Older men dating younger women


The law of nature says the opposites attract stronger, especially when it is about mature gentlemen and young ladies who form perfect May-December couples.

Statistics show: the bigger is the generation gap between the partners, the hotter their chamber games are. Relations between the young and the experienced can be of all kinds, but nowadays there are two only ways of finding them: offline and online.

It doesn’t work offline

Hooking up a representative of another generation can be relevantly problematic. Mature males are rare guests of places young girls love. Going to a nightclub may be too uncomfortable for them while dating agencies have a small base of potential candidates of these age groups and notoriously low efficiency.

Offline search is likely to be limited to your typical social circle, and this is a complete failure.

Meeting a younger girl is real mostly when you know her parents, and dating your friend’s dad or daughter, of course, is not a good idea.

Flirting with your junior or senior coworker is even worse: it is likely to turn into harassment and to end your career. Besides, it is hard to detect whether you attract the person you are interested in because different generations have different subconscious signs of attraction.

Online searching is less stressful

You will save your time for everyone, even the busiest businessman will be able to search for an attractive person remotely. It will provide you with lots of users looking for somebody like you with no direct rejection resulting in problems with your attitude to yourself.

Users’ targets and intentions are clear, while chats are more straightforward. Numerous researchers have proven that people are less prone to say a lie online. Meanwhile, even introverts feel comfortable while communicating on the web. Moreover, hooking up on the internet, you will have enough time to discuss your preferences and to find the one who truly fits in.

A good service has no long questionnaires, irritating bugs, or disgusting extra options to steal your money and time. Instead, a perfect service boast of its unique matching mechanism and a high probability of getting a person to have fun with.

Pure will make your experience fabulous

The service works quickly, safely, and efficiently. Hundred-percent matching is confirmed with a huge members base and a high likelihood of a substantial rendezvous.

Easy registration

You will not waste your time on a long registration with your complete biography requested, because your image is your weapon. We believe in the power of physical attraction and the love from the first sight.

Special concept

It motivates your activity and raises your dating compatibility: time limitation of one hour provokes you and your match to plan your date in reality instead of squandering your time on useless services.


No personal details of your conversations will be revealed. The unique formula of chatting guarantee that nobody will have any proofs you have ever visited the best of younger woman older man dating sites till you decide to tell the story of your love success in your own words.

Dating advice

Pure is ready to give you informative and workable dating advice via numerous authentic articles and beautiful Instagram publications.

All types of relations

A hookup, a sponsorship, a one night stand, no strings attached, or a long term — you need our strong hand to set your own romantic trend.

pure sex app

Mobile app

Pure has a mobile version without distortion: no bugs can spoil your dreamy experience both on iOS and Android platforms. A caring team is online 24/7 to make the joyful search even better.

Free trial

A week for free and a reasonable price later is also a significant benefit that shows the service is not a trifle.

Shortly, Pure is so beneficial it should be the key for younger women dating older men:

  • 100% matching and pure simplicity of usage.
  • Complete privacy and focus on clients.
  • Huge choice, mobility, and fair pricing.

The concept saves time

Time is your currency. Pure has a unique concept to let its users find somebody adorable within an hour and to talk with him or her during a limited period before the conversation disappears forever. This is much more effective than on sites like Adult Craigslist.

Such an approach turns even the shyest persons into flirty lovers, improves their self-esteem, raises flirting skills, and brings them into the real action offline.

I am:

Looking for:

My email:

All your pics, messages, and even the fact of your adventure will never be known because chats exist for 60 minutes.

We are mad about your privacy: serious verification and moderation are for the sake of your information being yours only. Fakes, bots, impersonators, prostitutes, VPN-users, and haters are detected banned forever.

To register, insert your email address and get a code to verify you are not a robot. Upload your best photo, but keep in mind that intimate photos are welcome only during your private conversations.

To search, go through profiles and use thumbs up and thumbs down to find your one within an hour. The app will show the distance between you and your potential match. You can also know who has already liked you in a special box to choose an attractive candidate from surefire lovers.

Unlike some services, Pure has no “daily bests,” because the service has not been built to choose instead of you, it is just a tool.

We believe that the best way to find out whether somebody is your soulmate or not is to get to know each other personally without any prejudices, in an essential way starting from the appearance and moving towards the core. From a short anonymous conversation on the internet to a splendid date you never forget and who knows, maybe this person is your destiny.

All the algorithms and concepts the service gifts you with are transparent, the options are functional and work properly with 100% matching and then dating. The best representation of this quality is the absence of negativity about the service on the internet: positive vibes and likes are the results we are proud of.

Amiable people of all types are equally welcome till they stay kind: we believe that a good platform is open to everyone, and this encourages efficient matching.

Get a free 3-day trial

Give a chance to May-December romance. Life is short, so invest your time properly in sex, love, and romantic fun. Start your older men dating younger women journey with Pure. Sign up and meet the one to realize your whims.

James Miller
Born in Los Angeles, graduated from a college as a journalist, and spent several years as a freelancer writing about cultural events. From 2017, James writes about love and relationships and explores dating services.

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