Oral sex when you are on top

The most powerful position of all or how to sit on a guys face


What can be better than a man who genuinely loves pussy and his favorite exercise is feasting it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Now let’s be honest, we used to receive the head from the guy mostly on our backs, relaxed, and let him do all the work. But the game has changed, and now you can do whatever and as you please.

The biggest turn on is to sit on his face. What is even more hot for them is you being in charge. You dominate his mouth with your pussy. One wet power move, isn’t it?

One of the most empowering positions

Why this feels so amazing

Face-sitting is one empowering and feminist thing to try. This way, it is all about you — no matter how awesome and hot the 69 position is, you are still multitasking — trying to get a pleasant peak and suck his penis at the same, that also requires a lot of energy.

Why men love it so much

The other awesome thing about riding his face is that you are in full control. The perfect option for domination roleplaying. You can treat him for good behavior or whatever are the terms of the game. Now let’s not forget about men who have this as a fetish. We find it one of the most amazing fetishes of all.

A lot of women fantasize about sitting on their partner’s face. Which is great. Although you should consider both. If you are a more conservative couple or that topic hasn’t come up before you should always talk about it first.

Sext it

You can start it as a joke and see his reaction or begin the discussion through the sext. Send him an erotic photo of your front and say you would like to ride his face. There is a minimum chance he will find it weird or whatsoever. But if he does — you should respect it.

Try it shortly during sex

If you decided to go full effort during sex here is an interesting approach to try it for a bit. Once you are riding his penis on top just pull it out for a second and move all the way up to his mouth — might need to practice it before by yourself to do it gracefully. Play as if you need to make your pussy wetter so you can continue. Also, don’t forget to kiss him after that, once you are back on his penis. Show him that you like your taste. That is simply sexy. Besides, if you don’t want to try your juice, why would he.


In case if your man brought up the desire to eat you out like that and you are not feeling like it at the moment — you should explain so. Do not be afraid of communication because that is the key that will make things much easier.

The only thing that’s left is to make sure that you have everything under control

Learn how to sit on his face

How to get into it

For some reason — probably years and years of body shaming — women have the idea that if they sat on men’s face, they would squish it or suffocate him to death. That is a complete myth. It doesn’t matter what size or weight or body structure you are, no men died because of that. It simply never happens.

  • Get yourself comfortable so you can relax and enjoy riding him and not overthink necessary things. First, begin by straddling over his chest in a kneeling position. Scoot forward until your thighs are on either side of his head. You can grab the bed for the more comfortable and stable position while he could rest his hands on your thighs. Get lower so his mouth can meet your kitty and that’s pretty much it.
  • Put your weight on your knees for the beginning. Once you are in contact, you can relax and feel the pleasing movements. Don’t forget that the top is always in power. Here you can control pressure by moving closer, further, faster or slower. Anything you can think of.

Just on the tip of our tongues, try to have his face still while you are riding his face on the max. Or complete the opposite, let him show his talents by remaining steel yourself.

3 best positions to control him

What if we would tell you that there are plenty of ways to control him eating you out. We happened to know 3 of the most fabulous positions on how to sit on a guy’s face properly.

Missionary position can be dominant as well

Missionary but powerful

Missionary position for oral sex still can be dominant and powerful despite the haters. Also great for domination roleplaying. What’s not to like, you are laying back, relaxed, and hold his head between your legs. You as well can hold his head and move your hips the way you want to. The dirtier, the better.

Sitting on top and ride his face is sexy


The one and only traditional sitting on his face pose. This is a classical way to get pleasure. On top of everything, you already know how to sit on his face, nothing difficult there. Now let’s focus more on what you are doing while he is eating you up in all possible ways. Make eye contact that is always a turn on, look down.

The other way to enjoy riding his face as is simple as never. Put a pillow behind his head, place your arms behind you and move all your weight to your arms and hands. Now start making circle movements around his mouth with your pussy — it is an excellent way to ride his face if you don’t feel confident about your belly.

Play around 69 position

Side almost 69

Side stands for you both being on your sides. 69 stands for the position of oral sex. Almost stands for him doing all the job and you control it all.

