How to use dirty emojis during sexting


Emojis are fast-growing around sexting. It became mainstream to use them with your partners, and sometimes it might be challenging to get the sext meaning behind them all.

We put together a little emoji sexting dictionary for you to get familiar and fluent with emojis in the sexting world.

What are emojis for sexting

The first time when emojis break into our lives, they made everything around easier. Some call it laziness, we think itโ€™s brilliant. Why explain yourself with words and long sentences if sometimes it is just way easier to express yourself and your thoughts through the emojis.

Those werenโ€™t created for sexy purposes only. But several people made those naughty meanings, and now a wide group of well-known everyday emojis has a double meaning.

Every time the new upgrade is coming out nowadays, it comes along with at least ten new emojis. Here is the way to absolutely turn your sexting game on a different level, and we are here to help you out.

Sexting emojis

The basics










Oral Sex




Bomb Pussy

๐Ÿ’ฃ ๐ŸŒฎ

Bomb Dick


French kiss


Cock Ring


Suck Dick


Murder Your Pussy


Netflix and chill


Fuck Doggy Style


Fuck 69 Style


Exhibit A: The booty
Booty smack


Booty Fuck


Booty Call


Booty Finger


Cum on Your Booty


Murder Your Ass Emoji


Exhibit B: The vagina
Finger Vagina


Lick Vagina


Lick vagina Until You Cum


Make Vagina Cum Hard


Exhibit D: Gay
Jerk Off


Jerk Off & Cum


Jerk Off & Cum In You Mouth


Jerk Each Other Off


Fuck My Ass


Lick My Ass


Exhibit C: Theesome
Eiffel Tower


BDSM Threesome


Other sexting emojis
Vag & Vicinity












Foreplay with emojis

Donโ€™t think of it as the only way to communicate during sexting. Consider it more as foreplay to getting to know your sexting partners and their sexual preferences. Emojis helps to share your kinks and to find out how kinky someone on the other side of the phone.

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Sexting emojis to start your sext game

Letโ€™s keep in mind that any sexting emoji is just a symbol behind the meaning that we put on it. To evaluate your sexting games, you need to learn those emojis and basic metaphors that most people know about. Yet it is better to start with simple well-known eggplant and the peach so your partner wonโ€™t be lost trying to figure out the meaning behind it but will get hard or wet.

Sexual meanings of emojis – video

Be smart and choose sexting emojis wisely

Sexting game with emojis built around the penis and pussy. There are different emojis that you can use to describe the two, which usually fruits, veggies, and food. Most popular though, is an eggplant for penis and taco for pussy, which makes sense. Eggplant is genuine means the good size of manhood. This emoji is better to use rather than some people use shrimp to describe their penis. Although letโ€™s face it, the regular shrimp is not that big, so in the way, it is not very flattering and better be avoided.

Pussy emoji can be not only taco but also an emoji of a cat face, which makes total sense. Also, some roses could be used, and a donut or honey jar.

Try to guess what this emojis for sexting mean

We would suggest using these when first sexting as they are well-known and common to use in conversations. Plus, you can use them with a regular emoji, like a winking smiling face to set the playful and a little bit naughty tone for both of you.

Another way of setting the sexy mood in the conversation is either fire emoji, which means that someone is hot as fire. Another smile emoji with a little bit of dripping saliva on the side of the mouth will give the opposite side understanding that you are into them a lot and either find them delicious or want to eat them out or both.

Emojis for sexting when the heat is on

Once you sense the heat in the texts, you know itโ€™s time to get on the other level and turn the sexting mood one. Besides single emojis that represent genitals, there are several that can say more than words sometimes.

7:12 p.m., time to start sexting online

For instance, you can use eggplant, peach, and water splash, which means having free local sex with a happy ending for both. There is also another one with a pointing finger and an okay sign that means fingering or traditional sex. There is also a combination to express oral sex. It is usually banana emoji and tongue for a blowjob, and tongue with honeypot to giving head.

