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October 7, 2019
Passion logo app tabl 1 - reviews: how I tried to find out if it’s my new favorite
2.0 ★★☆☆☆
36 million members 60,000 daily users 20% / 80% Male & Female
20% / 80% Male & Female
2/5 hookup chance Low Sex Chance Geography USA, Europe, International
Medium fraud risk Verification Email Mobile App iOS, Android,
$33–180 subscription price Free version Create an account
Free version Create an account
USA, Europe, International
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When I first heard of the website, I was surprised it hasn’t come up earlier and decided to give it a try. In case you are wondering if Passion is a legit website, what are the chances of finding a hookup here, and if there are scammers on the website, take time to read my review.

How I tried Passion com 01 - reviews: how I tried to find out if it’s my new favorite

I am a first-timer on Passion — let’s see what kind of an impression the platform leaves. I’ll be reviewing the website based on the following factors:

  • Affordability — whether the platform has a free version or an affordable paid subscription.
  • Audience quality — how many girls and guys there are on the platform, are user profiles real and active.
  • Interface — is it an enjoyable platform to use.
  • Security and privacy — is it a safe space, and do users respect boundaries.
  • Hookup chance — a summary of the platform’s ability to get you laid.

After rating the service in each of these categories, I will have a big-picture view of the platform. I’ll draw up a list of other hookup platforms I enjoyed exploring — you’ll have a solid pool of alternatives.



To use the website comfortably, you will have to pay for a subscription. There’s a range of paid subscriptions, along with a pay-per-feature payment model. A monthly Gold membership costs $33/m, and you can pay $30/m quarterly, and $22/m every six months.

There’s a paid private chatroom — feel free to use it for $10.95/m. On Passion, you can get a subscription for streaming adult movies as well — it’ll cost $20.85/m or $14.25/m for quarterly billing.

Other than a basic free version, there’s a 7-day trial for testing the premium features with no charge.

Free services

Only the basic features are free. You can create an account, scroll the search reel, and read short profile summaries.

Paid services

Once you afford the Gold subscription, a load of features is available. You will get access to all profiles, their videos and pictures, instant messaging, and live webcam shows. There’s no limit of texts a user can send per day.

How I tried Passion com 08 - reviews: how I tried to find out if it’s my new favorite

Audience quality


On the surface, Passion almost seems too good to be true. Official statistics boast 90,000,000 active users, along with an eighty-to-twenty percent female-to-male ratio. Once you strip down the cover — that’s where an uglier side of the platform comes in the clear.

Age distribution

The majority of the website users are 25-34 years old — 35% of women and 7% of men. 22% of females and 9% of male daters are 35-44 years old. The website is not too popular among the youngest 18-24-year-old audience. Only 3% of men and 20% of women fall into the age group. 4% of all website users are over 40 years old.

How I tried Passion com 05 - reviews: how I tried to find out if it’s my new favorite

Fakes and scammers

As I was reviewing Passion, I turned to send “Flirts” and texting matches into a full-time job. I didn’t get too far with the guys on the platform — most conversations didn’t lead anywhere other than a “Hello” and a few pickup lines. I tried connecting with girls as well — it didn’t go well either, if not worse. I barely got responses and had not a single lasting dialogue.

It looks as if the development team creates fake accounts to boast a high number of daily active users



“Raunchy” is the word you’re looking for to describe the site. The homepage greeted me with a full-screen image of a half-naked couple that took around 5 seconds to load fully. There’s a sign-up form in the right part of the screen. The designers put it up mostly for show since the platform redirects you to a dedicated page once you start filling in the fields.

How I tried Passion com 12 - reviews: how I tried to find out if it’s my new favorite

Signing up

The sign-up process takes 5 steps: choosing yours and the preferred gender, your location, and birth date, entering a valid email, username, and password. Finally, the platform asks your race, body type, and marital status — filling any of these is optional.

The registration form is well-designed and straightforward. It took me a while to set up my account since the system couldn’t recognize my Gmail inbox as valid.

The definite list of email hostings I tried includes Gmail, Outlook, Zoho, and Yandex — none of them worked.

I had to contact the support service to solve the issue and sign-up using my inbox. After researching the web for a while, I found out that validation issues are common for dating websites — yet, there are no fixes other than trying your luck with various emails.

How I tried Passion com 14 - reviews: how I tried to find out if it’s my new favorite


I am not fond of the profile design. Heavy icons and drop-down menus make the platform feel like a time capsule from the 2000s.

Functionality-wise, however, the profile has every tool needed to hookup comfortably: users can add photos, videos, and statuses, view their messages, a list of users that flirted or viewed a profile. The platform kept track of how many profiles I saw since joining.

As on any dating website, uploading a profile picture that clearly shows my face increased the number of views and “Flirts.” No one will review your photo — so users post whatever, from selfies to dick pics.

My profile information was filled in automatically based on the answers in the sign-up form. I could edit the fields anytime in the “Account Settings” tab.

How I tried Passion com 04 - reviews: how I tried to find out if it’s my new favorite


The platform’s search engine was surprisingly versatile and innovative. There are several ways to find matches. You can either use filters to sort partners by age, location, gender, body type, race, and marital status, or rely on the platform and let the algorithm cater matches to you based on your sexual preferences.

