How to get a date in Las Vegas


Getting a Las Vegas hookup without having an experienced dating guide is a tough task. This is why I will make your life easier and share my dating tips. What makes me an expert? Well, just recently, I found several hookups during my trip with friends, so, after refreshing my own dating game, I want to share s ome tips and tricks.

Girls in Las Vegas

Finding a girl in Las Vegas isn’t a particularly easy task. If she’s local, chances are, a bunch of tourists regularly approaches her. If she’s a tourist, then she came with some expectations, and you might not fit them. I will mostly focus on picking up locals — in my experience, that’s easier.

Girls in Las Vegas are natural born stars

To date local Las Vegas girls, you need to get out from glorified tourist districts an attractions. Local people prefer meeting up in quieter parts of the city, and in my experience, they are more romantic. If you want, however, a stereotypical strip girl, you are likely to get a tourist or a foreigner.

How to meet girls in Las Vegas

For long-term casual dating or serious relationships, I recommend looking for dates local areas. Start with coffee shops and small cafes — such spots are rarely populated by tourists, which gives you nice odds of getting to know locals.

On the other hand, they might be disappointed to find out that you are a tourist — after all, distances can jeopardize long-term relationships. You need a good pick-up strategy to overcome these doubts right away.

Where to date on daytime

Busy nightlife in Las Vegas makes getting laid in vegas during daytime is difficult. Most people know the city for its buzzing evenings, and don’t know what to do at quieter times. However, in my experience, daytime is when you should start exploring possible options. Then the encounter looks more spontaneous, and you stand a chance of finding someone serious.

Daytime dating is easy when you are looking for a typical hookup, but if your goal is to get a Las Vegas strip experience, you have to get to the right spots. Here is the rundown of my favorite locations.

Daytime dating locations in Las Vegas

The first tried-and-proven method of picking up a hot hookup at daytime is at a pool party. The Strip area is incredibly active at any time of the day, and if evening draws people to clubs, daytime is pool time. It’s a nice occasion to see your potential date in casual settings and get to know each other before embarking on night adventures together.

Tips for daytime

Your first destination should be a hotel or a club with a pool. There, you will either see a public party or an open area that can be visited by people who aren’t staying at the hotel. Be ready to pay for the entrance — these events aren’t typically free.

Additionally, you can start looking at casinos and hotel bars. Although these places are more popular at night, you have nice odds of finding someone attractive there during the daytime as well. Plus, you get much less competition from other guys and girls.

Must-visit dating places in Las Vegas

My top selection of daytime dating spots in Vegas includes restaurants and pool clubs. Whenever I am in the city, I go to beach clubs like Encore or Saphire — although bear in mind that these venues aren’t accessible for free.

Your first destination should be a hotel or a club with a pool

As for hotels, you should choose the place based on your financial possibilities. It’s best to avoid going to luxury hotels if your status doesn’t correspond with the place’s standards. You’ll attract the wrong kind of Vegas girls. Instead, I’d recommend starting with low-rank hotels, but try to pick the ones that have pools or are located near restaurants or parks.

Tips for nighttime

To avoid gold diggers, I recommend going to local areas and avoid Strip establishments. If you go to premium spots, you’ll be expected to pay a lot of money for everything, and you’ll also have to compete with top-tier guys. It’s always better to start with less OG places.

Best nightclubs to pick up girls in vegas

Choosing a nightclub in Vegas in both simple and difficult tas. On the one hand, you get thousands of places to choose from, but also, it’s easy to find a crappy place, because there are so many of them. To spare you the trial and error, I decided to share the list of my favorite spots.

I like Drai’s at Cromwell for its flexible schedule and nice prices — also, I just kept getting lucky with dates there. I have a similar story with Hyde Bellagio at Bellagio — the nightclub is well-organized, and the face control keeps things civilized. Finally, my most wild experiences come from Light at Mandalay Bay — the crowd there is crazy, although I acknowledge that such experiences aren’t for everyone.