This will help you to lay in a different position, and that means he can explore different angles and you should have different feelings while you still can control his head, his movements, and your orgasms.

Women who love sitting of his face

What women say about it

We asked a few women to share their thoughts about sitting on someone’s face and riding it. The feedback is more than interesting.

Doesn’t everyone do it?

Isn’t this a pretty standard thing? If you’re having sex for a while and doing a lot of oral in different positions, chances are you’ll end up face-sitting. Maybe it’s because I’m lesbian, but any oral position seems pretty run of the mill for me.
Andrea B.

It’s our favorite thing

I love sitting on my partners face, and he loves it back. He has made jokes about that being how he wants to die. If he ever needs more air, he just pats my thigh, I move back to his chest, and he gets a few good breaths in. When he’s ready again, he’ll yell, ”go!” and I’ll jump back on his face. It’s really cute and fun, and I come very hard from it.
Amber J.

The hottest ever

I think facesitting is the hottest thing ever. I’d love to straddle my boyfriend’s face and run my fingers through his hair while he looks up at me with a mouth full of clit. Unfortunately, he’s not into it, or any real form of oral. Also, you’re supposed to lean back on your heels and use your quads to hold your weight; it’s like a cowgirl on the other head. You don’t actually sit down on someone’s face like you would in a chair.
Jade P.

Good and bad

Pros: More control over where I want to be touched, and pressure.
Cons: Thinking “can she breath?? I’m squishing her with my fat ass. Death by booty.”
Vera T.

It’s okay

Lying on my back is much more comfortable for me, but I used to do it with an ex because he liked it. It’s not bad, just not my favorite.
Katy G.

My boyfriend loves it!

I mostly prefer to lay on my back for oral, but he’ll sometimes ask for me to sit on his face and I’ll happily oblige. I feel really self-conscious though lol I’ve got a bit of a belly, but he loves that too.
Alice W.

My boyfriend loves it, but ehhhh

I don’t enjoy it. Boyfriend loves doing it, but I can’t orgasm that way at all. I like to sit back and relax and let him go to town. I wouldn’t expect him to stand up while I go down on him. That plus I get light headed after orgasming, so it’s much more safer for me to lie down haha!!
Anna C.

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Honest men reviews on demanding oral positions

Men were taught to keep their emotions to themselves most of the time. Yet we got through some tough guys to get them to share their deepest and hottest thoughts that keep revisiting them while they are eating us out.

Men who love to eat you out and can do it daily

Can I get blowjob too?

If she’s in reverse cowgirl, I’m hoping she’s going to go down on me.
S. Lawrence

Just a little bit of air

I need to keep my head tilted to the side so I can breathe.
P. Michaels

Wild foreplay

I’m usually listening for moans to figure out what she likes and does not like — to switch up and wondering if I should start rimming her booty or if I should just tongue fuck that, too. So basically, I’m thinking about giving her as much pleasure as I can. Wild foreplay makes for wild sex.
E. Philips

I want to eat the pussy or ass, or if both, what order?

I like an aggressive chick, so sitting on my face with or without warning is exciting, especially when they barely let you get enough air and then they slightly lift up only to smash your face in deeper. Depending on if this is a regular or a new person, I’m wondering if she is going to squirt or ooze.

Depending on how she sat on my face, I have to decide if I want to eat the pussy or ass, or if both, what order? Then sometimes I’m wondering what’s her “freak level” — is she gonna surprise me with a “golden shower?”
S. McKinney

You cannot squash him by riding him


Do I need to cum while I’m riding him?

It is all up to you. If that’s your goal or a part of a dominant play — then sure! If this is more of foreplay and it is not that easy to reach the peak then don’t overstress and enjoy it.

Should I be afraid to hurt my partner while I am riding on his face (I am a big girl)?

No, you won’t hurt him by sitting on his face. Manage to sit comfortably, and if you need, you can make up the stop word, just in case.

How should I bring it up to my boyfriend?

All you have to do is to communicate. You can start it with a silly text in a half-joking way, as well as sit and talk about it. You also can go all the way up and try it for a little bit during sex. The choice is yours.

How to properly sit on a guys face

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