How to finger your pussy aka fingering yourself tips

How to finger yourself and reach mind-blowing orgasms


The myth screams that masturbation is only helpful while you are single, which are complete lies. Female masturbation is important at any time, so explore yourself, your body, and your inner fantasies that you might never know before.

How to finger yourself for beginners

What are the main spots to use

The most popular way to please yourself is fingering masturbation. There are a few ways to finger yourself and reach orgasm, as well as other spots that you can add to your masturbation.

For instance, you can only finger yourself as well as you can only play with your clit. For here, you can combine those with all other erogenous zones your body has. Every woman is different, and that means to know what we like we have to explore.

How to finger myself

How to start

First, you need to relax. You can’t get yourself pleased if your mind is spinning around the work or the grocery list. Turn off your phone and your thinking. You need to chill.

Before you start anything from below, make sure to trim your fingernails and wash your hands and toys properly

Take some time off

Sometimes it is not that easy to have all those fantasies right away. If you never use your fantasies, it is fine. Either way, you can use porn, but the only problem that you can face is choice. The variety of options could take you a while. So we would suggest having more than 15 minutes for everything.
Explore your body as often as possible

Master it

Perfection can be accomplished with daily practice. If you didn’t reach the peak right away — keep practising and trying to explore your body and feelings during certain movements. Try different toys and positions. Do whatever it takes to explore as much as possible. 

Stress less — masturbate more

Become stress-free

We all have stressful daily lives and most likely by the end of the day, we are not really a human but squeezed lemon. Sex or masturbation seems like a perfect option to releave all that baggage behind. Yet a lot of women find themselves even more stressed afterwards because they were too intense to relax and cum.

This does not mean that once you are not in the mood to finger yourself you should leave it. Quite the opposite, but instead of jumping right into it, we suggest jumping into a relaxing bath with a cup of tea or a glass of wine. That will ultimately set your mind and body to a relaxed mood for you to continue afterwards.
Make masturbation same way as your beauty routine

Enjoy the journey as much as the destination

Always keep in mind that any masturbation and especially fingering yourself should be an enjoyable process through and out. The more you explore your body and hidden preferences the better the entire masturbation will be. You are tired of how things usually go – change the routine and try to watch a new type of porn or get yourself a new vibrator.
No such thing as too many sex toys

Spoil yourself with a new sex toy

There is no better feeling when you spoil yourself. Such a bossy feeling. Orgasms are one of women’s best friends together with diamonds, of course. So why not to get yourself another sex toy. 

It can be anything you want. Maybe a new vibrator for G-spot, new anal plug or that latest toy for clit with the tongue effect. The choice is yours.

How do you finger yourself

Pick up the phone

If you need another way of stimulation, call your partner. You can send a pic to start the naughty conversation or start dirty talking right away. In case you are in a long-distance relationship — call your partner naked.

Finger orgasm

Get yourself as wet as possible

The next step is to get yourself wet enough to start the fun. The wetter the better. Sometimes you are dripping wet, and some days you need a little help. No shame in using the lubrication in any case.

Try to buy lubes that have a water base to protect your vagina. If you want to become wet in a natural way, you can rob your clit while watching porn or fantasizing. Use the vibrator to play around; that should help as well.

How can i make myself cum aka finger my self

Search for the G-spot

It necessary to find your G-spot, but you don’t have to do it right away. G-spot is feeling awesome, but don’t overstress by looking for it and trying to reach it. Don’t forget that you are finger to orgasm, and if that is possible without G-spot, you should go for it. Otherwise, you can end up completely frustrated, which would lead to a lack of mood to continue anything else. We don’t want that to happen.

How to masturbate with fingers or what happens when you finger yourself

Fingering yourself

Same here. Do not expect to make yourself cum through the fingering technique from the first try. Some things take time, and this is one of them.

How to finger yourself to orgasm

The topic is so popular yet so sensitive so we’ve deсided to break it down for you and explain more detailed on how to finger yourself and reach the peak.

How to properly finger yourself

Finger your G-spot

This is what all the fingering is about. G-spot is the OG we all trying to reach. Once your fingers in your vagina, you can feel softer and more flexible parts that feel so good. Those you should keep your focus on. Remember that every woman is different, so one would have it closer, and the other would have her G-spot further. The picture above is a common example.