Party in Jewel at Aria Resort

Jewel at Aria Resort and 1OAK at the Mirage also deserve honorable mentions. My friends mentioned Omnia and Marque as their favorites — you can try these out, too.

Most of the options described here aren’t cheap, but I also didn’t go for too premium venues. My budget is usually average — although this means you’ll have to pay more than a dozen bucks for drinks. Still, we aren’t talking about huge expenses — it’s quite tolerable.

Mature lady dating

Las Vegas has the most versatile dating communities in America. Here, you can easily find MILFs and cougar communities, and they are quite open about their desires. The best time to look for mature ladies is, of course, at night. You can go to dedicated milf clubs or jut visit strip clubs — this could be one of the wildest cougar experiences you will ever have.

The best way for dating with milf in Las Vegas is Pure app

The easiest way to get started with milf dating in Las Vegas is through a dating app. You can firstly run a quick area search on casual dating apps like Pure. Las Vegas girls are actively using online apps, so you are likely to stumble upon a huge dating pool. After you’ve done your search and met some potential partners, you can start real-life adventures in strip clubs and mature ladies’ bars.

Details on dating In Las Vegas

If I wanted to get a sex date or look for long-term commitments, I would start with online apps. I already mentioned that Las Vegas users are one of the most active ones, so you will quickly find someone. This search will take less than an hour, and by the end of it, you’ll already know with whom you spend weekends and where.

Going the old-fashioned road, hoping to meet people at night is fun in its way, but it only works if you are in Vegas for a long time. Otherwise, you’ll waste your precious fun nights approaching unknown girls and boys and getting rejected — really not the best way to spend your time in the city of fun.

Best dating insights

Dating code in Las Vegas is different from other places. Basic, like getting dressed up and preparing to cash out, remain the same, but in Vegas, it’s all taken to a bigger scale. Here, you don’t want to do just any kind of date — you are surely not going to Vegas to do a movie night.

Going to Grand Canyon on the helicopter is very romantic

My top dates in Las Vegas were about visiting Vegas Strip establishments and having fun in casinos — that is, if you are into old-fashioned dating ideas. If you are in for something more extraordinary, I suggest going to Grand Canyon on the helicopter — this is as romantic as it can get. Additional ideas are to visit the Hoover dam or go together to the legendary Gold &Silver Pawn Shop. Avoid getting drunk — otherwise, you might end up married in a typical Las Vegas fashion.

Online dating services

If you want to narrow your search down and assure that you have a date for the night, I suggest exploring online apps first. My favorite one for Las Vegas is Pure — users here were willing to go with the traditional Las Vegas dating, and not some random boring activities like grabbing a coffee (it’s Las Vegas, are you for real?).

Web site of Pure

Additionally, you can try other dating services like AdultFriendFinder or Adultxxxdate. These are sex dating services where users are very open about what kind of experiences they want and how.

The webcam chat and hookup Las Vegas

Another creative idea for Las Vegas dating is to start with free sexting girls or webcams. In Las Vegas, you are likely to have more fun than anywhere else. I learned that people here are true experts of virtual pleasure, and it looks like this is not news to them. Of course, you are likely to encounter sex tourists who are only in Las Vegas temporary — locals aren’t as much into that type of thing.

Another idea for Las Vegas dating is to start with webcams

My best webcam experiences were on BDSM sites. If you are into perversions and fetishes, I suggest trying out some of the classical platforms like Fetish com or These are large networks of like-minded people who aren’t new to broadcasting their adventures one-on-one or in group chats.

What guys attract girls in Las Vegas

To be successful at Las Vegas’ dating game, you need to prepare to invest some money into your dating experiences. Here, adapting the “quality over quantity” mentality is the best you can do. You don’t want to waste your efforts and resources on approaching multiple girls. Instead, do your online search beforehand, find a great date whom you’d be willing to impress, and do the best you can.

