Is Skout the right dating app to scout hookups: full review

Online dating
March 19, 2020
Popularity10,000,000 users per month
Gender proportion70% male, 30% female
GeographyNorth America, South America, Asia
Account verificationnone
Mobile appiOS, Android
Free versionyes
Fraud riskhigh
Hookup chance★★★☆☆

When I got tired of typical dating apps, full of thirsty users in search of their D, I heard about Skout. The platform is promoted as a space for friendships and networking, not sexting and hookups.

I’ve been reviewing best sex apps for a long while. However, until recently, I didn’t know about the platform — there weren’t many Skout app reviews online either.

Skout dating app Review 02 - Is Skout the right dating app to scout hookups: full review
You can use social media accounts to log in or fill in the sign-up form

As I started wondering “What is Skout?” I decided to give the platform a try. So I signed up and gave the platform a try. It felt extremely refreshing to finally be able to make friends on a dating app and only then go for benefits.

After a while of using the app, I can finally share a detailed review of my experience.



The Skout app has a subscription and a credit-based system. You can either commit to the platform entirely and pay a monthly premium fee. If I didn’t want all the features of an upgraded platform, I could be more selective, get the needed number of credits and choose the services. Skout Premium costs $9.99 per month.

You can purchase in-app credits as well. For 500 credits, the platform charges $4.99, 1,000 credits cost $7.99, 1,200 credits — $9.99, 2,500 credits — $16.99, 8,000 credits — $49.99. The largest pack, 18,000 credits, costs $99.99.

Free services

The free version of Skout allowed me to sign up on the platform, look for matches and browse profiles, and see who liked your account for free. Other than that, users can exchange texts, add each other to the “Favorite” list, like and comment on public pictures using the Skout free version. You can use the Skout live chat for free as well.

Paid services

I had to pay a fee to get rid of in-app ads, appear at the top of search results and the top of my partner’s inbox. The premium version also sent me tips on getting more matches — for an entry-level dating app enthusiast; these might be helpful.

Skout dating app Review 04 - Is Skout the right dating app to scout hookups: full review

Audience quality


Since Skout is not a mainstream dating app, I was surprised to see how many users the platform has. It’s popular with people from all over the world — I saw a lot of girls and guys from Korea, Japan, Costa Rica, Russia, and other places.

Age distribution

After I got to surf the platform for a long while, I realized it’s not as peachy as it looked. In reality, a lot of the platform’s 100 million users are underage girls — and that’s just illegal. All in all, the age distribution on the platform goes as follows:

  • Younger than 18 years old — 25% of users
  • 28-25 years old — 30% of users
  • 25-40 years old — 35% of users
  • 40-55 years old — 7% of users
  • 55+ years old — 3% of users

Fakes and scammers

Since the platform allows users to start chatting with others even if their profiles are incomplete, I had a hard time telling fakes apart from real users. Although most people I reached out to were genuine, it looked like most users weren’t committed to the platform and ghosted me shortly after.

As for scammers, I had guys reaching out bragging about sustainable employment and a 6-figure salary. One weirdo even wanted to get my credit card data — I brushed him off immediately. Be careful on — scammers know how many underage users the platform attracts and try to go after them.

Skout dating app Review 03 - Is Skout the right dating app to scout hookups: full review
Skout website homepage



The platform is highly intuitive from the get-go. It’s not one of the old-school dating websites that seem stuck in the nineties. Skout is clearly inspired by trend-setting dating platforms — Tinder or Bumble.

Signing up

Completing a Skout login is a piece of cake. For one thing, the platform allows using Facebook or Google to sign up. If you don’t want to share social media data with the Skout dating platform, there’s a way to register from scratch as well. There aren’t many required fields to fill in — your name, gender, birth date, and relationship target: man, woman, or both.

There’s no need to get a confirmation email to finish account setup. You don’t have to upload a profile picture either to start browsing the match pool. On the one hand, it saved me a lot of time during the sign-up process. On the other, with such a lousy authentication algorithm, there’s no way for the moderating team to weed out fakes and scammers.

Skout dating app Review 05 - Is Skout the right dating app to scout hookups: full review
Skout is available as a website and a mobile app for Android and iOS


After you complete a Skout sign in, you will be redirected to your profile.

Skout profiles are short and sweet. There’s a header tab showing your name and online status. Below, there’s a medium-size profile picture — this way, prospective love interests could have a good look at me before leaving texts.

All profiles have a short bio, describe a user’s relationship target, and specify the location.

As for profile pictures, if you want to submit one, keep in mind that the moderation team reviews photos manually. If the one you chose doesn’t meet safety guidelines, you’ll need to make a reupload. In my experience, however, Skout moderators didn’t take long to review profile pics — I got mine accepted just a couple of hours after signing up.


On Skout, you have a well-designed search feed to look for matches. In my opinion, the range of filters is limited — age, location, preferred gender of a romantic partner, and a user’s gender are all the criteria you get.

Another creative way to connect with users is the platform’s “Shake the Skout chat feature.” I enjoyed being able to shake my smartphone and connect with app users in my area automatically.