How to finger yourself girls

Practice pressure technique

All you need to do while you are fingering yourself is to press your pelvic area with the other hand. That way, you will create pressure on your bladder and the G-spot from both sides — your fingers inside and a bladder.

How to finger yourself step by step

Combine clitoris and vaginal orgasms

Here where you can go as creative as possible. First, you can finger yourself and play with your clit to maximize pleasure. You can also use any toy you want to play with the clit. It is not necessarily supposed to be a finger only.

How to finger yourself without it hurting

Try anal fingering

A lot of women experience their most mind-blowing orgasms through anal penetration. If you are one of them — anal fingering is for you. Use lube and go for it. Even if it’s not your thing, it might be once you try it. Remember, experimenting is the key. The more you explore your body, the better. Use a finger or two to stimulate your clit.

How to finger fuck yourself

Check doggy style fingering

Here is another myth that while masturbating, you should be lying on your back with legs wide open. When it works for some women might not work for others. Either way, you can get yourself in a usual doggy position where you are on your all fours or still be lying on the back and access from behind. If you have never tried it before — you should, that might be revolutionary.

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How to make yourself cum

Bring toys with you

It’s not a must but a suggestion. The suggestion that we like. Any game requires toys or specific equipment. Toys usually make it better old ones or new ones; all of those are great.

Sex toys help you to experiment and explore your inner desires and preferences that you might have neven known about. For instance, a butt plug can be so rewarding if you use it during masturbation. If you were always uncomfortable around the anal topic, the butt plug would answer your question. Besides, you are all by yourself, no judgments, no pushing, just you and your body.

The market is filled with any toy you can think of. Here are the best toys to use while self fingering.

Butterfly will guarantee you the clit orgasm

The butterfly

Price: $8 — $25.

The butterfly sex toy is comfortable to use while fingering masturbation as it will make the vacuum effect on your clit. Usually, it has stripes that allow you to wear it like panties. Meaning, you can focus your energy on the fingering, and meanwhile, the butterfly will do the job stimulating your clit.

How to masturbate

Butt plug

Price: $2.99 — $10.

The butt plug will expand your horizons of pleasure. You put it inside of you and focus on the fingering part. It is usually small but heavy that will add extra to your game.

How to finger yourself really good

Pocket vibrator

Price: $9 — $85.

You can use any vibrator, yet the pocket one will be more comfortable to use on the clit while one of your hands is busy fingering yourself.

A common fear of fingering yourself can appear after even one shaming comment

Common fears and barriers for masturbation

Unfortunately, these fears are quite common within the female community. Those fears and thoughts are real and women end up thinking there is something wrong with them, as they do enjoy general masturbation, dildos, and penetration with a partner. Yet just thought of fingering themselves gives them anxiety and immediately turns them off.

So why do those fears appear and where did they come from?

Using tampons as a teen

When you are going through puberty, everything seems odd and uncomfortable. We all remember how awkward it was to use that first tampon. Just the idea of that plastic tube going all the way up can scar for life. Which basically can lead to the whole anxiety about self-penetration or fingering itself.

Sex shaming factor

Another very common fear of even trying to finger yourself is that society image of what women allowed or not to do with their bodies. Even now, sex is not that common topic to discuss even within your close circle of girlfriends. Some would shush you and point out how inappropriate this topic is. One-time or constant shaming even from close to you people can convince you that fingering yourself is something forbidden and disgusting, rather than healthy and wonderful.

It’s time to try out the techniques described in the article!

The bottom line

Now that you know the basics and got more information on how to evaluate your finger or masturbation game you should finish reading this bottom line and take some spare time to actually try all of those techniques. Experiment and enjoy!


What should I do before fingering myself?

Make sure that your finger nails are trimmed and your hands are washed with soup.

How to finger yourself?

It usually takes two fingers and comfortable lying position to start fingering yourself. Before you do so – relax and set the mood to get the maximum pleasure.

Can I find G-spot while fingering myself?

Yes, by trying different techniques and experimenting you can find our G-spot. If you didn’t find it right away – take your time and don’t rush it.

How to finger yourself – video tips

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