Las Vegas girls like outgoing and ambitious men. Classy looks, expensive cars, and watches, and boosted self-esteem — these are the sought aspects of a dream date. Even if you don’t feel like a million-dollar man, do your best to project this kind of image — otherwise, you’ll get lost among the real competition.

Short video about Las Vegas dating

Las Vegas dating risks

Some girls aren’t looking for a date but promote their prostitution services. A guy goes on a date, has a fine time, and then finds out that it was a paid service. It’s not a cool experience, and you’d feel like you wasted time and money. The best you can do is ask girls upfront if they are looking for a date or something else.

Also, be sure to ask girls whether they are single before you start flirting. In Las Vegas, some boyfriends can be vicious — you don’t want to get into a bad brawl. It should be a habit — ask a girl whether she wants to meet someone new before approaching.

Tips on getting a hookup as fast as possible

You should know what you want and be focused on where to look. If you want to know how to find hookups in a pool party, make it your priority to research such parties and visit a couple of them. Don’t disperse your attention on various types of events and venues — you want to focus on one spot, learn how to blend in, and then maximize your chances for success.

Also, my top advice is always to use dating apps beforehand. Look up matches nearby and talk to them. Look for girls that are ready to date in real life, are open to call or have a video chat. You don’t want to waste time on ghosting or hard-to-get if the clock is ticking.

Getting a Las Vegas sugar baby

Sugar dating is thriving in Las Vegas. You are likely to find yourself a young date if you only come to a nightclub looking like a luxury guy — honestly, that’ about all you need. However, you won’t be there alone — there will be competition, and you want to prepare beforehand.

Go on sugar dating apps and look up potential matches

My advice is to go on sugar dating apps and look up potential matches. You can schedule meetings and firstly talk or text. If you already got to know each other, it’d be easier to fight off other interested men.

Joining a local swinger community

If you want to get a threesome, be ready to meet some competition. Las Vegas coupes are very adventurous, and singles are often picky when it comes to the partner choice. It should be easier if you want to get into swinging as a single.

If you are a couple, I recommend signing up for the swinging dating site first and exploring options online. There, you’ll have a bigger pool of users to choose from — finding a swinging date on the spot is difficult even in a dedicated club — all good ones are taken.

Best bars in vegas to get laid

Whether you’ve lived in Sin City all your life or you’re just visiting, it can be nice to have a little help finding a hookup. These are the best hookup bars and hookup apps in Las Vegas.

Atomic Vegas is my go-to place. Since there is no way to get a local date in the Strip area, I had to look for alternatives. Well, I found it — one of the oldest bars for Las Vega hookups with great drinks and a nice kitchen. The bar has an epic location — it’s almost located in the desert. It’s a romantic place to bring your date and a great spot to meet someone new as well.

Looking for dates on Pure

If you want to go to the best Las Vegas spot already with a date, I suggest to check out Pure. This service is known all over the US, but its Las Vegas community is something else. With millions registered users, the website became a universal provider of casual dates in any American city. In Las Vegas, checking local adult friends is a must.

I am:

Looking for:

My email:

Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

Pure, platform with no bots and fakes

In Pure, the algorithm will delete your account an hour after you start searching for a partner. If you match, you have another hour to talk in the chat — then it will also be automatically deleted.

This makes the service inaccessible and uninteresting for bots, fakes, and crooks. Pure users are alive personalities who do not hide their desires and want to find a partner in the next hour.

The best bar on the casino floor

You can kill two birds with one stone and check out both an iconic bar, Rosina, and a legendary casino — it’s easy since they share the location. The bar is known for its awesome drink selection and premium audience. Sure, it’s quite expensive, but you’ll be entering the highest league of Las Vegas dating game.

Rosina is great bar for brining an online date

Rosina is my favorite bar for brining an online date. It’s a great way to impress someone who’d you like to be one your hookup for the night. I wouldn’t recommend counting on meeting someone new here unless you have a nice budget, but still, it doesn’t hurt to try.

