Getiton review: how I tried getting hookups on Getiton and what came out of it

Members 20,000,000
Popularity 300,000 users per month
Gender proportion 70% male, 30% female
Geography US, UK, Canada
Account verification email
Mobile app no
Price $5.95-$18.95
Free version 7-day trial
Fraud risk low
Hookup chance ★★★☆☆

I’ve been itching to try out a casual dating website with a scientific approach to matchmaking. When I heard about , a sex dating service with precise compatibility algorithms, I was very intrigued.

Getiton is a relatively new dating website on its rise — Similar Web ranks the platform at #37 number of dating websites. Over the last year, the platform attracts 535,000 visitors monthly, and an average user dedicates at least 10 minutes to the service.

Seeing impressive statistics and positive Getiton reviews, I dived in. My evaluation based on the following key factors:

  • Affordability: trying out paid and free subscriptions and their differences.
  • Audience quality: analyzing Getoton’s user pool.
  • Interface: checking out the website’s feed and unique matching features.
  • Security and privacy: analyzing the data processing algorithms and examining risks.
  • Hookup chance: summing up the review with my date experiences.

I spent a month on Getiton — during 30 days, I explored the website’s functionality and interface from top to bottom. Admittedly, I have a lot to say.



Getiton is not a free website. Users have a 7-day free trial with access to most of the service’s functionality.

Paid services

The subscription costs $18.95/m for one month, $9.95/m for four months, and $5.95 for an 18-months plan. Long-term purchases save you 50%. On the other hand, there is no possibility of full subscription cancellation — Getiton provides only partial recompensation.

The website offers users chat with photo and video attachments, cybersex feed, filters by location and sexual interests. Getiton enables one-on-one matches as well as threesomes and group sex.

Audience quality


Getiton is popular among young users — the average age of a match here is 22-30 years old. The majority of the website’s users are men — about 55%.

Fakes and scammers

At first glance, the feed doesn’t look fake — I saw mostly legit headshots of real users.

Female and male users of Getiton don’t look for serious relationships, and the majority don’t even want to meet in person. The website’s strongest suit is in its cybersex features — webchats and group rooms are thriving.



I was pleasantly surprised with the minimalistic interface. No excessive nakedness, explicit pictures, or low page load speed. So far, so good.

At the main page, you can take a look at the service’s Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, or report violations. Getiton offers its contact data at the bottom of the page — three international phone numbers, addresses, and emergency emails. Also, the website is translated into 11 languages — you can change the version at the top right corner of the page.


Getiton app requires filling out a short form with multiple choice answers. I barely had to enter any information manually — the entire process takes less than a minute.

My favorite feature was the selection of a zip code: if you don’t remember it, you can use a built-in database that will choose a code to your city. However, this feature is available for users from the United States only.

The website doesn’t support Gmail addresses, and will ask to choose another provider. I tried Zoho, Protonmail, and Outlook. Outlook was the only one that was recognized safe by the platform.


Getiton doesn’t ask for additional customization beyond the registered information. To get a precise user selection, you can customize the search results. The first matching destination is a video chat page. Here, you’ll see the selection with clips from matches nearby. You can like favorite recordings, reach out to the author, and publish your video.


The website provides users with essential information without going into detail — you will see a username, age, location, and gender. The profile headline describes a sexual appetite — I was asked to fill this outback during registration.

Getiton hosts videos and photos in dedicated albums. I liked the opportunity to edit privacy settings on my content. So far, I made the materials available only to my matches — I can change this preference at any moment.

For additional information, Getiton provides a description box. Here most users write about their sexual qualities and partner preferences. Each profile has a menu with recent activities, chat, network, and public testimonials. I liked that accounts have public reviews — it’s an excellent option for spotting scams.

Security and privacy


The platform stores a fair share of explicit pictures and videos, so I needed to know how exactly this information will be saved. For my review, I read the entire Privacy Policy — and it offers promising details.

The website doesn’t sell or rent personal data for advertising purposes. If the information has to be disclosed for marketing purposes, the website creators guarantee the end-to-end encryption — this way, the identity of a user is no longer identifiable.

Getiton data servers are located in the United States, regardless of the user’s location. It’s a safe practice — the company doesn’t jeopardize members’ privacy by acquiring cheaper international storage. The website’s security practices are claimed to be verified by Godaddy, a licensed domain provider, and Mandiant, a web security expert.

