Los Angeles hookup review — where to get laid


LA is a big city, and you’d think getting laid in Los Angeles is a breeze. The truth is, it’s not easy to find a single in your area, ready for a one-night stand. Unless you’re invited to elite sex clubs, you might have to search from Skid to the Venice beach to find a hookup for sex-with-no-strings.

Don’t get me wrong. You still can find hookups in LA, though it takes confidence, experience, and practice. To help all sex-seekers in the city, I drew up a list of tips and hacks that helped me and my friends get laid when we visited LA.

How to pick up hot Los Angeles girls

Californian girls are hot — a solid 5 out of 5. Here you have a fitness culture that encourages staying fit, high standards of self-care, and, almost exclusively, high sexual proficiency. LA is so diverse, you will find LA hook up of all ethnicities, body types, short or tall, dark or blonde, and so forth.

Californian girls are hot

To start with, there are the Cali girls. Tall, Caucasian-looking, and fit, these chicks don’t like the down-to-business approach. Instead, start by asking a Cali girl out for a meal. Once you’re on a date — don’t drag things and cut to the chase.

The second common type of woman in LA is African American girls. They are curvier, bolder, and more outspoken than your typical Cali date. With an African American girl, you want to make things straight. Your boldness has to match her attitude — that’s how you get an afro hookup.

Finally, the Latina girl is the third most common type of hookup in Los Angeles. They are hot, no-nonsense, and sex is as great as they say. On the flipside, hot Los Angeles girls will try to convert a hookup into a committed relationship — make sure to establish your boundaries and watch out for not getting attached to a one-night stand.

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Casual sex tips in Los Angeles

Before you start looking for hookups, be sure to have the basics down. You don’t get far with no confidence. Be sharp, witty, and determined — it’s the type that stands out from the crowd in careerist, oh-so-extra LA.

The hookup scene in LA changes once the day turns to night. Depending on the time you choose to approach girls, consider adjusting the atmosphere to fit the city vibe.

Tips for daytime

For daytime dating, it’s all about the beach and the shopping malls. Both places are a good idea for finding a skinny, young Caucasian hookup. Both Long Beach and Venice Beach are a good idea — there are many malls, with girls chilling around.

The hookup scene in LA changes once the day turns to night

Tips for nighttime

As for nighttime, get to benefit from one of the wildest party and club scenes worldwide. If you are trying your luck at A-list places, keep the dress code in mind. A collared shirt and formal pants are what you need. For less formal places, follow your mood and common sense when dressing up.

Picking girls up at nightclubs is all about charisma. Your touches have to be subtle, not gropey, you don’t want to be too persistent our outright creepy. Start with offering to get a girl a drink and add a few touches over the next few minutes. If she is not weirded out, increase the duration of each contact.


If you are through with trying to pick up a girl in the street or at the nightclub, best hookups bars Los Angeles are excellent places to game. LA has a well-developed bar culture, with dozens of places to explore.

Melrose Station on Melrose Avenue is a spot you won’t regret checking out. The bar is chill but classy — no drunks will bother you at night. Melrose Station is quite popular among single girls in their 20s and 30s. Although the venue is not exactly a hookup bar, you have quite low odds of walking out without a date.

Cougar Life, on the other hand, is a full-fledge hookup bar. It’s not too popular among younger girls as much as it attracts 30-35-year-old women. If you are a thirty-something yourself, Cougar Life is the spot for finding a same-age relationship partner. Many guys spend their Friday nights at the bar as well — these are mainly younger, 25-30-year-old men.

Hooking girls up at nightclubs is good idea


If you’re itching to try clubbing in LA, knowing all the best spots around town will make your night-out more enjoyable.

Main on Main is one of the most popular dance-and-chill places around town, drawing in hundreds of attractive singles every day. There are dance clubs like The Edison or Exchange LA, in case you want a mix of class and chill. Here, they play pop hits and promote a relaxed, all-inclusive atmosphere.

Then, there are the clubs that hire DJs and attract music talent. The entrance fees are much higher than those at mainstream dance clubs, though the quality of the crowd makes the investment well worth it. If you’re looking for a good place with DJs, try checking Avalon or The Colony out.