An innovative approach to cougar dating

Cougar Life, as it is, is one of the most popular cougar platforms in the United States, but I didn’t notice so many choices in any other city besides Las Vegas. The city is defined by many the capital of free cougar dating, and by the look of Cougar Life’s Vegas feed, it doesn’t seem an overstatement.

You can look for older women, get in touch with them, discuss date preferences, plan, and epic surprise, and spend one of the most exhilarating dates of your life. It’s not just for women though — you’ll also find 30-40-year-old guys on Cougar Life. The app is universal and is also open to LGBT-people.

Here, you’ll get the taste of incredible seaside-like vibes regardless of the seasons

Tiki Room and summer aesthetics

Tiki Room, located on Charleston Blvd, seems like a great place to bring a hot date. Here, you’ll get the taste of incredible seaside-like vibes regardless of the seasons. The bar has great drinks, amazing cuisine, and nice design. It’s a south-sea inspired style, and a lighthearted atmosphere instantly helps to relax.

Tinder is still a good idea

Despite its many shortcomings, I have to acknowledge that Tinder does marvels in Las Vegas. Here people are open to casual dating more than ever. Still, if you want to meet locals, be sure to get out of the Strip area. Otherwise, you’ll only see tourists’ profiles the whole time. Instead, go to lesser-known residential areas and look for dates in that radius.

Other best places to hook up in Vegas

Born and Raised deserves your attention

Although getting a date in the sports bar is not exactly the most popular decision, this shouldn’t hold you back if we are talking about Born and Raised. This is one of the most authentic Las Vegas bars that draw locals all over the city. The establishment has drinks, cuisine, nice design, and a lively atmosphere — just what you need for an engaging date.

It’s a great idea to meet someone here

The bar is an official spot of Golden kings fan, so you can meet some fans. If you are a fan as well, you will already have a common interest. It’s a great idea to meet someone like-minded and starting an instant conversation.

Meet classics of Vegas in ReBAR

Few places reflect the personality of this multi-faceted city, as well as ReBAR does it. It’s indeed a legendary place where you get everything you’d expect from the city. Drinks, games, sexual pleasure, and extravagant meals — that’s just the brief rundown of what you can expect from the place.

Costs of living

If there is one big downside of dating in Las Vegas, it’s the price situation. Las Vegas is not a cheap city to date in. The majority of places are quite luxury, and guys are expected to pay for all the pleasure, which means you have to be aware of how much you are willing to invest.

Still, because the city is so popular among tourists, there are a lot of cheaper options — you have a lot of alternatives to choose from. Here’s a shortlist of my lifehacks on finding the best accommodation offers.

Welcome to Las Vegas … And show your money!


The cheapest offer I’ve ever paid for in Vega was $30 per night. I heard that you could theoretically find cheaper options, but don’t forget that safety matters, too. To get accommodation at a better price, come with your friends — you can take a big room and split the cost.

Also, don’t use aggregators like, if you don’t want to get an additional percentage. Instead, do direct boking form websites — businesses sometimes offer a discount for those who used their website to pay for a room.

Also, it’ll be much cheaper to book a room in the local area. Sure, it’ll take you a while to get to Strip, but at least you’ll have better chances of dating locals rather than tourists. The premium options range from $3000 per night and higher.

Transportation expenses

The cheapest way to move to the city is by car. It’s great if you have your own, but if not, you can rent. Parking spots are not a problem — most hotels and clubs offer available spots to their clients.

You can save some money by getting to the Strip directly from the airport: the taxi will cost around $20-30. The cheapest way is to use a public bus for $2.00. These busses go quite frequently, but you can look up the schedule beforehand and plan transportation according to your plane’s schedule.

