The best sex toys for men in 2020 — male vibrators, DIY toys

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March 13, 2020

Despite an outdated yet wide-spread belief, men can enjoy sex toys as much as women. The desire to explore our sexuality is natural for both genders. At the end of the day, if you have the opportunity to have a stronger orgasm without harming anyone, why won’t you use it?

We live at a time when sex toys for men come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re planning to treat yourself with a memorable self-pleasure session or looking for creative ways to spice up the bedroom routine with your partner, there is a device for everybody.

How to choose the right sex toy: the basics

Don’t let the diversity intimidate you. There are a few essential points you need to keep in mind when choosing a sex toy.

Solo vs couple use

First, you need to decide how you will use the device. Are you planning to do the job yourself or will be happy to share the experience with your partner? Sometimes, you don’t even have to choose as there are a lot of universal toys that can be used on both occasions.


Are you ok with cleaning and taking care of your toy regularly? If being tidy is not your strongest skill, you need to consider buying a disposable item. Some devices those made of glass, are easier to handle than the others. Do your research beforehand.


The only cheap sex toys that worth buying are the disposable ones. If the sex toy is a lot cheaper than the average market price, it can only mean two things: it is made of cheap, unsafe materials, or it will quickly fail to function. Our advice is to spend a little more but get yourself a high-quality and long-lasting device.


There are two types of sex toys materials: porous and non-porous. We do not recommend soft porous devices as they always act as a breeding ground for bacteria and are unsafe to use without the condom.

Phthalates is not your friend either. It is a dangerous chemical that is often used to make plastic items, including sex toys, softer and more flexible. However, phthalates is harmful to people and the environment, and you should avoid it at any cost.

Sometimes the manufacturers are hiding the fact that the item contains the dangerous chemical. Your best option will be to look for well-establish brands and reasonably priced toys. Your health is your biggest asset.

All the non-porous devices, including those that are made of silicone, metal or glass, are safe to use and easy to maintain. They work great with all kinds of lubricants, just don’t combine silicone toys and silicone-based lube as it can damage your device.


If you care about nature, rechargeable sex toys are your best choice. Typically, these toys cost more, but on the other hand, you won’t need to use batteries.

A battery-powered toy can become a good “first-timer”. However, if you like your new device, the chances are that you’re going to need a lot of batteries. Trust us, we’ve been there. There is nothing more dramatic than running out of batteries right before the climax.


For those living a nomad lifestyle, the travel lock can help to avoid an awkward airport security moment. If you travel with a battery-powered toy, make sure to take the batteries out. Also, don’t forget to check in your larger toys and it’s best to keep them in a separate bag.

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DIY sex toys for men

Mastrubators and strokers were created to brighten up your self-pleasuring experience. Although they are more expensive than indulging yourself with your hand, using a good-quality DIY sex toy will intensify your orgasms on a deeper scale. Chances are, you might even get addicted.

sex toys for men 01 - The best sex toys for men in 2020 — male vibrators, DIY toys
For those who want to get wants and needs met

Stamina Training Unit by Fleshlight


If you’re looking for the best masturbator for casual daily use, Fleshlight would be a classic choice. Comfortable inside and out Stamina Training Unit was designed to not only deliver intense orgasms but improve your performance as well.

While the Fleshlight brand offers a wide range of models, this specific toy will improve your techniques. It does a great job of mixing business with pleasure — getting yourself off and preparing to work miracles with your partner.

sex toys for men 02 - The best sex toys for men in 2020 — male vibrators, DIY toys
For quick disposable pleasures

Tenga Eggs


Tenga Egg is one of the best male masturbation sex toys for one-time-use. Don’t be discouraged by their size — these Eggs fit everyone. There are two ranges of the product: one line with regular strength and another for stronger sensations. It would make sense to buy a six-pack for $39 and set up your priorities.

