How to suck balls aka fun things to do with balls

Play some balls or why it is important to know your way with his testicles


The ball game is important in any relationship. Same as men often forget or are not quite sure where the clit play, we, in order, do forget about male testicles and how important is it to get them involved in our sexual routine.

Women were taught from an early age that male balls are something that is way too sensitive, and we should rather avoid the contact than getting attached at all. Eventually, we end up avoiding the areas we are not familiar with and let me tell you the secret. You are missing out a lot.

Prepare to be amazed and to amaze your man. Here is an ultimate guide for you on how to get to the ball game with him.

Main rules on what to do with balls

I always ask dude to wash hands before any possible foreplay. I’m not trying to be mean, but my vagina is my best friend, and I tend to take good care of it. Same you should do on your end — care for his balls too.

How to lick balls or things guys do with mens balls


Before going any further, ask your partner what he likes. You can either do it before in a mature talk or turn it all in dirty talk or role-playing where he tells you what he needs you to do with your hands and mouth around those balls.

Acknowledge them

If you have never played with his balls — make the point that this time you have your game on. All you need to do is simply reach down there and slightly grab them after stroking his penis for a while.


Balls could be a great starter for foreplay. Don’t get to his penis right away. Start with his balls. Do it through pants or underwear first.

Use lube or saliva

I don’t know those people who don’t like it sloppy, bet you can’t tell them either. Lube or saliva are perfect for making the experience of a ball play even better.

Use your mouth and tongue

Think this way, his penis head is sensitive, but his balls are even more sensitive. It is important that you would eventually suck on those balls. If you have never tried that before and you are not very confident — it’s okay.

How to play with a mans balls and how to begin on stimulating testicles

Main “don’ts”

You can know all the rules and techniques for how to play but there are still mistakes that you can pull and what can cause the whole sexy mood to be down to a zero. Let’s avoid that and remember things you don’t want to do while you are down there near his balls.


Before starting any handjob, take all your rings and bracelets off. This is where you can hurt your man by tiny accident. Wouldn’t suggest being trapped in between your jewelry pieces and his body hair.

How to pleasure balls

Balls shaming

If you ever saw male balls, they are not that masterpiece of art that you would pay money to go to see in the Louvre 500 years later. Balls are cute but could seem weird with too much skin. But remember, never shame them. That is something you are born with, and all blame to the genetic, but it’s something you can’t change.

Getting it twisted

Don’t try to get it around its axis — that will hurt a lot. It is better to make your tongue turn around each of it or both rather than make it twisted.

There are plenty of techniques in this world on a balls pleasure topic. It all depends on the personal preferences of a guy. But here are seven most common ways to please his balls and him.

How to play with testicles or what are testicle play techniques

Sensually pinch the seam

The seam is the skin between two balls (the on in the middle basically). Try to do it slowly at first and then you can evolve with the strength and the distance.

Drag them down

Imagine trying to get rid of the extra water or something. Place your fingers around the base of his balls and glide your fingers down, making his testicles slip away in the end. Repeat that, and you can go further with stretching them down a little bit more each time.

Take both testicles in your hand and play with your fingers around it and then gently pull them down.

Draw infinity sign with your tongue around his balls

That will draw his attention to you. That also could be a nice “break” if you need to take a minute in between giving him head.

Do guys like their balls played with? Guys would go nuts

Suck of his balls

Start with sucking one by one and then, if you are ready, put both of them together. Be careful of your teeth and try to control it not to cause the pain. While balls are in your mouth, you can switch from sucking to licking and then back to sucking. It is like a blowjob: your fantasy is the key here.

Slap it

If you guy is into more rough things, you should try slap balls. It is not that common because a lot of guys have never tried that before so you can try with a little slap somewhere in between you playing.

Try tea bagging

It’s like him fucking your mouth but putting his balls in your mouth while you are intensely licking them. The best position for that is when you are laying on your back, and he is standing above you and placing both balls into your mouth. In and out. He can stroke, and you can grab his butt cheeks or play with your clit.

Any techniques are great
You can choose one of those or take them all and use them one by one. You can also have “balls” sessions with your guy when you don’t do anything to him but lick his balls. He can stroke himself and hold your head tight, but you focus on the licking only.

Caressing balls


Should I use lube while playing with his balls?

It is up to you, but we would suggest taking a little bit of lube or saliva or even oil. Whatever would make it more sloppy to play around.

What is the best position for tea-bagging?

The best position for tea-bagging is to lay on your back while he is standing over you. You can also try it while you are on your knees.

How to start testicles play with your partner?

First of all, you need to communicate with your partner and throw a little comment in a text or in person. You can also try to do it during blowjob and see his reaction.

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How to play with his balls

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