Strip clubs

If Cali girls are giving you the cold shoulder, consider looking for hookups somewhere more open-minded than nightclubs and bars. There are many decent strip clubs around town — take your time to explore the local scene and choose your favorite places:

  • Rhino Gentlemen’s Club — I visited it with a straight male friend once — he got enough attention from the staff girls. The background music was a blend of hip-hop and pop; there’s a nice drink selection. It’s easily one of the best strip clubs around town.
  • 4Play Gentlemen’s Club. Though slightly overpriced, the venue makes up for it with well-trained girls and ambient, no-pressure atmosphere. I would go there again.
  • Cheetahs —a 4/5-place. The staff is nice and friendly, has moderate entry fees, good views, and a high-level drink selection.

Best places to meet girls

Tourist attractions in LA are as good of a place as any to look for hookups. When trying to meet girls, start by hanging out near beaches. Venice Beach or Santa Monica Pier are girl magnets as these are great spots to take selfies.

Taking a walk around shopping mall areas you might find hot tourists

Consider taking a stroll around shopping mall areas — there, you might find hot tourists, some of them might have an LA hookup on the bucket list. Less conventional choices — theme parks and such, would still fly well in LA. Many girl-only crowds go to Disneyland and other places — and I don’t mean the underage ones.

LA is known to be a city of beautiful, open-minded people — there’s almost no way to choose a wrong place for hookup scouting if you’re confident enough to approach a girl

Best places to meet men

If you’re a girl or a gay guy who’s single and ready to mingle, LA has many places to meet men and hook up. Although online dating is the main way to get one-night stands these days, seeing someone in a bar is still really likely to happen. Most venues in LA are entertaining to visit, host karaoke nights, and have a solid selection of tracks.

I left LA with more than a few bar favorites. There’s Tramp Stamp Granny’s — one of the most atmospheric places you don’t get to see often. It’s a piano bar with live music where visitors get to sing as well.

For hookups and cocktails, go to the Little Friend. The place has a wide range of special offers — you might get a $10-shot. The DJs are not too conservative nor mainstream — you might here pop tracks and jazz or metal beats come together in a single night.

I would recommend checking Formosa Cafe — a chill place that will help anyone loosen up and consider a no-strings-attached hookup. There are a small back bar and a karaoke stand. It’s not a big venue, but the crowds are of the nicest ones I’ve seen in LA.

LA has many places to meet men and hook up

Gay hookup in Los Angeles

LA does not have a diversity problem. The city has a wide range of gay hookup Los Angeles bars that will not make you challenged when trying to figure out if a potential partner is gay or straight. My LA-born-and-raised friends are not too fond of the local scene, although they don’t fail to mention a few above-average spots.

Hookah Place LA is the first spot to check out once you are in LA with a hookup in mind. It has a lot of parking slots, a friendly staff, and solid local following — the place draws large crowds in for game nights and has a friendly atmosphere.

Eagle LA is a gay scene gem in East LA. The place helps leave all the preconceived notions about a dream hookup partner at home and go with the flow. There are many kink/fetish supplies so that you don’t get bored, dim lights create a mysterious atmosphere, not without a degree of playfulness to it.

There are as many special places to find gay people in LA

Tips for daytime

There are as many special places you can visit to find gay people and hook up as you can imagine.

My favorites are visiting the ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives. It might seem too nerdy, but it’s one of the best places in town to find experienced gay daters who are not switching orientations to the right and left to be extra.

Other go-to places for gay hookups and dating are the Abbey gay bar, the Black Cat Tavern. Standard LA tourist attractions — Santa Monica and others have nothing to do with gay dating per se but will still give you high odds of finding a hookup. The issue is — you will have to weed out the straight guys.

Tips for nighttime

LA is the holy ground for all types of acting talent. If you visit a gay bar there, be sure to see a drag show. Many spots promote performances, but only a few that walk the walk for real. Hamburger’s Mary and Micky’s are my go-to drag places — be sure to come by.

If you are a nightclub fan, consider giving some of the Californian gay clubs a try. Precinct DTLA is among the biggest places in town — the crowds are insane, the lights are highly atmospheric. The venue would be a dream place — if only finding a free parking spot was easier. Abbey and the Black Cat Tavern I mentioned before throw regular karaoke nights as well — not coming to these shows would be a miss-out.