Tenga eggs would make a perfect and affordable present and come in handy during the long and lonely business trips.

sex toys for men 03 - The best sex toys for men in 2020 — male vibrators, DIY toys
For blowjob-like sensations

Sensation Swirl Blowjob Stroker by BlowYo


As Chuck Palahniuk once wrote, “For sure, even the worst blowjob is better than, say, sniffing the best rose.” Sensation swirl blowjob stroker was made to bring you as close to the real thing as possible. And if your partner is not a big fan of delivering oral pleasures or deals with a bad case of gag reflect, this stroker can become a perfect solution.

Nothing beats the real deal, but the Swirl Blowjob does a great job of finishing you off and the more lube you use, the better.

Sex toys for couples

Although you can introduce almost any sex toy to your significant other, some devices were made to please both of you. Generally, women get their benefits from the vibrating part of the device, while men also enjoy the sensation of testicles’ stroking. As for the gay couples, we’ve also got a couple of things in our “sleeve”.

sex toys for men 04 - The best sex toys for men in 2020 — male vibrators, DIY toys
For targeted vibration, stroking, and couples’ pleasures

Manta by Fun Factory


One of those crazy looking sex toys for men, Manta serves as a powerful and comfortable stroker. It is also a great addition to couples’ games. Suggest your partner using this toy at the base of the shaft during the blowjob or hold Manta between you two for the extra-sensational experience.

Although Manta is excellent for solo activities, it unveils its potential when used by couples when used between the bodies or during the blowjob. Just make sure to lube the ridges.

sex toys for men 05 - The best sex toys for men in 2020 — male vibrators, DIY toys
For coming together

Pulse II Duo by Octopuss


Time and a multitude of couples have confirmed that Pulse II Duo is a great investment. It works best when she’s on top or in a missionary position. There is no penetration involved — wrap it around your penis, let your hands rest and concentrate on sensations. The device comes with a magic button that regulates vibrations.

Rumor has it, Pulse II Duo has a superpower that makes you both come at the same time.

sex toys for men 06 - The best sex toys for men in 2020 — male vibrators, DIY toys
For harder erections and clitoris orgasms

Rabbit Double Cock Ring Vibrator by Paloqueth


So why should you give this Rabbit Cock Ring Vibrator a try? Women love rabbits, men enjoy a good testicle squeeze, and we all like to feel like we’re in paradise. This vibrator will get you there when the time is right. Cock rings are great for increasing men’s stamina, and the remote control will let you control the tempo of vibrations.

Vibrating cock rings, rabbit ears, reasonable pricing, and the ability to keep everyone happy are the strongest sides of this device.

sex toys for men 07 - The best sex toys for men in 2020 — male vibrators, DIY toys
For gay couples that like to see it through together

Tom of Finland Head to Head


Tom of Finland masturbation sleeve is not your average gay couples sex toy. Instead of concentrating on your anal activities, the device allows you to have an alternative way to get yourselves off. Firstly, it vibrates. Secondly, it is ribbed inside. And finally, it is clear, so you can see the whole process.

If the toy fits both of your sizes and you catch the trick, you will greet Tom of Finland in your bedroom regularly.

Anal plugs

In case you didn’t notice, your anus is one of the most sensitive areas of your body. Butt plugs can bring you — and your partner, regardless of their gender — pleasures you’ve never experienced before.

They are great for beginners. The smaller ones will help you with the stretching, and bigger ones can touch a few nerves until you scream with joy. Use lots of lube and wash them carefully.

sex toys for men 08 - The best sex toys for men in 2020 — male vibrators, DIY toys
For anal play beginners

Rimming Plug Petite by B-VIBE


The Rimming Plug Petite is a spin-off of B-Vibe’s best-selling original version. Except that it’s smaller and less intimidating for beginners. You can choose between 7 rimming and 6 vibrating modes and find the ones that work the best.

