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If you still don’t have a relationship, the reason is obvious: you were looking in the wrong places. The thing is, dating changed a long while ago, transferring from real-life meet-cutes to automated and optimized dating platforms. These dating sites for singles are so good that nobody can walk out without a match.

Five reasons to use single dating websites

Precise matchmaking

Service filters your matches in the Search Feed according to your preferences and interests. Setting up dealbreakers helps to avoid disappointments on later stages of relationships.

Shared intentions

On a singles dating site, everyone is looking for the same thing. If you go to the long-term oriented website, you are in for a serious relationship. Those who want casual dating choose casual platforms instead.

Security and moderation

No one can block a crazy date on the street — you take your own risks. Singles dating sites, on the other hand, are a controlled environment. Send a request to the moderation and stop the poor texting.


You don’t even have to live a house to communicate with dozens of potential matches at the same time. In a bar or coffee shop, you’ll be lucky to catch at least one suitable candidate.


Filling out a profile on single sites is a way of understanding your approach to love and romantic life.

Pure — a leading single dating website in the US

  • Location-based dating: it’s easy to find love within your reach. Set the search radius and browse the profiles. The service will display the users nearby, making sure that you don’t have to commute for a date.
  • Security comes first. Chat and profile data disappear in 60 minutes. You have an hour to find a match and schedule a date. Your texts, attachments, and profile description will be erased from the servers.
  • Precise matchmaking. Our algorithms analyze profiles by an extensive list of variables — age, location, expectations from a relationship, romantic preferences, interests.
  • The mystery. You can leave your profile almost blank. Even name can be kept a secret — only real location is required. This is how you preserve the anonymity and give the flavor of adventure to your dating experience.
Committed dating Casual encounters
If you are in it for real, Pure supports your serious intentions and offers users with the same mindset No-strings-attached dates in your location where dating singles know what they sign up to
Detailed references and deal-breakers give you a clear idea of what to expect from a relationship Use matchmaking or random search algorithms that connect you to any profile nearby

More than 500.000 active users of different gender, ethnicity, and orientation are ready to meet you in 60 minutes

We welcome diverse dating

You don’t have to box yourself into an idea of a single type. Feel free to explore different ethnicities, nationalities, and religions, opening yourself to different cultures and worldviews.

Pure has dedicated apps for Asian, Latin, Indian, Middle Eastern, black dating, uniting dozens of races, nationalities, and ethnicities.

LGBTQ community, ready for serious relationships and casual encounters.

Different levels of experience: college students, young graduates, successful professionals, and silver dates.

All religions are welcome: Christians, atheists, agnostics, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims — we have dedicated communities for people with different beliefs.

You can set particular preferences or choose to browse the single date site with no limitations. Matches with the same interests will be prioritized by default, but users pick random dating mode to diversify the experience.

Privacy and safety

Our security team developed end-to-end encryption for all profiles and chat contents. Your personal information is available only to you and the end receiver. In 60 minutes, the system erases all sent messages and uploaded media without a trace left.

All profiles pass a mandatory email verification. We make sure that our community consists of real people. Users send a request to the moderation if they have concerns about a particular profile.

True gender equality

The ratio of female and male accounts on Pure is around 50/50, unlike other singles websites. No matter which gender you seek, you will have quite a choice. Also, the app prioritizes neither male nor female accounts.

You don’t have to explain yourself

On our singles site, users are never judged or looked upon. The service gathered a free-minded community with a live-and-let-live attitude to relationships. Whatever desires and kirks you want to satisfy, there certainly is a person who shares the same preferences.

Anonymity is welcomed

Pure’s users are adventurous and open to experiments. They don’t mind blind dates and secret profiles, in fact, they welcome those mysteries.

No expectations

You are not required to share your personal information, stories from previous relationships, or intimate interests.

No ghosting

Profiles and chats disappear in 60 minutes, and all users know this. Everyone is motivated to get to know the date, and the messages get answered in a matter of seconds.

A goal-oriented community

People here know what they want and how to get it. Here, dating singles is about a real-life date, no petty conversations or preludes.

Join a prejudice-free dating community. Download Pure from Google Play or App Store and get 3 days free trial!

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