The main point to be creative, open-minded, and express yourself because sexting was invented for that. Donโ€™t worry if you are a complete newbie in this as we got your back and put together emoji sexting glossary.

54 clever emojis that should be used during sexting

1. Cock

According to a dictionary, this is a young domestic cock. Should we add anything else?

2. Banana

For some reason, not that popular as eggplant emoji, but we say banana should be back.

3. Wind-blowing face

The blowing face can be used to describe oral sex.

4. Unicorn

Unicorn can be used for bisexual women or men in a threesome or any other sexual intercourse.

5. Thunderclap with rain

Thunder emoji with or without rain drops brings a sense of a mind-blowing orgasm. Raindrops are more suitable for men in this context.

6. Thunderclap without rain

This one just means an orgasm. Something more like hey, thanks for the orgasm, talk to you later.

7. Raincloud

Rain Cloud is an emoji to express quite a missionary orgasm that was nice but meh.

8. Champagne bottle

This is simple: Just came.

9. Comet

Just came.

10. Bow + arrow

Another way to say Just came.

11. Small aircraft

Just came.

12. Plane taking off

Just came.

13. Plane landing

Just came but more in a just landing way.

14. Satellite

One more for Just came.

15. Tornado

Iโ€™m so turned on right now.

16. Motorboat


17. Prayer beads

Yes, those are religious beads. They are too good to ignore though. This can be used as the beginning of the conversation to get things in a more kinky way. Send this and ask about their inner fantasies. Something like a confession.

18. Filmstrip

Send over some footage or video.

19. Movie projector

Are you in for a sex tape?

20. Desktop computer

Ready for Skype sex?

21. Badminton racquet + shuttlecock

This one is interesting and unusual but we suggest it to use for S&M foreplay.

22. Table tennis paddle + ball

Great for spanking description.

23. Candle

I want you to put wax on my body or on your body.

24. Chains

This is great for BDSM.

25. Compression

This could be used for anything kinky you can think of.

26. Taco

Most used to refer to pussy.

27. Burrito


28. Hole

Another prototype of a peach.

29. Lion

Another way to say pussy.

30. Hot dog

Also used as a dick.

31. Ice hockey stick

One more for the penis.

32. Field hockey stick

Another cock.

33. Cricket bat

For the penis again.

34. Chili pepper

It could be used as a penis or to describe what you are feeling hot or the other person is hot as chili pepper.

35. Joystick

Penis again.

36. Dagger


37. Crossed swords

Crossing swords. Well, this one is obvious.

38. Hammer + pick

Crossing swords.

39. Hammer + wrench

Crossing swords.

40. Gear

Cock ring.

41. Middle finger

Could mean fingering or a simple โ€œplease fuck meโ€.

42. Rock on fingers

Play with more options.

43. Vulcan salute fingers

Even more options with this.

44. Open hand

And another one.

45. Sleuth

Used for role-playing.

46. Bed

Do me on the bed.

47. Couch

Letโ€™s have sex on the couch.

48. Person in bed

Waiting for in bed.

49. Thermometer

Itโ€™s getting hot in here.

50. Level slider

Time to put kinky on a different level.

51. Crab

Used for a sext of a more unfortunate variety.

52. Money face

Another version of a licking face but more similar like you won a jackpot.

53. Hugging face

Let me touch your boobs.

54. Slightly smiling face

When you want to say something like โ€œI like your ideas, but Iโ€™m not into itโ€.

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What does the ๐Ÿ’ฆ emoji mean?

The meaning can be expanded to a couple of versions. The traditional meaning is water drops. It also could mean sweat, crying, or spitting.

What does ๐Ÿ˜ˆ mean in texting?

The smiling Devil emoji can be used to express badass character, how cool the person is, evil situations, or if someone desires something naughty. It also can be a winning face over the enemy.

What Emoji is used for breasts?

Chestnut is the most common to assign with breasts. This one is rarely used because melon emoji took over at some point.

What does the donut emoji mean sexually?

Donut emoji usually represents crabs and sugar. It also could be used to describe a cheat meal or craving for sweets.

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