Meeting people in your area is much more rewarding than long-distance

Online Local Dating Sites: Why Choose Them?


The answer is pretty simple. Online dating opened new horizons for us to meet people without leaving our sofas yet the main goal remains the same — meet someone in person eventually. Same reason why free local dating sites in the USA are so popular. No one wants to have a romantic pen pal all the way across the globe. We all need it right here and right now.

The online dating market offers 100 free local dating sites and even more nowadays. Matching algorithms on these apps are usually focused on your current location and other personal preferences go second. There are also hookup sites only or more committed relationships, for the LGBTQ+ community and those that were created especially for the older generation. I put together 10 best local dating sites for any taste that are on high demand.

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Do’s and don'ts of online dating

Main rules for online dating

Before we go any further though, let’s go through the main rules for online dating. That will help to avoid any misunderstandings and will lead you to the goal in no time.

Rule #1

Be honest. That is the key to online dating. Be honest about your intentions. If you are looking for a hookup, use apps that were designed for that. And opposite, if you are looking for a serious relationship, try not to fool yourself into magically finding it through the hookup.

Rule #2

Stay positive. People online want to meet you but no one wants to hear about your daily problems and how annoyed you are by everything around. That will only drive people away from you. You are using the app to have fun.

Rule #3

Don’t share too much. Of course, that decision is completely up to you, but keep in mind that people who you’ve met online are still strangers. So for safety sake, try not to share your full name, phone number, or home address. You can be straightforward about that. Social media, on the other hand, is fine to share if you are willing to.

Rule #4

Pick a public place for the first meetup. No matter what your goals for online dating are, make sure to arrange a first meetup or a date in a public area. Bar, for a drink or two, coffee shop, or a crowded area in the city center. Just in case the vibe in person is off, so you will be able to leave without any obstacles.

Rule #5

Be yourself. You are already attractive enough so no need to pretend while online. Here you can be as bold and as honest as you want to be. No serious attachments follow the matching with one or the other person. If they don’t like you, you don’t have to stay.

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Choose one of the best local dating platforms

10 high demand local dating sites in the USA

It wasn’t that hard to define what are the best local dating sites free of charge or identify those that require you to spend a little. In my experience, all free apps hide something underwater. Like Tinder: it has multiple bots that are just ruining it for everyone yet the main features are free. Why use that if, for instance, you can get Pure for symbolic subscription and get high-quality matches that are straight to the point and no fake profiles?

That being said, let’s see what’s behind all these 10 best free local dating sites.

Platform Odds of success
AdultFriendFinder ★★★☆☆
Pure ★★★★★
BlackPeopleMeet ★★★★☆
Tinder ★★★★☆
eHarmony ★★★☆☆
OkCupid ★★★☆☆
OurTime ★★★☆☆
Zoosk ★★★☆☆
Grindr ★★★★☆
Her ★★★☆☆


1 month for $39.95
3 months for $80.85
12 months for $239.95

AdultFriendFinder is one of the oldest local dating sites and was out there since the beginning of time together with Craigslist Personals. The last is no longer available for personal ads, but AdultFriendFinder is still here and quite popular.

The website is more suitable for those who are looking for anything kinky and it will be great if you are a couple looking for other swinger couples in your area. Why not spice things up, right?

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  • A lot of active users.
  • All the videos are free to access.
  • Good for casual sexual relationships.


  • You need to have paid membership to interact with others.
  • Many profiles are being dead since the last century.
  • No mobile app.
  • Pricey.

When I was surfing through the website on my phone since there is no separate mobile app, a lot of steaming hot profiles appeared on the top of my search. Although when I tried to approach them, it seemed that the profiles had been online a while ago and those people simply didn’t delete their accounts. I didn’t like that. Still got them on top of my search instead of real and active users.


1 week from $11,99
1 month from $21,99
3 months from $43,99
12 months from $54,99

Pure is a leading app within all other hookup apps. It is a very straightforward app that got me all I needed within two hours. It connected me only with local singles hot as hell. I had a little chat with a few of them and in two hours I was already heading for a date that ended up with sex.

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Pure is not really one of those totally free local dating sites but it was so much worth it, in my personal opinion. Besides, I love the different variety of subscription plans. Want to goof around once or twice — here is your weekly subscription. Want to have more interesting stories to tell after a year? A 12-months subscription will be your choice.


  • An app for hookups only.
  • Matching with people in your area.
  • Active and open-minded users.
  • It has awesome design and easy to navigate.
  • Affordable.


  • The Messaging feature is paid.

In conclusion, Pure is a working app. Yes, it might cost you money, but at least I didn’t get any fake accounts or bots that were trying to stay online sexting friends forever. Pure is a local dating app that connects people online and makes it effortless to move offline as soon as possible.