Regardless of what LA area you’re exploring, you’ll find a decent gay bar anywhere. There are just as many Valley, Pasadena, and Beach options as there at the acclaimed WeHo. Start your night-out by visiting Akhbar. It’s a retro-style bar that attracts younger gay singles from all around the town. A lot is going on almost every night — queer history quizzes, performances, open mic nights, etc.

Boulevard Bar is one of my all-time Pasadena favorites, with a pool table, karaoke, and a jam-packed schedule of drag shows. The venue has a friendly staff and a nice crowd. I will admit, however, that the atmosphere at the club is far from the wildest.

One of the best places to have sex in Los Angeles


Though I’m not LA-born-and-raised, I did my absolute best to hang out in various places to have sex in Los Angeles when I was in town. For gay singles, I would strongly recommend paying a visit to Sam’s Hofbrau. The place has nice drinks, big crowds, and solid jams. The entry is not too expensive, either.

Firefly is another cozy and atmospheric place in town for meeting potential hookups. The place might be small, yet it has an excellent view, excellent food selection, and exceptional service to make up for it.

Strip clubs

Thinking of gay strip clubs to visit in LA, you’ll inevitably realize The Hollywood Men is a place like no other in town. They offer excellent party services here, and the strippers are hot, well-trained, and nice to look at.

Star Garden is another place I used to visit in LA. It’s the quick-and-dirty of the nightclub scene, with cheap yet decent drinks and attractive dancers. Though the club mainly caters to the straight audience, I’ve seen male strippers, too, when I came by Star Garden.

Mature ladies and cougars in LA

Finding older women to hook up with in LA is hard. They are often self-absorbed, invested in their careers, and are not willing to waste time on flings. Those that do mainly go to dating apps to get a quick-and-dirty. We already have an article to help you choose the best cougar dating website.

Other than Tinder or OkCupid, bars are the second best thing when looking for a cougar hookup. Younger people don’t enjoy spending an evening at a bar as much as 30-year-olds do.

Tips for daytime dating

When as you pick up women, bet on straightforwardness and a good sense of humor. Your conversations should be to-the-point and playful, yet interesting enough to carry you across as a charismatic one.

As you approach a woman during the daytime, don’t try to hook up right then and there. Instead, take her on a date and see how things go in the evening, when both of you are less uptight and more relaxed, in a chill, hookup-inducing atmosphere.

Tips for nighttime

Nighttime hookup is usually easier to pull off than a daytime one. Take the most advantage out of the venue you choose to find a one-night-stand partner — offer women drinks, have a short small talk to check their open-mindedness. You can even go as far as to offer her to get it on boldly — beating around the bush is not cool in a mature woman’s book.

Offer women drinks, have a short talk to check their open-mindedness


To not praise Melrose Station again — though you should give it a try — I would suggest you visit Adults Only to hook up with mature ladies there. The atmosphere is so encouraging — there is high-quality porn footage in the background, dim lights, and a friendly staff that will help you and a prospective partner get along.

I have only the warmest memories of the Frolic Room. The bar has the “old-Hollywood” vibe about it, the walls of the venue are styled with beautiful murals — believe it or not, discussing the interior of Frolic Room is a great conversation-starter. The staff is super friendly here as well.


Mom’s bar is one of the most original, tasteful cougar places I’ve been to around LA. It’s got some of the best rap tracks I’ve heard in my life as the background. The drinks are well-priced. The club has no food offers — you got no excuses for not approaching people here.

Frank N Hanks has an excellent drink selection

Frank N Hanks is another place my LA friends rate highly. From the bartender to the jukebox, the club encourages people to loosen up after a busy workday. Frank N Hanks has an excellent drink selection — that’s why it draws in older people who are true alcohol “connoisseurs.”

Strip clubs

If you’re new to LA and have no idea where to go to meet mature ladies, start by checking out Perl. The place has a one-of-a-kind rooftop view, a wide specials menu, and beautiful girls performing every night.

Bottoms Up Bar is another worthwhile place for all things strip. A mid-club, mid-bar, the place is easy to find, has cheap drinks, a pool table, and a jukebox. People love the strippers here as well, as they are friendly and with a good “visual.”