Freelance and remote positions

It’s easier to travel if you can take your work with you. Prepare for the trip beforehand and look up some offers on freelance sites or job listing aggregators, like You can also find temporary work in Las Vegas — bars often publish job offers. To keep track of these opportunities, follow local job communities.

Communication and connection

Here, WiFi is everywhere. Hotels, restaurants, clubs, and resorts — all of them will provide you with unlimited access to a fast Internet connection.

In Bellagio Palms Casino Resort

Best gambling spots in Las Vegas

All best casinos are located in the Strip area. The most popular ones are Wynn, Bellagio Palms Casino Resort, The Venetian, and Caesars Palance. These are high-profile places, popular both among VIP-guests and first-time tourists. Las Vegas has available casino spots for everyone, especially if you come in the daytime.

Weed and drugs

Marijuana can only be used for medical purposes in the state of Nevada. You can get recreational marijuana in some official stores, but only if you are older than 21. So, you can get a legalized pot in Las Vegas, but only from licensed shops.

Healthcare and sports

All hotels, bars, and casinos have medical assistant specialists. To do sports, you can go to the hole that gives free access to the gym or go to parks where people do free jogging and yoga classes.

STDs and HIV

Despite many rumors about HIV in Las Vegas, these misconceptions aren’t grounded. There are only 10 thousand people with HIV in Las Vegas — a small percentage compared to the overall 600,000 population. However, it’s worth noting that there is no such database on tourists’ health, which is why it might be slightly more dangerous.

The traffic in the Las Vegas is very active

Stay safe

The basic security rules are just common sense, valid for any other new city, not only Vegas. You have to be extra careful in the bar and casino since these are spots where it’s more likely to get into a fight. Wherever you see a potentially dangerous person, distance yourself and avoid any communication. Be careful with flirting — don’t approach girls who have boyfriends, or someone who you don’t know to be single.

Additional information

Las Vegas has a lot of specific laws that may seem counterintuitive to the tourist. For instance, prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas, and it only has several legal brothels. Also, the police are careful about checking drivers’ sobriety, so you should avoid consuming alcohol before or during your ride.

Driving dangers

The Strip area is legendary not only for its erotic entertainment establishments but also for driving accidents. The traffic in the zone is very active, and drunk drivers are also quite common. It’s easy to get into an accident if you stop paying attention to road signs — and the surroundings can be quite distracting.

Las Vegas is watching you …


Do girls hookup in Vegas?

If you are looking for a casual hookup, starting in strip areas might be easier. Girls are more experienced and are likely to take the initiative. On the other hand, they have a lot of guys like you to choose from, so you need to impress your date with something. Usually, a fancy dating place or a gift will do the work.

Where do singles meet in Las Vegas?

Singles here usually meet in bars, pool parties, casinos. For locals, it’s typical to encounter people in traditional locations like parks and coffee shops.

Where can I go on a date in Las Vegas?

In Las Vegas, a city that’s legendary for its nightlife, finding a date at night is a walk in the park. You can get a hookup at the hotel bar, public pub, casino, or a night club. The city offers a great choice of venues — from premium ones to a five-dollars-for-a-meal type of place.

How populous is Las Vegas?

With more than 600,000 habitants of Las Vegas, you end up with approximately 300,000 potential female dates. There is a lot of fish in the sea, and you’ll get your fair share if you know how to approach the matter.

Las Vegas has its own Paris – what could be better for dating?


Las Vegas as a reputation for being the most fun city where you could look for love. Locals, however, mention that it can be tough for an outsider to find a way to the local dating scene.

Las Vegas has its own dating culture, and it’s very peculiar, compared to other places. Even choosing where to date in the first place can be a struggle, seeing how Las Vegas is full of amazing spots, but a lot of them aren’t affordable. You need to plan your trip and do research before embarking on the adventure — so take your time.

James Miller
Born in Los Angeles, graduated from a college as a journalist, and spent several years as a freelancer writing about cultural events. From 2017, James writes about love and relationships and explores dating services.

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