1 months $16.75
3 months $41.85
12 months $71.70


25 Credits $0.99
100 Credits $3.99
250 Credits $9.99

BlackPeopleMeet is focused on black singles to get connected yet any ethnicity can join the platform if they are looking for black people to date. Besides hosting the main feature to connect men and women, it claims to have a bunch of different fun features to keep users entertained.

I personally like interesting features but only those that do not distract me from the main goal which is to find a date. Although after taking a closer look at those features, they seem regular to me and have nothing spectacular. Yet they help to get you more connections, which is always a plus.

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  • Connect you by your zip code location.
  • Great if you are looking for a specific ethnicity.


  • The Messaging feature is paid.
  • Not as many matches daily.
  • Not all email addresses are accepted as “safe.”

Overall, BlackPeopleMeet is far from being on the top within other free local dating sites but if you are looking for black singles near you only, the app is worth trying. Singles there are really active and look forward to talking to you. It is also listed as one of the best free local dating sites in Canada which is weird as the app is not free. All the main features require paid membership.


1 month from $9.99
6 months from $34.99
12 months from $54.99

Tinder needs no introduction as everyone knows this app. I used it for like a year and then got so tired of all the bots and right after that, I tried my luck with another hookup app Uberhorny that didn’t give me what I wanted and I ended up testing Pure which happened to be just perfect.

But going back to Tinder and its bots. That was not only for male users or free ones. Bots were approaching all the time making that illusion of the unlimited number of people who are there trying their shot with you every single day. I had nearly 30 similar profiles who kept SuperLiking me regardless of my location.

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  • Messaging is free for everyone.
  • You can connect with people in the cities where you are about to travel.


  • A lot of fake profiles and catfishing accounts.
  • The subscription fee will be based on your age.
  • Empty profiles.
  • People are not honest about what they are looking for.

Despite Tinder is one of the top free online local dating sites, in reality, it is not as great as it was back in the day. First of all, your subscription will be based on your age. If you are younger than 28 years old, you will get it cheaper, and you’ll have to pay more if you’re 28+.

Seems like the platform evolves not fast enough and doesn’t focus on the users’ quality. Nevertheless, Tinder will always remain as the app that gave us “Swipe” and “It’s a Match” slang. If you are looking for some creative pick up lines or advice on how to get the best out of Tinder, here’s our full review.


6 months $197.70
12 months $275.64
24 months $431.28

eHarmony was created by a professional clinical psychologist who was also responsible for the creation of the compatibility test. As a new member you have to go through that right away (you can’t really skip it and leave for later).

That long sign-up does make it worth your timing if you are looking for serious relationships only. The test seems to work at its best to get you connected with the most compatible matches in your area.

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  • Great if you are looking for a serious relationship.
  • Users are very active.
  • Fully detailed profiles.


  • Minimum 6 months subscription.
  • Pricey. Very pricey.
  • Requires paid subscription to message people.

eHarmony is working well for those who are looking for settling down. You need to have a paid subscription to be able to connect with those magical matches of yours. While I was using the platform, I got 7 messages so I can assure you that users are quite initiative and are open to getting to know you better. I didn’t like that the minimum subscription plan option is 6 months though. For instance, Pure, as I’ve mentioned before, can be used even for a week and within this time you can get a steaming partner for a date.


A-list basic subscription

1 month from $7.95
3 months from $19.05
6 months from $23.70


1 Credit $1.99
5 Credits $9.45
10 Credits $16.90

OkCupid has a lot of Cupids on their count. Anything you can think of, from BiCupid all the way to Filipino Cupid. But I suggest we focus our attention on OkCupid itself as the parent to all those sub-websites.

OkCupid has been live and active for a while now and is doing a great job, I could tell by the number of users. I used to try OkCupid back in the day so I felt a bit nostalgic getting back for testing. The modern design will promise you to get connected with any kind of singles who are straight, bisexual, Blacks or Filipinos, and anything you can think of. Also, the platform promotes any relationships, but a lot of users use it as a hookup arena getting those who are looking for serious relationships simply confused.

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  • Simple to navigate the website or iOS / Android mobile app.
  • Viewing profiles is free for all users.
  • Detailed quizzes during the profile setup, so later you see the percentage of compatibility with other matches.


  • You can’t see who liked you.
  • A lot of users are not straightforward.

OkCupid is a nice app but always gets me confused by what exactly Cupid I should use. As I’ve mentioned before, the users are confusing yet very active. I got myself a female account and put in that I’m looking for serious relationships. I received 4 messages within 15 minutes and all of those were with an offer to hookup. So even though OkCupid claims to have 10 million users, they seem to be useless if you are looking for serious stuff.

For example, Pure is a straight-forward hookup app. Sex only. Period.