The best chance of hooking up and getting a one night stand

LA is too diverse to struggle with finding a hookup here. Yet, many do because they feel intimidated by a high number of attractive people per capita. The trick of LA is not trying to fit in or be like everybody else. Just remember — there is plenty of fish in the sea.

Hookup in LA: just remember — there is plenty of fish in the sea

When exploring the LA hookup scene, be sure to not mingle in any gang-related activity. Hitting on a girl that has a boyfriend is a no-go here and is likely to get you in major trouble.

Online dating

LA residents love online dating as it’s so low-commitment and helps you put your best self online. Take your time to try several websites, create a thought-out profile, and start looking for matches. To succeed in finding a hookup quickly, I’d suggest spending around half an hour a day purely on swiping and answering texts from partners as they go.

LA residents love online dating

Whatever you do, make sure you’re not working too hard to impress a guy or a chick — no one likes a tryhard after all.

Best hookup sites

If you tried using any free sex hookup site before, remember that The trick is to know what kind of apps are popular among girls and guys around you. It may have been that you were wasting your time trying to make things work in the wrong places.

To succeed in LA-based online dating, try these dating platforms, I’ve seen people use the most here.

Most people on Pure are open for same-day hookups


Pure is a well-designed app that claims to help you find a Los Angeles hookup in an hour. To me, using the platform felt like ordering an Uber while texting the driver via Snapchat — quick and effortless. Most people on Pure are open for same-day hookups — it was easy for me to arrange one-night stands in the area.

Mingle2 has undeniable benefits for hookup in LA

Another hit in LA, Mingle2 might not be as secure and straightforward and Pure, yet, it has undeniable benefits. Most of the website’s features are free, and it has a 3-million user base that’s growing impressively.

This app helps you to find sexting partners in LA

The dating app powerhouse has major user commitment issues — however, a wide range of available hookups makes up for it rather well. Tinder is as popular in LA as it is anywhere else.


Where to have sex in Los Angeles?

LA has many sex clubs and hookup spaces to check out with all sex supplies and clean rooms. Midtowne Spa. The Pleasure Chest, Jumbo’s Clown Room, and Club Joi are my all-time favorites. As a plan B, I’d suggest checking Slammer and The Zone out.

Night clubs are the best places for finding a hookup in LA

Where to get laid tonight in Los Angeles?

Night clubs and strip clubs are the best places for finding a hookup in LA. When you’re in town, pay a visit to Hollywood Club Crawl, Thesex, and Burgundy Room. La Descarga and Avalon Hollywood have great crowds, as well.

Where to hookup in Los Angeles?

There are so many good places to choose from — I enjoyed my experience at Boulevard3 and Frolic Room. Arena Ktown, Lost & Found, Hank’s Bar are rated highly in town as well.

What are the best gay hookups sites in Los Angeles?

There aren’t many gay-only places. However, most are sexual-orientation-friendly and welcoming to you and your partner. My favorite sites, as a bisexual dater, are Eagle LA, Akbar, Faultline, Girl Bar, and The Abbey Food & Bar.

Where to find sex parties in Los Angeles?

To enjoy a chill party in LA, go to any top-tier nightclub in your area. Here are the venues people enjoy checking out:

  • The Pleasure Chest.
  • The Hollywood Men.
  • Club Joi.
  • Jumbo’s Clown Room.
  • The Artful Bachelorette.
  • Midtowne Spa.
Lot of people looking to find a partner for a daytime hookup in LA

How to have sex in Los Angeles during the day?

If you’re looking to find a partner for a daytime hookup in LA, I’d recommend picking up girls at Elysian Park or Griffith Park. Other popular places among young people are Vista Hermosa Natural Park, LA County Library — West Hollywood Library, Echo Park Lake, and Solstice Canyon.

Where to find sex partners in Los Angeles?

To find casual sex in Los Angeles, go someplace openminded: to Midtowne Spa, The Pleasure Chest, Jumbo’s Clown Room. Try checking nightclubs out as well: Club Joi, Slammer, Flex Baths, Hustler Hollywood, or The Zone.

Los Angeles casual sex — where?

The ways to find casual sex Los Angeles are countless. Try scouting a hookup through your friends, finding one at the gym, or by checking out public places. Coffee shops are huge in LA — consider looking for a hookup there. Nightclubs and bars are always a good idea.

Dating in LA: hookup video tips

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