In addition to the mind-blowing rimming sensation, this sex toy for men and women can be used as exercise equipment. By relaxing the muscles of the anal sphincter, it will help to ease the anal sex. And it comes with a delightful addition — the plug is equipped with wireless remote control for kinky games and convenient solo use.

From tingling rimming-like sensations to preparing for the first anal experience, Rimming Plug Petite is one of the best gender-neutral sex toys. Subscribe to get a 20% off.

sex toys for men 09 - The best sex toys for men in 2020 — male vibrators, DIY toys
For gradual pleasure

6 Beads Butt Plug by Utimi


Simple, safe, affordable, and easy to handle this six beads butt plug from Utimi is everything you’ve asked for. Great for beginners but will satisfy the experienced ones either. It is elastic enough to use in different positions and can also be incorporated in your couples-play.

Utimi butt plugs are a treat for beginners who do not like to spend too much time on the maintenance of their sex toys.

sex toys for men 10 - The best sex toys for men in 2020 — male vibrators, DIY toys
For playing with sizes and temperature

Dosha 3 Piece Glass Anal Plug Kit by Prisms


Glass sex toys are perfect for experimenting with temperature as you can heat or chill them based on your preferences. They may look intimidating but in reality, are safe, hypoallergenic, and easy to clean. Dosha Glass Anal Plug Kit comes in three sizes which leave you lots of room for improvement.

From training the beginners to satisfying the old-timers, these classic glass butt plugs will make an unforgettable present for your partner or for yourself.

Prostate massagers

If you’re still not sure where exactly your prostate is, prostate massagers will help you find it. Popular with both straight and gay men these powerful little devices can surprise you. Ever heard of male full-body orgasm? Well, buy a prostate massager, and you most definitely will experience a couple of those firsthand.

sex toys for men 11 - The best sex toys for men in 2020 — male vibrators, DIY toys
For gentle stimulation of your P-spot

Helix Prostate Stimulator by Aneros


This prostate massager from Aneros Helix is perfect for those who are interested in trying something new but not sure where to start. Designed for hands-free enhanced stimulation and thanks to its internal movement, this is one of the best rated anal toys for men to massage your P-spot. Use it alone or with your partner and get ready for the new kind of thrill.

If you haven’t explored that area of your body, this toy will deliver the smooth first experience.

sex toys for men 12 - The best sex toys for men in 2020 — male vibrators, DIY toys
For multiple sensory experiences

Vice 2 Male G-Spot Stimulator by Aneros


A bit on the pricey side, Vice 2 G-Spot Stimulator is worth every penny you pay for it. Your body will appreciate its anatomic design and 18 vibration modes. The sex toy is equipped with a remote control to provide you with a smooth ride.

If you’re tired of masturbation and want to feel something drastically different, Vice 2 has 72 tricks that will surprise you.

sex toys for men 13 - The best sex toys for men in 2020 — male vibrators, DIY toys
For all types of stimulation

Loki Wave by LELO


Loki Wave is the mission to bring you the most remarkable orgasm you’ve ever had. Not only will it surge inside your body to reach the prostate, but it will also concentrate on your perineum at the same time. This double-action, with its 10 stimulation modes, will catapult you to cloud nine in a matter of minutes.

If you’ve tried other stimulators, but they didn’t work, Loki Wave could be that deeply satisfying solution you’re after.

Cock rings

Cock rings are cheap, minimalistic and universal. When you place your testicles and penis inside the ring, it drastically improves your erection and makes you last longer. The beauty of the cock rings is that you can use them on any occasion like standard sex, blowjobs, anal play, or foreplay.

sex toys for men 14 - The best sex toys for men in 2020 — male vibrators, DIY toys
For longer-lasting intercourse and double pleasure

plusOne Vibrating Ring


PlusOne is an affordable and satisfying cock ring that works equally well for couples and solo use. It comfortably fits all sizes, has 10 vibrating modes, and its minimalistic design won’t harm the performance. It does not matter which position you prefer — a missionary, her on top, or from behind — plusOne vibrating ring will find the right spot to hit.