1 month $31.96
6 months $95.76 or $119.76

OurTime Tokens

55 Credits $2.99
110 Credits $5.99
280 Credits $9.99

OurTime is one of the most local dating sites free of ageism. This app was created for older people to get connected and build all kinds of relationships. It can be friendship, partnership, or romantic relations.

The platform is very easy to navigate and smooth design will make it effortless to go around the website or the app even if you are a newbie. After the registration, I got suggested matches in my area, and I must say that all people looked attractive to their age and seemed to be very active. So don’t consider this app only good for finding Bingo partners. Romantic relationships are very possible as well.

post image


  • People are open to any kind of relationship.
  • Mostly older people.
  • A lot of active users.


  • Most of the features are for paid members only.
  • No verification needed.
  • Fake profiles were detected.

Since the website doesn’t have any profile verification, I wouldn’t suggest sharing any personal information with strangers. Even the fact that you have to be a paid user to message others doesn’t stop scammers here. Be aware and keep in mind that if you feel that the profile is odd, just block it. That function is completely safe and anonymous.


1 month $29.95
3 months $59.85
6 months $89.98


50 Coins $4.99
250 Coins $19.99
750 Coins $49.99

Zoosk is often compared with Tinder. Zoosk is the app where all the users who used to look for hookups on Tinder now are looking for more settled relationships.

Just like Tinder, it works worldwide and has the advantage of being on the market for 12 years. Users are active and there are still those who are looking for hookups only. It has cool features, including SmartPick which is basically platforms’ Behaviour Matchmaker.

post image


  • Custom matching algorithm.
  • Members are active and look for serious relationships.


  • Most main features are for paid users only.
  • The apps for iOS / Android are more convenient than a desktop version.

Let’s get back to that magical matching algorithm. It claims to study your behavior based on your “yes/no” swipes and learns the pattern of your preferences. After collecting this information about you, the matching system is supposed to offer you only those matches that you will most likely swipe right.

It sounds too good to be true, but it does work at some point. I mean, if you are in the area where you potentially won’t have that many matches, the app will show you people regardless of your personal preferences. All that only if you get a paid membership.


1 month $9.99
3 months $20.97
6 months $29.94
12 months $47.88

Grindr is one of the top local dating sites for free search for gay guys in your area. Grindr is used for hookups mostly and won’t be great for those who seek seriousness.

The principle of connecting works according to your location — of course, you have to share it with the app. It combines all the best features from apps like Tinder and Snapchat. It is as easy to use as Tinder and everything is based on your look. In addition, you can send photos in private chats, and many users do it instead of sending regular greetings.

post image


  • Messaging is free.
  • You can send photos to other users.


  • LiveChat is available only for paid users.
  • Matches based only on the location and no other additional preferences included.
  • Only 25% of users are from the US.

Grindr holding its number one gay hookup app very strong. Yet I think it gets tiring from time to time. My friends are always complaining that they get the same matches over and over again. In case you, too, got tired of Grindr, try Pure. It works your way regardless of your sexuality.


1 month from $14.99
6 months from $71.99
12 months from $89.99


1 Boost $5.99
5 Boosts $14.99
10 Boosts $24.00

Her is the app that is focusing not only on the dating feature but also on social networking which is very important for the LGBTQ+ community. Meaning, besides matches, you can get connected with like-minded people at the social events that are organized by the users and creators to empower lesbians, bisexuals, queer, and transgender women.

post image


  • A lot of singles in your area to connect with.
  • Users are highly active.
  • Offline organized events.


  • All the main features are for paid members only.
  • A lot of users are more focused on social relationships rather than romantic.
  • The app often can lag.

Overall, Her app is amazing if you are new to the city and look to connect with open-minded and similar personalities. Dating could happen as well but a lot of users are focused on events that are usually free. It helps to meet people offline rather than spend money on the subscription plan to be able to text others.


What do local dating sites near me mean?

Local dating sites or apps that work to connect you with people only within your location radius to avoid long-distance pen pal friends.

What are the best local dating sites?

The best local dating sites are those that put the location as a priority in a matching algorithm. For example, Tinder, Pure, and Grindr use the only location to connect you with possible matches.

Can I use local dating sites for free?

Yes, there are apps that offer free features but that also means that you might find a lot of fake profiles or scammers like on Tinder. Try out the app that has a free trial or a minimum week subscription plan, like Pure, to get the maximum for yourself.

What is the best hookup local dating site?

Pure and Grindr are the top apps to use for hookups in your area.

What app to choose for serious relationships?

eHarmony and Zoosk will work well for you to find people who are looking for more committed relationships.

Aya Lisch
Has lifelong interest for all the sex and kinky experiments. Dedicated her life to traveling the world to explore differ aspects of international dating from Hong Kong to New York. Turned each failed date and one night stand into occasional stand-up comedy shows.

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