Skout dating app Review 06 - Is Skout the right dating app to scout hookups: full review
You will see the profile picture and personal data of all prospective matches in the Matches tab


If you want to connect with a user personally, send a message request. Once the partner approves your request, you will be able to use a built-in Skout chatting tool.

If you blocked a Skout user accidentally, there’s always a way to cancel the decision. To do that, go to the “Blocked Users” tab, choose the person you want to connect with and send a message. The partner you are messaging will disappear from the blacklist automatically.

Skout dating app Review 00 - Is Skout the right dating app to scout hookups: full review
The built-in messenger has an intuitive interface, supports emojis, pictures, or gift-sharing

For safety reasons, all Skout messages are previewed. This way, the platform protects you from rude texts and cringey pictures you’d rather unsee. I got used to the feature very soon and even started regretting not having a text preview in real-life — it would make dealing with raunchy bar pickup lines times easier.

Mobile app

To be able to chat with matches anytime, download Skout for iOS and Android. Skout’s mobile app is a major improvement over the web version.

For one thing, there are some additional features the desktop platform doesn’t offer — you can view users that match your relationship criteria but live in a different area in the “Recommended” tab. I still keep in touch with some of my long-distance friends from Scout — I wouldn’t be able to connect to them without the mobile app.

Skout dating app Review 01 - Is Skout the right dating app to scout hookups: full review
Skout is available both on Android and iOS

The mobile interface is, however, more cluttered and full of ads than a web-based one. Getting through the learning curve of the Skout app took me a while — once you get used to it, the interface is intuitive.

Security and privacy


Security is one of the platform’s weaker points — Skout feels like the Wild West of online dating. Since the team doesn’t review accounts, there’s no way to limit the flood of fake users to the platform. Other than message previews, I saw no way to deal with verbal harassment or scam.

Thanks to flexible data settings, I could at least ensure that nobody can see my location. Also, there’s a way to limit cookie and ad tracker usage.

All in all, I would suggest being highly cautious on Skout. Take every message you get on the platform with a grain of salt, don’t share financial, passport, or other sensitive data under any circumstances.

Hookup chance


Skout is not a hookup app — you can tell it right away, judging by users’ attitude. Very few people here are serious about meeting face-to-face for a one-night stand. Thanks to the lighthearted atmosphere and reasonable pricing, Skout is a good platform for entry-level dating app users.

However, in a month of exploring the platform, I had no hookups — I would not go to Skout to look for a fuckbuddy or a one-night stand. Instead, you can give hookup and sexting sites a try.

Matching algorithm

Skout is primarily a location-based app. Mainly, the platform filters users based on the location. On the one hand, it improves your odds of meeting in real life and dating/hooking up. On the other, if you live in a smaller town, you might have a harder time finding a committed, hookup-ready Skout partner.


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Is Skout free?

There’s a basic free version — you can use it to find matches and message them in the chat. To talk one-on-one, turn the ads off, and get special matchmaking tips, consider paying for a Premium subscription.

Is it worth paying for Skout?

The Premium version of the platform is slightly more enjoyable to use as it’s ad-free. However, Skout is a dating app with a well-functioning free version — it should be enough to get you by until you find a committed match.

What kind of dating site is Skout?

Skout is more of a sexting or casual friendship platform than a hookup search tool. Here, you can find sexting friends and small talk partners, not a booty call.

Is there a mobile application for Skout?

Yes, the platform is available both for Android and iOS.

Can I search for someone on Skout?

Go to the platform’s homepage. Choose the toolbar by scrolling right and click on the “Find User by the Skout ID” feature. Enter any nickname — the platform will find it in no time.

Can you have two Skout accounts?

Yes — Skout doesn’t ask for email account verifications so you can have as many profiles as you want.

Can Skout delete my account?

If a user doesn’t meet the platform’s Terms and Policies — say, he is harassing somebody verbally or sending inappropriate pictures, the moderation team can delete Skout accounts. Contact the support service to lift the ban. You can learn how to delete Skout profile on your own as well.

How do I delete Skout account?

If you no longer use the platform, here’s how to delete Skout account. Choose the toolbar of the app by swiping right to the homepage. Scroll down the menu and choose “Settings.” In the tab, find the “Deactivate Account“ feature. Confirm the action — and your account will be deleted.

Can I reactivate my Skout account?

Yes — to restore your data, log into the platform and choose the corresponding feature in the “Settings” tab.

How do I chat on Skout?

To talk to other Skout users, choose the “Meet People“ tab or run a manual search. As soon as you found a prospective match, click on the chat box icon in their profile. Then, a built-in messenger will open, and you can start a conversation.

Is Skout for serious relationships?

Due to its young user base and a limited range of features, the platform is not well-suited for building committed relationships. I would recommend it as a starting point for somebody new to online dating and is not ready to fully commit to it yet.

Can you look up people on Skout?

You can find Skout users by their nickname on the platform.

Full Skout dating app video review


Although I didn’t have high hopes for the platform, Skout surprised me with a wide range of features, available for free. Having said that, if you are looking for a hookup platform, the Skout dating site is not the right one for you. As you decide to go for Skout sign up, be sure to specify your relationship expectations — otherwise, you are at risk of miscommunication.

If you are looking for a more straightforward dating platform, check other hookup sites.

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