How I tried Badoo search to find a girlfriend

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September 18, 2019
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60% / 40% Male & Female
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I had always been interested in finding a girlfriend. However, my life rhythm seemed to leave me hopeless: the job took too much time, while I felt stuck in the same social circle. Parties and clubs — not my piece of cake. Dating agencies are too pricey. Once an acquaintance told me about Badoo search, and my journey started.

Ads described the platform as one of the top services for love-seekers. Among the coolest features, there was an option to search people on Badoo in different ways, so I decided to experiment with them all.

My first impression was “nothing visually special, but pretty good” with no time-stealing tests and with no video chats, some platforms are notorious for. I signed up and freed myself with searching tools.

Lookalikes: hot or a bot

Badoo profile search is based on images. I uploaded a photo of my favorite actress and got average girls who had nothing in common with her, except for some fakes with actual pictures of my perfect lady.

Tired of my unsatisfying results, I decided to make some fun and searched for a person who looks like me, but caught conventional males of my age, and finished with looking at people who are supposed to have Donald Trump’s features. In a word, this tool has been created mostly for fun, not for actual dating. Some people admit it is also creepy for stalkers can get you, so I’ll give you a spoiler: Badoo is a stalker’s paradise.

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Visitors: the shady truth

While fishing for my perfect match I got curious whether any woman was interested in me, so I opened “Visitors” to see who had stalked me.

Seemed like lots of girls had come across my pic but none of them liked me. I chose a few and took control of our happily ever after: no mutual interest was shown, and I’m pretty sure some of those pages were bots.

Another thing was that the platform showed me some users found me via Badoo search by name and this was even worse than having no mutual interest: no privacy is a serious point to stop using a service.

Lefts and rights

I continued with the well-known swiping game “Encounters” on my iPhone, and it was a standard form of Badoo search engine: I pressed the heart button every time I saw a cutie and “X” most of the time. I got involved and pushed my way through for a match, then my phone died, and I opened a desktop version, but closed it a few minutes later, for the user interface turned to be a complete disaster with large buttons and medieval site structure that reminded me of the services popular in the 90-s. Such an approach to users’ experience turned me down, but I gave Badoo the last chance.

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People nearby

The last Badoo user search type I tried was “People Nearby” to provide me with a realistic view of how many potential dates I can get in my hometown. I began my journey with all the filters used, including the dreamy age, distance, and dating target.

Unfortunately, I got only two candidates. This turned me into giving a try to a more liberate search with my ideals pushed aside. I made the age range bigger and started to look not for the nearest females. Sadly, it didn’t work with only seven potential girlfriends found.

I matched with three girls, but one of them didn’t answer me at all, another was texting me once in a blue moon, and the third agreed to meet and stood me up.

badoo search - How I tried Badoo search to find a girlfriend

In a word, Badoo didn’t satisfy my needs, it broke my heart, but, fortunately, it didn’t cost me a penny

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5.0 ★★★★★
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10% / 90% Male & Female
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$0.95 – $45.95 subscription price Free version minimal set of functions
Free version minimal set of functions
USA, Europe, International
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Pure results

On the one hand, Badoo seriously disappointed me. On the other, it inspired me to explore different services, mostly unsuccessfully till I was blessed with Pure. It attracted my attention via #purestories on Instagram with catchy design and lots of success stories. I liked the sex-friendliness and felt it would work.

i am



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It was the love from the first sight with its clear and stylish UX. The registration took me a few minutes with my email, and a single photo asked: no bio or name required with my anonymity saved. Nothing in common with Badoo username search.

I met my future girlfriend in a few days after I started using Pure. She was not the first person I had a date with after truly emotional and quick online conversation.

Without any labels, some people come to Pure for hookups, some for sugar, but I was all for serious relations, and I searched for them.

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I thought the 60-minutes limit would be stressful, but it made me more sincere and straightforward. Every time I found my match both cute, funny, and with the same intentions I had, I proposed to meet offline. And it worked! They agreed to see almost immediately. Some rendezvous were awful, but they were real, face to face, with no girls putting me aside.

The matching is based on location with only nearby candidates by default and mutual attraction with no painful stalkers-oriented “Visitors”. I was completely focused on my target to meet my one as soon as it was possible and enjoyed meeting people of all colors, shapes, and backgrounds: no limitations, no face filters, but bigger chances.

My love doesn’t look like the exact type of girls I have been for, but when I first saw her online, I got bewitched. Pure worked out as a real-life experience. We messaged, we met, and we met again and again before started living together: I got what I wanted.

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My summary

Now I’m not single, and the only joy I get from Pure is reading witty articles on relations and sweet stories on Instagram. I strongly recommend not to waste your time on platforms with sophisticated and inefficient searching engines and to give this best sex website a try.

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