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April 1, 2020

It’s hard to stay in touch with your sexuality in a society where we are expected to be straight. From childhood tales to songs, movies, and dramas, there aren’t too many gay couples kids can relate to. Instead, there are stories about a Prince Charming and a beautiful princess banging each other freely in a faraway castle.

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There are more flavors to love than straightness — don’t hesitate to find yours

By the time we grow up, the thought of having to be straight, treating heterosexuality as normal, and gayness as abnormal is common for most of us. However, according to statistics, around 5% of American men are gay.

Could this be that you are closeting your sexuality and don’t let yourself be attracted romantically to the sex that excites you? It’s time to find out before you are stuck in an unwanted straight relationship for years.

The good news is, there’s a short gay test that’s going to help you determine your orientation once and for all.

Can a “How gay am I” test and other gay quizzes be right in helping you discover your true self? Is gayness acquired or genetic? Maybe, there’s a hidden “gay gene” that runs in the family?

The truth is, scientists struggle to explain the math behind sexual orientation. Why the “gay gene” theory existed in the 90s, it has since been repeatedly disproven. We know that twins are, indeed, more likely to share a sexual orientation and that 5 chromosomal regions are supposedly responsible for hetero- or homosexuality.

However, these genes don’t make your sexual orientation set in stone — according to scientific papers. Their influence ranges between 8% and 25%.

gay test 02 - Am I gay test
Science states — homosexuality is in your nature. Discover and accept it confidently.

For now, scientists agree that homosexuality or bisexuality is a part of your nature that has nothing to do with race, ethnicity, or upbringing. There’s no use to deny it — instead, you should recognize your sexual orientation, accept it, and welcome it.

Science can’t help — what about this am I gay test

Whether you read a sex magazine interview with an LGBTQ+ representative or a parenting website article, one line is painfully common in regards to gayness “I just knew it. The opposite sex never interested me, to begin with.”

After reading such posts, all gay people expect to be automatically enlightened about their sexual orientation. However, while for some, it’s an “I kissed a guy when I was twelve” process, others can’t look their true sexuality in the eye until the late twenties or thirties.

gay test 04 - Am I gay test
Don’t let prejudice and fear keep you from your true sexuality

How to break the silence between you and a closeted gay inside you? There’s a simple and low-commitment method — online quizzes.

Before you go, “If science doesn’t help, how a test can?” take a step back and analyze the benefits taking a how gay are you quiz means.

It opens your mind

Taking a quiz makes you consider other options besides straightness. For a split second, you will start wondering — and what if I’m gay? As you are answering questions, you may be absentmindedly wondering what you are going to do if same-sex relationships are your cup of tea, how to come up, what to do to readjust your mentality, and so on.

By the time you are done with the quiz, you’ll understand managing gayness is easier than it seems and opens a lot of exciting opportunities — joining the LBGTQ+ community, being able to explore new ways of romance, and finally getting access to all the joy and excitement you’ve been missing out on.

It educates you on different types of sexual orientation

If you are still unclear on what the terms “homosexual,” “heterosexual,” or “bisexual” mean, taking a How Gay Am I quiz will help clear things up. Other than that, good online quizzes will offer you a pile of useful posts that will guide you through every step of coming out, finding dates, and making romantic advancements. One thing is certain: you will not be clueless after finding out your sexual orientation.

It helps understand your loved ones better

Maybe you are wondering if your SO is heterosexual as he doesn’t seem interested in you. Instead of going, “I just kinda wish you were gay” on him, find out if he is by taking this Is my boyfriend gay quiz.

It lets you know what type of gay you are

Sex drive is not the same for everybody — that’s why you might feel weirded out seeing passionate gay couples or even cringe at them silently.

However, just because you don’t feel electricity-like attraction to the same sex, doesn’t mean you are not interested in homosexual relationships altogether. A sex quiz is detailed enough to let you know not only your orientation but the levels of attraction to yours and opposite sexes, your overall sexual drive, and preferred relationship style. Thanks to the Am I Gay test, you will get more awareness of what side of the sexual orientation you represent — the twink, the otter, etc.

As you can tell, a sexual orientation quiz can give you more than a couple of good laughs with friends and an opportunity to share a gay test meme to online chats.

Things to remember before taking an “Are you gay” quiz

Tests are a powerful tool, but they are only as good as you make them be. Keep in mind than an online “Are you gay” quiz can’t be 100% accurate — being honest and listening to your deepest desires is the best secret to getting the most out of every question.

gay test 03 - Am I gay test
Discovering your true sexual orientation will help you find a dream partner, be more wholesome and productive

Here are some useful tips to smoothen your path of self-discovery:

  • There’s no right or wrong is sexuality. Unfortunately, few people take quizzes with a cold heart and an objective mind. Most people visit sex quiz websites with expectations in mind — you might want to be straight, gay, or bisexual. However, wishful thinking will hold you back, and getting the result that you want will not necessarily increase the amount of satisfaction and excitement you get from relationships.
  • Quizzes don’t hold you back from experimenting. An online am I gay test with pictures is not a source of absolute truth about your sexuality. Even if you are 100% straight according to the test, there’s no harm to exploring same-sex relationships. Maybe, you were not able to give accurate answers because of personal stereotypes, or you just misunderstood the question.
  • Tests are not scientifically-backed. Experienced sexologists created our test — however, when it comes to biological and anatomical evidence, there’s no way to say that the results of the gay test are 100% valid and can be backed up with solid proof. As a result, you shouldn’t rely solely on the results on the test when filling in official application forms or other documents.
  • You might need a test altogether. Based on my experience in dating and relationships, people who have been wondering about their sexual orientation for years usually know all the right answers. If for many years, a lingering question kept you up at night, most likely, you already know where the wrong answers are. Then, no quiz is going to help as much as mustering the courage to ask a same-sex partner out and find your true sexual orientation out through trial-and-error.
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How accurate is the quiz?

The “Am I gay test” is based on your personality and previous romantic experiences. Up until date, 95% of test-takers claimed that the result “nailed them precisely.”

Is the quiz anonymous?

Yes, you will be the only one who knows the result of the test. It’s up to a test taker whether he wants to share it online.

Does the test work for guys only?

At the moment, the “Are you gay” test targets only men. However, girls can take a quiz as well to find out if their significant other is straight.

How long does the quiz take?

Completing the “Am I gay” test takes up to 5 minutes — the results are available for free right after you answer the last question.

Are there are other relationship tests?

Yes. You can take a BDSM and other quizzes on the website — we are looking forward to helping love-seekers learn more about themselves and sexuality.

gay test 01 - Am I gay test
Take this 5-minute quiz to discover your sexual orientation

Take this eye-opening “Is my boyfriend a gay” quiz to get rid of sexual orientation doubts

Stop going back and forth on the “Am I straight,” “Am I gay” merry-go-round. Finding out the answer takes only 5 minutes of your time. This online quiz will analyze your personality, relationship expectations, and experience to determine your sexual orientation.

Here’s what makes our gay quiz reliable:

  • Created by professional relationship experts and couple therapists.
  • Personality-based.
  • Takes your hobbies, interests, and worldview into account.
  • Fit for people with no previous experience in same-sex dating.
  • Offers a detailed breakdown of your sexual attraction.

Fill the empty spots of your sexuality. You will need only 5 minutes to finish the quiz and get your result instantly — find out your sexual orientation now.

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