Dating sites for singles: Pure puts a new spin on single dating


If you still don’t have a relationship, the reason is obvious: you were looking in the wrong places. The thing is, dating changed a long while ago, transferring from real-life meet-cutes to automated and optimized dating platforms. These dating sites for singles are so good that nobody can walk out without a match.

Five reasons to use single dating websites

Precise matchmaking

Service filters your matches in the Search Feed according to your preferences and interests. Setting up dealbreakers helps to avoid disappointments in later stages of relationships. Many dating platforms allow detailed searches so if you’re looking for a curvy blonde with no kids and who is also republican, you might find her in no time.

Shared intentions

On a singles dating site, everyone is looking for the same thing. If you go to the long-term oriented website, you are in for a serious relationship. Those who want to find a down-to-anything fling choose casual platforms instead.

Security and moderation

No one can block a crazy date on the street — you take your own risks. Singles dating sites, on the other hand, are a controlled environment. Send a request to the moderation and stop the poor texting. Besides, most of the mainstream dating sites protect you and the others by verifying pictures and users’ real location.


You don’t even have to leave a house to communicate with dozens of potential matches at the same time. In a bar or a coffee shop, you’ll be lucky to catch at least one suitable candidate and a “happy ending” is a matter of pure luck. When using a dating app, you can discuss your intentions before meeting up and avoid wasting each other’s time.


Dating apps offer you a chance to meet people you would never come across in your everyday life. We’re all bounded by our routine, but on the web, you can meet people from different backgrounds or with different preferences. Who knows, maybe you both are willing to try out something new, and a dating platform is just a convenient tool for you to find each other.

The online singles dating has traveled a long way: from meeting strangers on chatrooms to swiping away on Tinder to declaring your sexual preferences on Pure. Nowadays, anyone can find their perfect dating service.

Good for variety: Tinder

Hate it or love it, the majority of people in search of singles dating sites has tried Tinder out. The best (and the worst) thing about Tinder is a huge choice. Apart from the obvious benefit, variety may play a dirty trick: people tend to get spoiled with choices and finding something real can become a challenge.

Tinder shows you everyone, as there’s no search option. It has millions of users all around the world with different success stories: from marriages to casual affairs. However, something casual is what people look for on Tinder.

Good for long-term: OkCupid

One of the veterans of free singles dating online, OkCupid is serious about its matchmaking algorithms. Profiles on OkCupid are extremely detailed and that’s exactly the service that can help you find a specific person.

This singles dating app boasts to be LGBT-friendly and in reality, it is. You’ll have plenty of same-sex gender choices. OkCupid works better for people who look for long-term relationships, but friendships and hookups are possible too.

“Several years after a heartbreaking divorce, I decided to date again but had no experience in singles online dating whatsoever. I did try Tinder but thought it was basic. I tried Match and only met people who wanted something casual. After a few weeks of disappointments, I bumped into one beautiful profile on OkCupid and now we’re engaged. Who would have thought it really works?”

Good for something different: Hinge

If you think that you know all the tricks of single dating platforms and tried more than a hundred dating sites for singles, try one more: Hinge. The service was created for Tinder-haters who seek serious relationships but not too keen on filling endless profile info of the slightly old-fashioned dating websites like OkCupid. Basically, if you want to date long-term but willing to get there faster, try Hinge. They say it was designed to be deleted.

The free version of the app will offer you only seven matches daily. According to reviews, it is usually enough as Hinge’s matching algorithms work great.

Good for modern standards: Bumble

On Bumble only women can write first. Based on the same old swiping model, this dating app strives to promote equality and mutual respect. Also, Bumble puts a 24-hour restriction on making the first move which pushes people to connect more.

This singles dating app uses a modern approach, but the idea is a bit controversial. If you’re a single woman in search of your prince charming, don’t expect much. Bumble allows men to chill out and wait for women to send out offers. Yet it can be perfect for passive men and dominant women.

Good for the elite: League

When you know that you’re a catch, finding a worthy match becomes complicated. And that’s when singles dating sites like The League come into play. The League is building a safe environment for the elite singles who aren’t used to settle for less.

Not everyone will be approved by The League: you’ll have to apply for the membership, provide your Linkedin profile, University info, current job title, and then wait for the approval. While some call it “vanity”, others call it “class”.

Good for lesbians: Her

HER is one of the few singles dating apps that is meant for women who like women. Lesbian dating online can be tricky: up until the moment you meet in person, you can’t be sure you’re talking to a real woman. Besides, if you’re a lesbian woman using mainstream singles dating websites, very often you end up matching with girls with male partners who want to spice up their bedroom routine. HER is on the mission to change that.