I tried both and was much happier about the filtering than the auto-match — it felt too random, with no science or logic behind the selection process.

How I tried Passion com 11 - reviews: how I tried to find out if it’s my new favorite


Passion has a dedicated “Chat” tab to help users sort through and answer messages. I was happy with the layout — there is a minimalistic menu in the left corner where you can view important messages, see the texts from friends, and group texts into folders.

As for the messages, I could move them between folders, mark as “Seen,” delete, or report if users were rude or abusive. Similarly to most social media, Passion will send you a real-time message notification — you’ll see an “Inbox” sign highlighted on the menu panel.

Mobile app

Passion has no mobile app — you will have to access the mobile desktop version to text matches via a smartphone. The interfaces are roughly the same — however, there are too many pictures on the home page — it takes a while to load on smartphones.

Filling in the sign-up form wasn’t too convenient either — it was hard to choose a needed field from the drop-down menu.

Safety and security


On any dating website, you have to think twice before trusting a potential partner, learn to weed out fakes, and not share more personal info than needed for finding hookup partners. Passion is not an exception — here, you are the one in charge of your safety.

How I tried Passion com 17 - reviews: how I tried to find out if it’s my new favorite

The platform treats personal data storage and processing quite responsibly — Passion has AES-256 security encryption and a thorough email validation during the registration process. There’s a dedicated “Report and Abuse” page where users report any inappropriate behavior.

Hookup chance


I took my time to explore Passion and didn’t become a fan of the platform. With a plethora of hookup platforms and dating websites that are safer, better, and more popular, opting for Passion instead does not seem a reasonable choice.

I do think you can find a hookup here, with enough time and dedication. However, with the same amount of effort, the pay-off you’ll get from any mainstream app will be times more rewarding.

How I tried Passion com 06 - reviews: how I tried to find out if it’s my new favorite

Matching algorithms

The platform selects users that have compatible sexual preferences — forgetting that there’s much more to a successful hookup than that.

The algorithm the platform uses for selecting partners is a far cry from Tinder’s Elo, Pure’s technology, or OkCupid personality-based search reel


I would not recommend Passion to a friend nor a good acquaintance. Here is the list of real sex sites that actually would make the cut:

Platform Hookup chance
Pure ★★★★★
AdultFriendFinder ★★★☆☆
UberHorny ★★★☆☆
Badoo ★★★★☆
Instabang ★★★☆☆


Is Passion free?

There’s a free version for viewing profiles and looking for matches. To see videos and pictures, text matches, and watch live cam shows, consider getting the Gold subscription.

Is Passion legit and real?

The website is 100% legal — it’s no different from other social media platforms. However, according to online reviews, most profiles are fake.

Is Passion safe? What is the chance of a scam?

It is safe. You can report fakes and scammers, and the moderation team will block them. To make sure you don’t become a scam victim follow basic online safety rules — don’t share personal information, credit card info, don’t click on third-party links. Arrange meetings in public places before taking the date to a more private location.

Is it worth paying for Passion?

If using the free version is rewarding for you, you should upgrade to get more freedom and matching opportunities. For a first-timer, it’s better to test the free version for a couple of days before investing in paid subscriptions.

How I tried Passion com 10 - reviews: how I tried to find out if it’s my new favorite

What kind of dating site is Passion?

It is a hookup platform — here, you can satisfy your sexual cravings with one or a couple of partners. It’s up to you whether you want to get things going or keep the relationship casual.

Is there a mobile application for Passion?

No, there’s a mobile desktop version for smartphone users.

Can I search for someone on Passion?

No, you can’t look for a particular person on the platform. You can, however, find a needed profile using search filters — location, gender, age, race, body type, marital status, and sexual preferences.

Can you have two Passion accounts?

Technically, yes, since the platform only verifies accounts via email. However, if one of your inboxes is created recently, the validation algorithm might not approve of it.

Can Passion delete my account?

Yes, moderators remove a profile if a user was repeatedly reported or blocked for inappropriate behavior.

How do I delete my Passion account?

Go to your profile page and choose the “Manage Account” tab. Then, select “Please delete my account” to permanently deactivate a profile.

How to cancel a subscription?

Remove the credit card you attached to the profile to ensure that Passion doesn’t charge you subscription fees anymore.

How I tried Passion com 07 - reviews: how I tried to find out if it’s my new favorite

Is Passion for serious relationships?

No, the website is geared towards hookup-seekers.

Can you look up people on Passion?

No, you can’t look users up by the nickname.

The bottom line

Passion hasn’t become my cup of tea. The website boasts a large user base — yet, very few people in the dating community know about it. Furthermore, the interface is cheap and counterintuitive.

In 2019, there are too many solid dating apps to choose from to even throw Passion in the mix. Take your time to explore options — you will find a better platform in no time.

pure logo app transparent new 1 - reviews: how I tried to find out if it’s my new favorite
5.0 ★★★★★
750k members 150k per months 10% / 90% Male & Female
10% / 90% Male & Female
4/5 hookup chance High Sex Chance Geography USA, Europe, International
low fraud risk Verification email, phone, photo Mobile App iOS, Android
$0.95 – $45.95 subscription price Free version minimal set of functions
Free version minimal set of functions
USA, Europe, International
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