If you haven’t introduced any sex toys to your love life yet, plusOne vibrating ring is a perfect one to start with.

sex toys for men 15 - The best sex toys for men in 2020 — male vibrators, DIY toys
For getting bigger and delivering explosive orgasms

Cock Ring Set by Lyps


Well-priced, simple, and straightforward this cock ring set by Lyps works wonders with your penis. These safe-to-use silicone rings engorge your erection with blood which makes you bigger and wider, and the whole process will last longer.

If you want to amaze your partner and intensify your orgasms without paying a ridiculous price for that, the Cock Ring Set by Lyps is a sex toy to consider.

Penis sleeves

A penis sleeve can come in handy whether you’re not happy with the size of your little warrior or if you have the erectile dysfunction. If you’re dedicated to pleasing your partner and have no prejudice against wearing a fake penis on top of your own, consider buying a penis sleeve.

sex toys for men 16 - The best sex toys for men in 2020 — male vibrators, DIY toys
For a few extra inches

Vixen Colossus Penis Sleeve by Vixen Creations


From realistic looks to humble size extension — up to 6 ¾ inches long and 21/4 inches wide — Vixen Colossus Penis Sleeve promises to improve the sex life with your partner. The sleeve is somehow soft and stays on during the entire process. However, the walls of the device are too sick, which mitigates the effect. Sadly, this is a common issue with penis sleeve sex toys. Colossus is one of the best models on the market, and you hardly find a better alternative.

If you put your partner’s pleasure first, give the Vixen penis sleeve a try.

Multipurpose gender-neutral sex toys

sex toys for men 17 - The best sex toys for men in 2020 — male vibrators, DIY toys
For discovering new sensitive zones

Mimic Vibrating Massager by Clandestine


Another gender-neutral, award-winning, and beautifully designed sex toy, the Mimic vibrating massager will challenge your imagination. This hand-fitting sex toy with 6 speeds and 8 vibrating modes is great for exploring your sexuality. Use it on your body or try to discover some new pleasure spots on your partner.

Get adventurous and use Mimic as a mastrubator, massager or vibrator. It works well for both for self-pleasuring or having fun times with your partner.


What are the most common sex toys for men?

DIY toys that include masturbators and strokers, all kinds of anal toys from butt plugs to prostate strokers, cock rings, penis sleeves, and male vibrators are the most common sex toys used by men.

What male sex toys can you use for a couple play?

Couples can enjoy the benefits of almost any sex toy. Toys that contain vibrating parts and the stroking functionality are great to start with. For example, vibrating cock rings can become a great addition to your couple’s sexual routine.

What is a butt plug, and how to use it?

A butt plug is a sex toy that both men and women use to enhance their sensations during intercourse. Its specific shape makes it easy to insert, and the handle prevents it from getting lost inside your body. Apply a generous amount of lube on your anus and the toy before inserting it and keep it inside while you’re engaging in other sexual activities. Listen to your body and be open for experiments.

What is a male vibrator?

Vibrators are great for all the genders! First, when using a vibrator during the straight sex, you will be sure your female partner comes too. Secondly, if you have problems with erection, vibrators can quickly solve it. Just put press it gently at the head of your penis, its base or on the perineum and feel the difference.

Why and how do you use a cock ring?

Cock rings are suitable for making your erection stronger and your orgasms more intense. Start by placing your testicles through the cock ring one by one, and continue by folding the head of the penis inside it. Usually, these devices are very stretchy, and you won’t have problems with wearing them but if you do, use a bit of lube to help you out.

What is a prostate stimulator?

Prostate stimulators are dildo-like looking devices that straight and gay men use to massage their prostate. A lot of men agree that these sex toys bring you a different climax experience (which not necessarily leads to ejaculation) and deliver powerful full-body orgasms.

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