Her lesbi dating

The app is available for queer women only. And if you’re looking for a long-term deal, that’s the place to be. The service also lets you take part in local LGBT events and expand your social circle. The sad thing about HER is that it is blocked in some countries and is still a bit buggy.

Good for gay men: Grindr

If you’re a gay guy looking for a hookup, Grindr is the most convenient way to get one. This singles dating app has an impressive userbase so you can find the right match in no time.

It is not the place to look for love and marriage, but a bunch of memorable flings is almost guaranteed. Dick picks, wild sexting, and quick gay hookups — you name it, Grindr has it.

Pure — a leading single dating website in the US

When it comes to delivering hot dates right to your doorstep, Pure is second to none. Pure is a safe, anonymous, and honest way to meet a person with similar dating intentions.

  • Location-based dating: it’s easy to find love within your reach. Set the search radius and browse the profiles. The service will display the users nearby, making sure that you don’t have to commute for a date.
  • Security comes first. Chat and profile data disappear in 60 minutes. You have an hour to find a match and schedule a date. Your texts, attachments, and profile description will be erased from the servers.
  • Precise matchmaking. Our algorithms analyze profiles by an extensive list of variables — age, location, expectations from a relationship, romantic preferences, interests.
  • The mystery. You can leave your profile almost blank. Even your name can be kept a secret, the only thing required is your real location. This is how you preserve the anonymity and give the flavor of adventure to your dating experience.
Committed dating Casual encounters
If you are in it for real, Pure supports your serious intentions and offers users with the same mindset No-strings-attached dates in your location where dating singles know what they sign up to
Detailed references and deal-breakers give you a clear idea of what to expect from a relationship Use matchmaking or random search algorithms that connect you to any profile nearby

More than 500.000 active users of different gender, ethnicity, and orientation are ready to meet you in 60 minutes

We welcome diverse dating

You don’t have to box yourself into an idea of a single type. Feel free to explore different ethnicities, nationalities, and religions, opening yourself to various cultures and worldviews.

Pure has dedicated apps for Asian, Latin, Indian, Middle Eastern, black dating, uniting dozens of races, nationalities, and ethnicities.

The app welcomes the LGBTQ community and it is equally good for serious relationships and casual encounters. If you’ve run out of matches on mixed dating websites, Pure will let you mingle with the new audience. 

I am:

Looking for:

My email:

Different levels of experience: college students, young graduates, successful professionals, and silver dates.

All religions are welcome: Christians, atheists, agnostics, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims — we have dedicated communities for people with different beliefs.

You can set particular preferences or choose to browse the single date site with no limitations. Matches with the same interests will be prioritized by default, but users pick random dating mode to diversify the experience.

Privacy and safety

Our security team developed end-to-end encryption for all profiles and chat contents. Your personal information is available only to you and the end receiver. In 60 minutes, the system erases all sent messages and uploaded media without a trace left.

All profiles pass a mandatory email verification. We make sure that our community consists of real people. Users send a request to the moderation if they have concerns about a particular profile.

True gender equality

The ratio of female and male accounts on Pure is around 50/50, unlike other singles websites. No matter which gender you seek, you will have quite a choice. Also, the app prioritizes neither male nor female accounts.

You don’t have to explain yourself

On our singles site, users are never judged. The service gathered a free-minded community with a live-and-let-live attitude to relationships. Whatever desires and kinks you want to satisfy, there certainly is a person who shares the same preferences.

Anonymity is welcomed

Pure’s users are adventurous and open to experiments. They don’t mind blind dates and secret profiles, in fact, they welcome those mysteries. Besides, personal things could and should stay personal.

No expectations

Signing up on many single dating websites resembles a job interview. On Pure you are not required to share your personal information, stories from previous relationships, or intimate interests. You stay in control of what you share and others are ok with that too.

No ghosting

With all those dating apps and millions of users around the globe, we became spoiled with choices. It’s easier to sit and wait until someone reaches out first. On Pure, things are different.  Profiles and chats disappear in 60 minutes, and all users know this. Everyone is motivated to get to know the date, and the messages get answered in seconds.

A goal-oriented community

People here know what they want and how to get it. Here, dating singles is about a real-life date, no petty conversations or preludes. The sooner you meet your date in person, the more fun you’ll get.

The Bottom Line

Using online dating apps for singles is no longer embarrassing. Nowadays, it is natural to look for sex, relationships, and friendships on the web. There is an app for everybody and you just have to be honest about your intentions and don’t be afraid to try something new.

Join a prejudice-free dating community. Download Pure, the best dating site and a great alternative to Craigslist!

James Miller
Born in Los Angeles, graduated from a college as a journalist, and spent several years as a freelancer writing about cultural events. From 2017, James writes about love and relationships and explores dating services.

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