How to upload photos in Badoo: all methods and success secrets


Uploading pictures on a dating website is not rocket science. But to be truthful, that’s what depends on your chances of success. Some sites are more image-centric that the others, but still, your picture is what will either attract excellent matches or scare them away.

To make online dating faster, we analyzed popular websites for sex and their feeds, took a look at what kind of pictures are taking off best there and examined the rules. You’ll have personalized advice on a specific dating website — not some generic tips about posting photos from travels.

Step 1. Check the official requirements

Services for hookups and casual encounters encourage users to avoid being shy about photo contents. If the app, on the other hand, is oriented at a serious relationship, you want to keep the mystery alive. Instead, you have to — or your account might end up blocked in no time.

The structure of a profile also matters — here is how your page looks at Badoo

Step 2. Take a look at what other users are doing

Taking a look at the feed helps — you catch the general vibe of the platform.

Two short rules end up entailing a lot of restrictions

Step 3. Test the waters

Trial-and-error is the only way to know whether your picks are working. Until you open your profile up for matching, you’ll never get the real feedback.

Method #1. Connect your Facebook and Instagram account

Allow the application to upload pictures automatically from your social media pages. This is the fastest method, and it works great for those who have active social accounts.

The accessibility


Authentication takes less than 30 seconds. Pictures don’t have to be stored on your device, you choose what photos you’d like to show on the dating profile.

Start by choosing the sign-up method

The images are already compressed by social media websites so they will take less time to upload Badoo photos.

Higher chances of success


Picking the pictures that gathered the highest number of likes and comments simplifies choosing the right photos. Moreover, photos on social media represent various facets of your life, and your profile will be more versatile.



If you forget to edit security settings, it can open your profile to unwanted attentions — we are talking about potential creepy stalkers.

The service receives access to your social media gallery, risking your data during possible hacks.

Your friends will know that you are hanging out on the dating website

Accidentally picking the wrong picture can expose a secret, relationship, or leak some sensitive information about you.

Method #2. Upload pictures from your phone

You can opt for uploading images from your local storage. Its an excellent option for those who dont have an active social media presence. However, there are drawbacks to this method — its slower, and some pictures might not fit the technical requirements.

Just press the button — and the website redirects you to file storage



The first step is creating a Badoo account from scratch. You need to come up with a username, password, and validate the email address. Next, go to your settings and pick “Edit Entry” at the top corner. The application requires a user’s permission to access private data. To upload images from the storage, you need to allow the connection.

The method takes 1-2 minutes, and you need to pass Badoo photo verification in a few hours — and it’s mandatory.

High file quality


Storage doesn’t limit the file’s quality and format, unlike social media. Badoo supports more image formats that Facebook or Instagram do, and it also doesn’t require compression. If you have HD images on your phone, it’s best to upload the original versions, not social media copies of lower quality.

Keep in mind that high-quality images take forever to load



The application receives access to your media files — so think about what kind of content an occasional hacker might find on your device. On the other hand, this method doesn’t expose your public pages or social circle.

An additional hack: adding private photos

Photos in the profile give your match an excellent opportunity to get to know you better. However, you don’t want to have strangers picking on essential aspects of your life, and possibly, ending up stalking you.

How to edit privacy settings for media files on Badoo

  1. Open your account.
  2. Choose “Edit Profile” on the main menu.
  3. Tap on the uploaded pictures to select them.
  4. Take a look at the bottom part of the screen and find the “Make Private” feature.
  5. Agree to make your pictures private by tapping the button.
  6. Accept the notification with the warning that “This process cannot be canceled”.
  7. Now the selected pictures are visible only to you.
You can select photos one by one or hide several pictures simultaneously

You can customize privacy settings further, allowing certain people to view particular content, or restricting the access to matches only.

What pictures work best

After scrolling the feed and analyzing the most popular profiles, we’ve determined the following leading topics:

  • simple headshots on a light background with natural light and limited makeup,
  • nature backgrounds enhance the quality of the picture and draw attention,
  • photos that are featuring cats or dogs attract the majority of Badoo users,
  • there are no “naked” pictures in the feed — if you try posting something like that, be ready for a ban.
Headshots are mostly boring, but hey, at least you get a good look at faces

Each picture needs a title and a description. If these fields are not filled out, the image will not be added to the profile.

How to use Badoo – video

All is known in comparison: Badoo VS Pure

To get into the nitty-gritty of picture uploading process, we compared it to Pure’s requirements and restrictions. Let’s take a look at what a similar dating website has to offer and analyze which service does a better job.



Badoo and Pure have similar features, only Badoo slightly wins in speed, considering that it allows using social media instead of registration. Pure prefers to keep users’ privacy instead and limits the shortcuts.



The service doesn’t require a social media profile. You can upload pictures from your Facebook or Instagram, but Pure will not connect your public profile to social media pages.

I am:

Looking for:

My email:

The chances of success


Pure is more open-minded, and dating is its primary purpose. The community unites both casual daters and those who seek commitments. Hence, more freedom in picture choice.

The key principle of Pure is the mindful approach to anonymity. Here, users are ready to embrace surprises and photos matter less.

The moderation rules are nowhere nearly as strict — the service lives up to its prejudice-free reputation.

Pure prefers to keep users’ privacy and limits the shortcuts

Bottom line

Badoo has a fair share of restrictions for image moderation. You have to select photos carefully and reflect your inner world. Still, the variety of upload options makes up for this strict control. You can download the images from social media galleries or device storage.

Badoo encourages users to keep dating pubic, not trying too hard to preserve identities and real-names. Those who prefer adventurous anonymous dating can take a look at more discrete platforms. Pure, with its anonymous search and self-destroying chat, is a perfect example.

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Born in Los Angeles, graduated from a college as a journalist, and spent several years as a freelancer writing about cultural events. From 2017, James writes about love and relationships and explores dating services.

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