There are no reviews about data leaks or malware — and my experience proves the point. Getiton has emails and phones in public display — you can contact the team in case of an emergency. I didn’t have a chance to try it out — thankfully, I was never contacted by a suspicious user.

Hookup chance


I had one real-life date from Getiton, and I wasn’t too impressed. A user who described himself as an adventurous experimenter was looking for a typical bedroom hookup.

If by hookup you mean an actual sex date, then your chances are below average. The website attracts users by its cybersex opportunities — real-life dates are off the table. If, however, digital hookups work for you, you are on the right track. It takes less than 10 minutes to find someone suitable for online sex — also because you don’t have to limit yourself with a particular location.

Matching algorithms

Getiton sex collection of video content and fan club communities are perhaps the most active ones out there. The entries can be filtered by location or not — if you don’t plan on meeting the model in real life. The main selection criteria are gender, age, ethnicity, specialty — couples, threesomes, college girls, and others.

Additionally, you can customize body type and hair color. Getiton’s most popular categories are girls with black hair, and blondes are following as the second category. On top of that, the service supports body-positive models and encourages users to choose curvy models — this is perhaps the most popular model type.


Each user can create a fan club — members are rewarded with exclusive content and direct communication with a model. In return, the creator receives a tip — a certain number of tokens or a gift. It’s a tried-and-proven way of increasing profile’s following and getting higher positions on the feed.

Compatibility chart

This was the reason why I signed up for Getiton in the first place. After having to determine my compatibility independently, I finally wanted a service that’d pick someone sexually well-match for me. The website analyzed my profile information and compared it to the characteristics of a given user.

The concept is great, but the execution lacks detail — there isn’t enough information about people’s body types or sexual experiences to get a precise insight


If you look for a real-life hookup rather than a cyber fling, I’d suggest searching for an option: choose your fuck website now!

Platform Hookup chance
Pure ★★★★★
AdultXXXDate ★★★★☆
Instabang ★★★☆☆
Fling ★★★★☆
XMatch ★☆☆☆☆

I am:

Looking for:

My email:

Pure is for real meetings, not endless chats online

Pure users have only an hour to chat before their profiles disappear. In one hour, you send a casual sex request to potential matches near your location, discuss your desires, and share contact detail to set up an offline date. If you want to repeat the search and find other matches, you have to create a new profile. No worries, it takes a minute.

Download Pure or find another app on our exclusive list of best hookup sites!


Is Getiton free?

No, the website offers a free 7-day trial. After a week, a user cancels a subscription or purchases access to the full version.

Is it worth paying for Getiton?

Yes, if you are looking for cybersex, Getiton hookups mostly happen online. For real-life dates, I’d recommend sure alternatives like Pure or AdultXXXDate.

Is Getiton legit and real?

Yes, the website is legit. It welcomes 500,000 users in a month and is certified by Godaddy, a trusted domain provider.

Is Getiton safe?

The website doesn’t use a member’s data for third-party purposes, so the chances of scams are minimal. If a suspicious user contacted you, call an official number of Getiton team 24/7.

What kind of dating site is Getiton?

It’s a casual dating website and a cybersex video library. Members create fan clubs and communities.

Is there a Getiton mobile application?

No, the service is available only as a website.

Can I search for someone on Getiton?

Yes, if you know a user’s name. You can also try searching for a person based on age, location, and body type.

Can you have two Getiton accounts?

Yes, it’s not prohibited by the Terms of Use.

Can Getiton delete my account?

Yes, if you violate the Terms of Use or if multiple users have complained about your content or behavior.

How do I delete my Getiton account?

You can do this in your profile’s main settings.

How to cancel a subscription?

To cancel the subscription, you have to contact the Getiton team — the contacts are available on the main page.

Is Getiton for serious relationships?

No, it’s a casual dating website for quick hookups and cybersex.

Can you look up people on Getiton?

Yes, either by entering usernames, or narrowing down the search, using the website’s flexible filters.

Getiton video review

The bottom line

Getiton is an excellent starting line. If you are new to casual dating, exploring a zero-commitment website with limitless web possibilities, is a good idea.

If you are a fan of cybersex and webcam chats, this is a nearly perfect platform — the video library is huge. For real-life dates, I’d suggest trying out a more secure alternative with detailed profiles and more precise matching algorithms.

James Miller
Born in Los Angeles, graduated from a college as a journalist, and spent several years as a freelancer writing about cultural events. From 2017, James writes about love and relationships and explores dating services. review

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