a Great and Safe Place for Sexting

icon - Top List of Usernames for Snapchat Sexting
Try shameless dating app.
You'll crave for more!
illustration web 1 - Top List of Usernames for Snapchat Sexting illustration mobile 1 - Top List of Usernames for Snapchat Sexting try now

Firstly, it’s anonymous and highly secure, as all conversations disappear in 24 hours. Secondly, photos can’t be saved from the chat, and you will receive a notification if your sexting partner has taken a screenshot. Chats self-deleting in 24 hours gives you ample time to discuss your desires, talk dirty, and send nudes or hot voice messages. If you are really into each other and things get especially hot and heavy, send your sexting partner a request to turn off the chat timer and you can keep going.

2picPure - Top List of Usernames for Snapchat Sexting

google play button 1024x317 - Top List of Usernames for Snapchat Sexting
app store button 1024x317 - Top List of Usernames for Snapchat Sexting

The Game of Sexting

Sexting has developed rapidly in recent years since regular cellphones have become smartphones. Today, virtual sex is hotter and easier than ever. All you need to do is send photos and videos to make the game worth it.

What’s Behind Free Sexting?

Adult Snapchats are more popular than anything on Snapchat, but this best hookup app will never solely be considered a sexting app. It’s also worth saying that although Snapchat has been so amazing about deleting things after they’ve been sent, that doesn’t mean it has no weaknesses. There was a time when Snapchat was hacked, and personal information was exposed.

Top list of usernames for Snapchat sexting 2 1024x768 - Top List of Usernames for Snapchat Sexting

Sexting Is the New Mainstream

Sexting is getting more and more attention and is becoming more socially accepted. You aren’t likely to be judged for sending nudes the way you would be five years ago.

What’s About Teens?

While adults are having plenty of fun, a quarter of users on the platform are still in school. Sexting at such a young age can be damaging in the long-term. It also leaves them exposed to adults who are attracted to underage children.

The State of Sexting Today

Millennials nowadays don’t even see any real difference between the words “Snapchat” and “sexting.”

It has brought up some other issues, however. Many people consider talking dirty online as cheating, and there are plenty of stories of people breaking up because of it. There is also fear of any nudes sent being screenshot and exposed to the public.

No matter what, the most important thing is safety and feeling comfortable with your choices.

Top list of usernames for Snapchat sexting 4 1024x768 - Top List of Usernames for Snapchat Sexting


Is Snapchat safe for sexting?

Yes, it is safe, as it has self-deleting messages. Users can still take screenshots on their phone, but you will be notified about it.

Was Snapchat originally made for sexting?

The original idea was to have a platform where images and messages were only temporary. The app does not advertise itself as a sexting app but more of a social media platform, although reviews tell a different story.

Can sexting be tracked?

It can be, but it is more difficult if you follow some simple rules. For instance, do not sext while you are at work or drinking. Make sure you are in a trusting relationship with your partners and delete the evidence after.

How long does Snapchat keep records?

Snap Stories you have added will be deleted after 24 hours. Snaps that have not been opened will last for 30 days and then disappear.

What are Snapchat alternatives?

One I personally recommend is Pure. This is a stylish app that allows you to talk about whatever you want while making sure that your texts, pictures, and audio messages are safe and secure.

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