Plus size dating services for the curves to be adored


Our century is said to be the epoch of body positivity when, after the decades of disrespectful discrimination, all shapes are finally treated as equally beautiful. Everyone is, like Lady Gaga has already stated, born his or her way with a unique balance of height and weight. Everyone is different, but we all are the same: we want to love and to be loved in return.

Unfortunately, these words seem to be just a beautiful manifesto which is hard to transfer into reality with plus size dating regarded as a relevantly dramatic experience. Of course, tastes differ, but our society still has not got mature enough to celebrate curves, so fat males and females are either fetishized or rejected. Meanwhile, romance has left for online on dating sites for singles larger women. 

The Internet is bursting with catchy advertising of dating sites for overweight women aimed to tame you in the space of online dating forever: pay, wait, and have nothing to gain. Don’t get into this trap: to save your time, money, nerves, and effort, we created a detailed honest review of 6 plus size dating websites you should know. Read to discover something brand new and be in love with your body


Essential features for free, Pro costs $14.99/M.

One of the most famous and controversial dating sites for overweight singles. It has its pros:

  • A chatroom for friendly flirting.
  • Funny tests to spend your leisure time on and to relax.
  • Hardly shedding any blood quick registration.
  • Detailed profiles let users change information about themselves.
  • Free searching except for location.

However, WooPlus is notorious for its cons that relate to the following:

  • Males significantly outnumber females.
  • Almost no mature women to meet: the demography mostly consists of youngsters.
  • The number of «creepy fetishists» who are here to start a chat with dickpic has decreased. This is not what one expects from dating sites for larger ladies.
  • The service doesn’t work as a fat guy dating site occupied by slender males looking for large girls. If you are a woman dreaming of a roly-poly, it is not your cup of tea.
  • The site works as an online cage: it does not let clients delete their profiles.
  • Only 35% of users are from the US.

The interface is alright, and the start is not hard, but if you are looking for a good plus size dating site, we don’t recommend you to waste your money, time, and energy on such a disgusting service.

7- day trial for free, $29.99/M.

They say this service for the curves is right for your nerves and it gets more attention daily being a fat people dating site for those who want to be happy here and now.

The major benefits are:

  • Just a few minutes to start your amazing plus size dating experience.
  • No personal information needed or revealed.
  • No swiping stuff we are genuinely fed up.
  • Self-destroying 1-hour chats will guard you against people who may want to steal your data.
  • Queen’s song says: «Fat bottomed girls you make the rockin’ world go round.» The service knows Freddy was right: no slut-shaming, no fat-shaming allowed. Here we come for the feast of beauty, tolerance, and friendship, an oasis of some high-quality equality in the variety of dating sites for plus size women.
  • «King of the Hill» option to boost your popularity in a few seconds and to get a guaranteed match.
  • Verification as the principal weapon against impersonators, evil people, and haters.

However, this web app has a few imperfections as well:

  • You want to chat - you need to pay: dialogues are open for Premium members only.
  • Some locations are still silent.
  • The first impression means a lot: your appearance get likes, no words to cast spells, no stories to tell.

All the above, fresh design and super-fast registration which takes just a few minutes make this service one of the best plus size dating sites and more than 100 000 newcomers a day prove this.

Large Friends

The basic features for plus size dating are free. Gold membership costs $33.99/M.

A well-known overweight dating site which claims to be a comfortable platform for plus size people who are proud of themselves.


  • Up to 27 photos to show all sides of your beautiful personality to the world.
  • Blogging to help tell your secrets to kind-hearted people, ask for advice, and get wiser.
  • Share your first date ideas with others and to see what others can offer you.
  • Facebook features: everybody is welcome to comment on profiles, blogs, and forums.
  • Privacy settings give you a chance of deleting your account anytime.

Disadvantages to take into consideration:

  • No bisexuals: straight, gay, and lesbian relations allowed only.
  • Hundreds of fake reviews all over the Internet cause the alarm.
  • Videos are open for paid members only.
  • Moderation doesn’t work hard for the site is invaded by fakes.
  • No special matching algorithm to help you: you pay a lot, but your happiness is still your private lot.

What can we say? The service is gifted with ordinary UX and relatively quick sign up. Meanwhile, there is nothing special to get obsessed over. 


$ 24.98/M.

Plumps are beautiful and datable - that’s what this service is advertised to prove.

The features to like:

  • Information on your compatibility with other users shown in the profile’s description.
  • International communication: messages can be translated into your native language in a charge-free way.
  • The free searching machine has different filters such as location and age.
  • This special matching algorithm promises to be accurate for it is based on numerous questions.
  • Unlimited matches forever and ever with no limitations.
  • An option to show what you are looking for: a hookup or a wedding.

The weak points to admit:

  • Young females significantly outnumber males.
  • No option of deleting a person you don’t like from the matching list.
  • The strange thing is that the blog has not been updated since 2013.
  • The user base is the smallest among dating sites for overweight singles.
  • 70% of negative reviews and ugly stories that sound like people’s nightmares about stalkers turn true.
  • A steadily decreasing number of members, who leave BBWCupid for more vivid platforms.

If you are not scared of such a monotonous sign-up and are interested in pen lovers from other countries, you can try this service without being nervous. Prepare your money!

BBW Plus Singles

Free registration, 100 coins cost $1.99. The extended account takes $14.99/M.

This is not a site, but an app to search for your soulmate from anywhere, even on-the-move.

If you are interested in flirting at bench scale, the service can offer you:

  • A very creative approach to the self-presentation: you can upload videos of yourself to depict your personality in your own words and to tell your potential partners more by your gestures.
  • «Party» group chats for free hearts.
  • Contemporary minimalist design to enjoy.
  • Smooth and quick registration process.

However, most people say it is not legit at all, because of:

  • Bizarre run-of-the-mill Tinder-like matching system.
  • The service is notorious for «catfishers» only with no males looking for serious relations.
  • Bugs to ban members for no reason and to restart every time you click on a profile.
  • Bots are numerous, and they all are skinny, which is too awkward for such a poor representation that doesn’t reflect the idea of the service.
  • No matching options: pay, take the ball and run with it.

Appearances are deceptive: though at the first gaze, this service seems to be attractive, it is not beneficial at all. It can be suitable, however for those unbearably shy persons who know nothing about dates and are not prepared for real communication: of course, they can sign up, upload videos, and pay to practice their flirting skills with bots.


Basic features are free. Premium usage costs $99.99/M.

Yellow Tinder for the tender: the promotion video says curves will have much fun with this brand new app.

The strengths:

  • Quick registration.
  • See who has liked you.
  • Travel online: locations can be changed.
  • The app boasts of a pleasant visual concept with some bright yellow to make your mood and a heart-warming description.

The weaknesses:

  • The rating is high, but it is surprising for all the reviews are full of anger: nobody has ever benefited from this service.
  • Geolocation-based Tinder swiping machine you are likely to see almost everywhere.
  • No opportunity to get away: it is impossible to delete your profile.
  • The service does not moderate profiles. Instead, it deletes honest reviews.
  • No exact information on gender and age demography.

The service looks pretty good, but it still needs time to improve, grow, and let you flow. If you are a brave one who is not afraid of pessimistic prognosis, sign up, upload your pic and drop up to 150 symbols about yourself. 

Life is short: roll the dice and be adored

Now you know a lot of useful information about plus size dating websites and apps to empower you with love opportunities. All bodies are treasures manifesting the festivity of life and love. We know: you want to be adored, and you can make your dream come true on dating sites for fat women​​​​​​​. Brave pretty plus are winning catwalks and fashion magazines, enchanting Rubenesque visions are celebrated in numerous pop songs and on TV screens, so you are welcome to gain hearts with your external and eternal beauty. Your body, your rules. Be proud of yourself, free your mind, choose the most appealing plus size dating service, and the rest will follow. 


Katherine Awkley



Katherine Awkley is a journalist and a dating anthropologist, researching both theoretical and practical aspects of romantic relationships, psychology, and sex. Awkley is an NYU graduate with an M.A. degree in journalism. Her primary goal is popularizing the dating culture, educating people to get rid of their fears, prejudices, and complexes.

Most of the time, Awkley spends on consulting and researching the hidden aspects of human sexuality. Her masterminds are Betony Vernon, Guillaume Apollinaire, Dita von Teese, Robert Green, Belle de Jour, Andrew Blake, and many more. Currently, Katherine Awkley is a leading columnist at